Quartlery Report for the Server Team - Q2 2017

Author: Michael Stucki

All teams who receive budget have been asked by the Expert Advisory Board of the TYPO3 Association to write a short report about the last quarter.
We think it's good to publish it also here, so that everyone can read it. You can find earlier reports on the Status_Reports page.


As planned, we organized the 2nd sprint for this year in Frankfurt. Please read the report on typo3.org for further details about it.

One project which was planned for this quarter was to finished the migration to KVM. This is still work in progress as we need to buy new hardware first. We decided to start a request for offers from hosting companies before ordering more servers. This project is just about to be finished now (in Q3) so work on this task can now continue...

There's one project which was due already in Q1 which is the "LDAP server improvements". Unfortunately, there has not been more progress on this project since then. We will check again what is needed to finish this project and how we can continue with it.


We had our third team sprint in early July in Karlsruhe. The sprint was organized by the typo3.org relaunch team and we were invited to join. Unfortunately, only two of us could attend this time.

Next, we are just about to finish the call for hosting offers project (a little later than planned). We will then be able to migrate existing servers to the new infrastructure. Since we didn't use any parts from our budget for working on this task, there is money left right now. We hope that this will help us to get the project finished by the end of Q3...

One of our main problems is currently the lack of new members. We are looking forward for ideas and suggestions on how to change this.


Let us know if you have any further questions or feedback for us. Thank you for supporting our work!