Welcome on the official Translation Team project. This project is used to centralize documentation and issues related to the translation workflow and the current translation server.

Translation Server

Url: http://translation.typo3.org
Wiki: http://wiki.typo3.org/Translation

Policy for new extensions

Setting up a project on the translation server requires some manual steps. In order to get most efficiency and to ensure the continued existence of added extensions, new extensions to be added are subject to following requirements:

  • The extension candidate must be publicly available in TER
  • The extension candidate must be marked as "stable" in TER (meaning it is actively supported)
  • The extension candidate should have a minimum user base of 120 regular installs
  • A ticket created by the maintainer of the extension is created for asking this

What's Pootle

Pootle is a translation toolkit to make it easier for translator and team to localize. Some features include:

  • Suggestion support
  • Translation memory
  • Project Terminology

More information about Pootle can be found on the official website:

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