Server Team Sprint Q3/2014 in Cologne

Unfortunately there is (yet) no report about this meeting. This document just contains the raw notes that were created during the meeting.

  • Date: October 3rd - 5th
  • Start: ~lunch time on Friday
  • Location:, Steinfelder Gasse 11, 50670 Köln
  • Hotel: Pullman Cologne


  1. Steffen Gebert
  2. Bastian Bringenberg
  3. Christian Zenker
  4. Peter Niederlag
  5. Fabian Udriot (Fri-Sun)
  6. Jacob Floyd (Fri-Sun)
  7. Christian Trabold (remotely Sat-Sun)
  8. Michael Stucki (remotely Sat)

Arrival Time

  • Steffen (at Hbf): 11:15
  • Peter (at HBF): 11:09
  • Fabien (at Hbf): 13:05
  • Jacob (at Hbf): Friday 03:09
  • Bastian ( at Hbf): Around 10:00
  • Christian Z (at Hbf): Around 10:05

Departure Time

  • Jacob (from QKL): Sunday 11:55


  • Log Server Review - Bastian
  • LDAP Authentication - Bastian & Jacob
  • Move - Michael
  • t3stacks - Peter
  • redmine, status and improvements - Peter
  • site-nstypo3org: Automatically generate zone Serial
  • Mail Server - migrate yes/no? - Michael
  • how to create new vms / vhosts?


  • Michael: Reviewed users on all servers and cleaned up where possible
  • [tbc.]

How to use Chef

Getting started with the environment

  • Install ChefDK, which brings all the tools like knife, berks and test-kitchen, from:
    • unless you're in one of the unluckily unsuppoted environments then figure it out (gem install berkshelf - or use a Gemfile)
  • vagrant plugin install vagrant-berkshelf
  • vagrant plugin install vagrant-chef-zero

Create cookbook

  • berks cookbook site-exampletypo3org
    • now we have templates for Berksfile, metadata.rb and some more other files
  • Edit metadata.rb
  • Hack on recipes/default.rb
  • Edit the Vagrantfile

Things to remember:

  • if a community cookbook has to be modified and that can't be done in a wrapper cookbook, then fork the repo and rename it to "cookbook-name-forked"

Updating cookbooks

  • git clone...
  • berks init
  • .kitchen.yml
    • copy from cineos
    • change run_list
    • remove ssl_certificate (or add) if nginx
    • increment ip
  • metadata.rb
  • ? rm Vagrantfile (using kitchen instead)
  1. Make sure the vagrant box is working
  2. Include the dependency constraints from infrastructure
  3. eventually remove constraints from infrastructure
  4. remove constraints from site cookbooks