Server Team Meeting, 2018-08-14

Attendees: Andreas Beutel, Michael Stucki, Steffen Gebert, Stephan GroƟberndt
Excused: Andri Steiner, Bastian Bringenberg

Beginning of the meeting: 17:00 CEST.

Open Issues from last meetings

Mailman Subscription is broken

One-day sprint

  • There will be a one-day sprint (remote) today in 2 weeks (Tuesday, August 28)
  • see Meeting_2018-08-28

Sprint Planning

  • We had a Doodle but it was not closed until now.
  • [TODO] Check with everyone if the date (Sep 17-19) still works for everyone.
  • [TODO] Find a location
  • [TODO] Invite other people

Use for outgoing mails

- [INFO] Basics are done:
- [TODO] Verify setup and activate on servers:

Forge maintenance handoff

- Andi will talk to potential suppliers until end of this week.
- [TODO] Andi will report in #typo3-server-team.

Gerrit update

- Some months ago we planned to remove the Piwik integration from, but it failed for unknown reasons (see )
- We plan to do a Gerrit cleanup before upgrading to 2.15 because more data is moved from mysql db to notes db, which makes cleanups a lot harder (everything is in Git and not in SQL anymore) Stephan is on it
- [TODO] Fix (by removing) the Piwik integration


- missing referer header on forge proxy (by Tymoteusz)
- redirects to the TYPO3 issue tracker (by Tymoteusz)

Next meeting

  • The next meeting will take place on Tuesday, August 28, 2018 17:00 CEST

End of the meeting: 18:00 CEST.