Server Team Meeting, 2017-09-28

Attendees: Andreas Beutel, Andri Steiner, Bastian Bringenberg, Michael Stucki, Steffen Gebert

Beginning of the meeting: 07:00 CEST.

Open Issues from last meetings

Sprint November

  • [INFO] We will meet in Cologne during weekend November 24 - 26
  • [INFO] Everybody is invited to join
  • [INFO] For further information, see
  • [TODO] Andreas will take care of the hotel reservation
  • [TODO] Ask potential participants @Andreas

Sprint October (bonus)

  • [INFO] There will be a sprint by the team in Stuttgart on the weekend of October 13
  • [INFO] Some of our team consider to join it. Michael suggests to participate remote instead.
  • [TODO] Give feedback to Michael if anything needs to be planned (requires at least 2 participants to make this worth...)


Next meeting

  • The next meeting will take place on Thursday, October 12, 2017 07:00 CEST

End of the meeting: 07:30 CEST.