XliffTeamMeeting 2011-05-31


  • Dominique Feyer (XLIFF project leader)
  • Karsten Dambekalns (FLOW3 i18n specialist)
  • Xavier Perseguers (4.6 release manager)
  • Laurent Cherpit (XLIFF project member)
  • Ben van 't Ende (Community manager)


Dominique gives a brief overview of status of the project. The XLIFF parser still has to be enhanced but basically "it works as before" but with XLIFF files.

Current code may be checked out from GitHub:

Dominique would like to discuss a better API to support both Backend and Frontend localization the very same way, not as it is now.

Xavier tells him that he would like to integrate current work until 4.6 alpha2 before discussing and integrating a new API. He points out that we plan to backport the XLIFF feature into 4.5 because of the long time support and the fact that we don't want two parallel translation systems to be used but says too that it won't be backported for older versions (4.4 or 4.3) because 4.4 will be deprecated once 4.6 is released, namely in October.

So basically what we need now is a patch sent to Gerrit however it should be done in two steps to avoid reviewing fear to happen with a huge patchset. Karsten suggests to do it in two commits submitted at once:

  1. First commit with changed files in Core (sL() method, ...)
  2. Second commit with modification to all current files.

This later does not need to be reviewed by reading because a script (that should be referenced in the feature request on Forge) will take care of "transforming" the locallang.xml files into XLIFF ones, meaning those files can then be committed if first patch proves to be working

Next step

  • Patch on gerrit for review of the parser (with XLIFF file to make review easier (dfeyer)
  • Tools to convert the current LLXML file to XLIFF. (dfeyer)
  • Deploy the new Pootle Server (lcherpit)
  • Integration of the parser in TYPO3 4.6 ALPHA2

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