After the relaunch of in april of 2012 the maintenance team comes together 3 times a year for a code sprint. The focus has shifted more to community tools with all the websites we have running like, an upcoming planet etc.

If you'd like to get your hands dirty and start improving some part of, follow these instructions to get a local copy of the project.

Before committing changes in between the official T3O-Codesprints, read the Contribution Workflow



Thomas Löffler (tomalo.stuttgart)


Michael Stucki (stucki)


Alexander Stehlik (astehlik)
Andreas Beutel (mehrwert)
Andreas Wolf (andreaswolf)
Bjoern Jacob (bjacob)
Harry Glatz (randomresult)
Helmut Hummel (helhum)
Jonathan IROULIN (wembley)
Josef Glatz (jousch)
Marco Seiler (hermetix)
Markus Sommer (delaramas)
Richard Haeser (richardhaeser)
Sascha Schmidt (saschaschmidt)
Thorsten Griebenow (griebie)
Tobias Adolph (tobiasadolph)
Tomas Norre Mikkelsen (tomasnorre)

Inactive Member

Boris Hinzer (web-vision)
Kay Strobach (kaystrobach)
Philipp Gampe (pgampe)
Rüdiger Marwein (keinerweiss)
Sascha Egerer (saschae)
Sven Burkert (sventb)

Honorary Member

Ben van 't Ende (argument)


Gerrit Code Review (gerrit-review)

Product Owner

Stefan Busemann (stefan.busemann)