How to test the new translation server

Before pushing the new Pootle server in production we need a few beta testers.

All the translation work done during the beta period, will be used in production!!! So take care, this is beta, but the quality of the translation is important.

How to participate?

Any person with an account on can participate. The new translation server supports "suggestion". By default, every user can do suggestion in any language. Only the official translation team can validate suggestions. Only the validated strings (or string translated directly by a translation team member) are used in the official language pack.

  1. All old accounts (username = language key), used on the old translation server are obsolete
  2. You can login to the new translation server, you must have an account on
  3. Everybody can do suggestion in any language
  4. Only "official" translation team members can validate suggestion

Official URL:

Some basic documentation can be found here:

Sandbox Project

You can use the "tutorial" project to test the Pootle interface:

How to become a language administrator?

  1. Open a session on the translation server
  2. Send an email to the official mailing list typo3.translation.general with your username and your favorite language(s) and a subject that start with "Team membership request: [username] - [language-key]"

Each team should have a minimum of 2 "leaders" with administrator access (a sort of administrator failover). One person can be an administrator for multiple languages.

How to become a translation team member?

Each "language administrator" has the permission to add any user as translation team member (those members can validate suggestions). Thus if you want to be a translation team member, contact your "language administrator" by direct mail or through the mailing list.

How to report issues?

Issues can be reported directly on the Translation Team forge project ( Please don't use the mailing list to discuss about issues or improvement requests.

What about validation process?

At the moment the TYPO3 translation workflow does not have any validation workflow or quality check. This will change with Pootle.

More information coming, stay tuned!

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