Post-Mortem 2015-01-12-Power-Outage

Author: Steffen Gebert
Original URL:

Today, several sites were repeatedly unavailable due to a power outage
in a data center, where two of our servers are located.

Affected sites include:

- - mailing list / news group server
- - mailing list T3A

- From the information that we received from one of the two sponsors,
there was a defect in the redundant power supply coming from the data
center company. In addition to that, the diesel generators did not
take over power supply, before the UPS batteries were drained.

We thank our sponsors for their sponsorship and appreciate their
diligent work and support. More info:

Kind regards

P.S: Regarding a longer outage of the Gerrit review system on, I published an extra post mortem report: