Pootle Documentation

Administration script

All the Administration script must be run by the pootle system user only.


Check the content of the Pootle po/ directory and search for non configured project in Pootle. This script is really useful for importing many project at the same time.


# pootle-batch-import-projects


This script add a project in the Pootle database. And create an empty directory in the po/ directory


# pootle-create-project extension-name


A simple shortcut to the Django administration tools


Synchronize the project configuration in Pootle. This script will add new language to the project, based on the filesystem structure. The project must exist before using this tools. After the project configuration update, this script synchronize the database based on XLIFF file content and update the statistics of the project.

Warning: Any thing edited in the database and not synchronize to the filesystem will be lost with this command.


# pootle-refresh-project extension-name

pootle-start, pootle-stop, pootle-restart

Pootle is configured as a FCGI daemon. Those command can be use to manage this process.

Warning: This command must be run by to pootle user only to avoid starting Pootle with other permissions.

# pootle-start
# pootle-restart
# pootle-stop

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