QA & Server Team Meeting, 2014-04-14

Attendees: Christian Trabold, Bastian Bringenberg, Andy Grundwald, Stefano Kowalke, Michael Stucki

Beginning of the meeting: 18:00 CEST.

Current status of

Future plans

  • Create a new platform to replace existing tools
  • Create example applications (e.g. commit/review activity as seen in links above)
  • Think of it as a product, not a server. Make it extendable using simple Git forks.


  • Christian: Create a new greenfield project
    This repo stores all setup information in a simple to read manner (NO Ruby and NO Chef knowledge required)
  • Christian: Provide a working solution for the log & metrics ticket. We need a first impression for the tools before we can suggest them to the public.
  • Michael: Organize follow-up meeting in 4 weeks from now (Doodle)
  • Log-term goal: focuses more on TYPO3 internal QA (CI for chef-repo, running UAT for demo page, website etc.). Extensions can be verified by external services like ...

End of the meeting: 19:15 CEST.