Pootle Project Naming Convention

Pootle, actually, doesn't support project grouping. We will use Pootle to manage the translation of TYPO3 v4 + v5, FLOW3 and the documentation, so we need a naming convention for the pootle project name, to help the user.

Current Convention

Project Remarks Naming Example Comments Status
TYPO3 core TYPO3.TYPO3.core.[extension-name] pgampe: Why not TYPO3.v4.core.[extension-name]? What about different versions 4.5, 4.6, 4.7? Final
TYPO3 public extension, TER TYPO3.TYPO3.ext.[extension-name] Final
FLOW3 any package [package-key] TYPO3.FLOW3, TYPO3.DocumentationBrowser, Acme.MyPackage, RobertLemke.Things.Nothing, TYPO3.TYPO3 Final
Documentation Documentation.[document-name] pgampe: better include the version too: Dokumentation.v4.[name]. For FLOW3 Dokumentation.[package-key]. How about extension (TER) Dokumentation? Open
Books Books.[book-name] Open


Ingo: What about the dots in the names, are they relevant/will they be in the translation files? Remember that one can't override labels with dots in v4.
Dfeyer: It's just the project name in Pootle, we try to use the same logic as the future namespace

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