Server Team Meeting, 2019-01-29

Attendees: Andri Steiner, Michael Stucki, Stephan GroƟberndt, Bastian Bringenberg
Excused: Steffen Gebert, Andreas Beutel

Beginning of the meeting: 17:00 CET.

Open Issues from last meetings


  • Delete Requests will be started at Saturday ( only those who are requested to be deleted by GDPR Team )
  • Only 10 tickets left, last work was closing a lot of tickets
  • GDPR Tickets need to be moved to us after first check


  • We are taking a look on this pretty fast in order to replace etherpad with CodiMD
  • Andri will take a look at exporting the etherpad data into textfiles
  • Also a "read only" method could work for a while

Downtime of

  • We recognized downtimes when security bulletins where posted in the past and see this on our agenda to avoid it in the future.

Log System

  • Bastian is going to check wether our move to kubernetes is a blocker here or if we are able to migrate and co-use our future logsystem after our move.
  • Bastian will make an agenda.

CleanUp Forge

  • Michael and Bastian will setup a date to cleanup old forge issues to get an better overview here

Shutdown of


  • We are going to check when and how to meet a sprint in 2019

Next meeting

  • The next meeting will take place on Friday, February 12, 2019 17:00 CET

End of the meeting: 18:05 CET.