Resources requirement for the Pootle Server.



  • Memory: At least 512MB RAM, but more will be highly beneficial.
  • Disk space. (to define, according to the number and size of files. XLIFF files and the DB storage. plus, the backup temporary space?)

A _Linode 768_ equivalent solution or a Linode 512 at least would be a good start ... thought...

Debian Squeeze would be nice.


Name Version actual(may 2011) link
MySQL Current stable shipped with distro
Apache Current stable shipped with distro
Python At least version 2.4 v2.6 on squeeze / current 2. br. 2.7.1 .deb , Python
python-mysqldb shipped 1.2.2 1.2.3 SF
lxml 2.1.4 or later v2.2.8 on squeeze / current 2.3 lxml
mod_wsgi 3.3 shipped on squeeze 3.3 mod_wsgi DL
python-memcache latest DL
memcached shipped with distro 1.4.5 memcached
Pootle latest 2.1.6 Pootle DL
Django latest 1.3.0 Django DL
Translate Toolkit latest 1.9 Ttoolkit DL
PyLucene 3.1 PyLucene DL
sun-java5-jdk g++ python-dev
python-levenshtein 0.10.1 shipped on squeeze p-levenshtein DL
iso-codes shipped with distro.
zip and unzip ;)
South Required for upgrading between Pootle versions South use easy_install


Tips for performance tuning: Improve performance.


Pootle has the ability to integrate with version control systems. RFC. Integrate git, and define a usage workflow.

All features described on the linked page are already implemented: Pootle Version control

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