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XLIFF Support for TYPO3 4.6

Team Meetings

During the Developer Days, we decided to lock the backend of the current translation server some time until the new server is ready. During this period we will work on the new Pootle server.


My presentation during the T3DD11:



Next step in the project

  • Core Parser
    • Parser Factory
    • LLXML Parser
    • LLPHP (PHP Array) Parser
    • XLIFF Parser (based on FLOW3
    • Normalize language key, based on ISO639
    • Add support for multiple alternative languages
  • Utility / Scripts
    • Script to convert LLXML to XLIFF (based on XSLT)
    • A small extension on the TER to provide a easy way for developper to convert thex LLXML to XLIFF
  • Public API
    • Refactoring the current LL method (FE, BE, Extbase) to be compatible the the LANG array structure (with the same feature as before 4.6, only key based translation without plural support)
    • New ExtJS API RFC
      • Basic TYPO3.l10n API
      • Support for plural
      • TYPO3.lang must stay compatible the to old "convention"
    • Completly new API with all XLIFF feature, is possible consistant between the BE and FE ? (postponed to TYPO3 4.7)
    • The current LL method must work as before
  • Caching framework integration
  • Infrastructure

Github Repository: use the Core TYPO3 Git + Gerrit to review our change



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