Quartlery Report for the Server Team - Q1 2017

Author: Michael Stucki

All teams who receive budget have been asked by the Expert Advisory Board of the TYPO3 Association to write a short report about the last quarter.
We think it's good to publish it also here, so that everyone can read it.


We organized one sprint in Basel together with the T3O team. Had 18 attendees, which was a new record (although most of the participants were working on typo3.org, not server infrastructure).

There's one project which was due in Q1 which is the "LDAP server improvements". We worked on that during the sprint and later. So far, the project is not finished as three sites (Wiki, Forum, Translation) are still using the old SSO connector. Work on that will continue in the coming weeks...

Another project which is work in progress is the migration of hosts from OpenVZ into the new KVM based infrastructure. We are progressing well with this, however I have doubts we will be able to finish this by end of Q2 as planned...


We already had our second team sprint on the beginning of April in Frankfurt. The report will be published within the next days.

The major project which was solved there is the update of forge.typo3.org to a new major version. We jumped from version 1.4 to 3.3 here!
Budget wise this project was not mentioned in the application except from an SLA (which we're going to book later this month but haven't done so yet...).
However, we have several bugs which are remaining after the upgrade of Forge, therefore I'd like to use some money from the "Small projects" pot (at the end of our application) to get these issues fixed.

Besides this, we need to look at the hosting situation later this month. For this we'll get in touch with the Association within the next days...


I think we are very visible on various channels. We communicate transparently on Twitter and on Slack. Our meetings are open for everyone (although only few people take that chance to join). Reports from all (bi-weekly) meetings are published in our project Wiki on Forge. The key teams who depend on our work know how to get in touch with us.
All this said, I see no need for further improvements right now. (Let me know if you disagree...)