Server Team Meeting, 2017-09-14

Attendees: Michael Stucki, Steffen Gebert
Excused: Andreas Beutel, Andri Steiner, Bastian Bringenberg

Beginning of the meeting: 07:00 CEST.

Open Issues from last meetings

Status Server Offers

  • [INFO] Michi informed the companies making offers for our server infrastructure
  • [INFO] We are very thankful for their generosity, some of the offers exceed the amount of a T3A platinum membership by far
  • [INFO] Unfortunately, because of budget issues (e.g. limited to one year), we were not able to establish any long-term agreement with the T3A and, in consequence, with companies making long-term offers. Certainly, this should have been fixed on the before hand, while the request for offers was negotiated with the T3A in advance.
  • [TODO] We will request a higher budget for next year to be able to make the move to a virtualized platform. Still, this does not solve the long-term planning problems.


  • [INFO] Sprint doodle
  • [TODO] Michael will ask participants for Nov 24th (probably in Cologne at mehrwert)
  • [TODO] Discuss, if we want a sprint on Oct 13th as well

Extensions Site Launch

  • [TODO] Have a hangout with Thomas to discuss and document the current setup


Next meeting

  • The next meeting will take place on Thursday, September 28, 2017 07:00 CEST

End of the meeting: 08:00 CEST.