Server Team Sprint November 2015



November 6 until November 8, 2015
Start: Friday 12:00
End: Sunday 16:00


The Meeting takes place in Karlsruhe.


2 nights Friday-Sunday:

  • Andri Steiner (CONFIRMED)
  • Michael Stucki (CONFIRMED)
  • Steffen Gebert (CONFIRMED)
  • Josef Glatz (CONFIRMED)
  • Philipp Gampe (CONFIRMED)
  • Thomas Löffler (CONFIRMED)
  • Andreas Beutel (CONFIRMED)

1 night Friday-Saturday:

  • Stefan Busemann (confirmed, booked by Stefan)

1 night Saturday-Sunday:

  • Peter Niederlag - will arrive 11:00 on Nov 7 [CONFIRMED]

No hotel room needed:

  • Christian Herberger - needs no hotel room, will sleep at home
  • Michael Lihs - needs no hotel room, will sleep at home (CONFIRMED)
  • Martin Bless - sorry, I can't come to Karlsruhe, but will participate somehow online
  • Benni Mack - only friday so far
  • Bastian Bringenberg (CANCELLED)
  • Tomas Norre Mikkelsen (CANCELLED)
  • Fabien Udriot (CANCELLED)



Open Questions

Mimi: Are there any special requirements besides Wifi, Beamer and a Coffee Machine?
Michael: power plugs, cables - ok, should be available

Mimi: Should we have a Chat concerning requirements before the November sprint? It's still not clear to me what you exactly want from the Discourse server and clearing this upfront could make work on the sprint weekend a little easier.
Michael: Let's discuss it on the next team meeting on Tue, Oct 27, 08:00 CEST. Everyone who is attending the sprint should join this meeting to fix programme and open questions. I will announce it in our Slack channel...



Collect your ideas:

Prio 1 - together

  • 8h / 3p Vagrant for t3o - Tomas (I would be happy to give a helping hand here (Mimi))
  • 1d / 3p New deployment for t3o - Thomas w/ Server Team
  • 2h / 2p Enforce SSL for - Michael w/ T3O team

Prio 1 - t3o team

  • Prepare extensions for 7LTS t3o relaunch, e.g. ajaxlogin (SSO), TER, switching tt_news to tx_news - Thomas <-- This was already initiated at the last sprint just before the Launch (Tomas)
  • Thinking about a central point for basic data like e.g. news and users - Thomas w/ volunteers

Prio 1 - server team

  • 2h / 1p Gerrit update - Steffen
  • 4h / all How to fix common issues, e.g. Gerrit Load - Andri
  • 8h / 2p Discourse server - Mimi
  • 4h / 2p (finally) finishing Jenkins Packagebuilder (after VMs on new platform are available) - Andri
  • 2h / 1p discuss future vm/server platform and location - Andri
  • 2h / 1p re-issue SSL certificate with SHA-2 Intermediate CA, Update used cipher suites everywhere - Andri
  • 1h add appropriate (noninvasive) SPF record to

Prio 2

  • 1d / 2p Chef upgrade
  • 1h / all LDAP preparation
  • New virtualization platform - Michael

Prio 3

  • Debian upgrade - Michael
  • OTRS cleanup - Andri
  • Fix apt updates on srv124 - Michael
  • Use CloudFlare for * - Michael (quote Xavier: In case you want to test during your sprint, I just added A and AAAA records for docs and translation. It should be now sufficient to change the corresponding entries on your side to CNAME of the same form as “” to be behind cloudflare)


Goal: Present your cool tool / utility / idea
max. 15 minutes x 4 presentations

Add your ideas here:

1. debops (best practice example ansible architecture) [peter]