Server Team Meeting, 2015-08-18

Attendees: Andri Steiner, Fabien Udriot, Michael Lihs, Michael Stucki, Peter Niederlag
Excused: Bastian Bringenberg, Steffen Gebert

Beginning of the meeting: 08:00 CEST.

Open Issues from last meetings

Budget Status

  • [INFO] The budget we got granted was EUR 19.922. Until July 2015, we have only used EUR 950 of that.
  • [INFO] We have a lot of projects that need to be finished, and it would be ok to pay some of the work (see budget application). So the question is, who can work on a project and is it realistic that we will use the full budget?
  • [TODO] There are a few projects just starting now, so we should wait a few weeks and check again.
  • Below follows a list of projects that have been planned for 2015

Forum and Mailing lists improvements

  • [INFO] This has currently low prio as the system is running fine right now. We might come back to it after the next sprint in November.

Forge Improvements

  • [INFO] We discussed the current situation of
    • It was discussed if we should leave the current Redmine as is and create new instance. Even though we previously agreed about this, we are still not happy with the approach.
    • Peter mentions that he's in contact with an external Redmine specialist who might be willing to check our problems.
    • Peter mentions that currently, registering new projects in Redmine is currently "half-way done" and that there are too many dead projects on Forge (projects that are set up once but never used again later).
    • Peter: All Flow / Neos projects can be removed. New projects cannot be Flow / Neos projects anymore.
    • Michael suggests that we should advise users to start new projects somewhere else (e.g. Github). Registration of new projects on should no longer be possible for everyone.
    • Later, if a team wants to use Forge & Gerrit, they should apply for being hosted on infrastructure. These projects should meet some requirements (tbd. - eg. x developers needed, y downloads, etc.) and would then be kickstarted through someone of the server team.
  • [TODO] This (see above) will need some documentation about how to kickstart new projects.
  • [TODO] Peter will send the current instance to an external Redmine consultant who will make an estimate about 1) updating the existing toolset to make it work again, 2) upgrading our Redmine site to a current version.
  • [INFO] We could pay this person from our budget (rate needs to be checked), Peter will do the project management from our side and is the contact person.

Mailserver Migration

LDAP Server

Demo Site

  • [INFO] Original ideas: Build a Docker image to run the Demo site. We will of course open-source the "recipe" to the community and this will be a nice contribution since Docker is not only an automation tool but also a generic packaging system for applications.
  • [INFO] Discussion in Nuremberg: might be better to use launchr since service is generating high load on the typo3 demo server.
  • [INFO] Fabien mentions that he just added a link to on demo This means that users can find the Launchr instance in case something with is not working.
  • [INFO] Fabien also mentions that we are much more flexible with having our own Demo server running, especially updates can be provided faster.
  • [INFO] We leave the situation as is (for now) and hope to have a Docker instance ready soonish...

Commenting feature for websites

  • [INFO] Michael mentions that if we used Disqus, we would have this in place since months. However, we agreed about not using it for privacy reasons. The plan is to use Discourse and host it on our own servers instead.
  • [INFO] Motivation: Neos had discourse up and running quite fast (see
  • [INFO] Since the preferred way for installing Discourse is to use Docker, we will need a Docker-enabled server before we can proceed.
    • Currently, our host servers are too old, virtual machines are not Docker-ready
    • This may change soon as we're just waiting for a new release of OpenNebula (see last protocol)
  • [INFO] For installation, see -
  • [TODO] Mimi will take a look whether he can spare some time for this project

Monitoring Improvements

  • [INFO] Steffen has upgraded Zabbix to the latest version, so the project is finished. Many thanks Steffen!!
  • [INFO] We are still waiting to find out if past problems are really gone now...


  • [INFO] srv156 ( has been deleted after talking to Jacob Floyd about it.

Next meeting

  • The next meeting will take place on Tuesday, September 01, 2015 08:00 CEST

Next Server Team Sprint

End of the meeting: 08:45 CEST.