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h1. Meeting Hamburg 20100312

# Budget
# New Members
# Strategy

Inputs Dominic:
* Elect a chairman/leader of the committee (due to, Point 6)
> Is there a budget for this chairman? I strongly suggest to make this chairman acting like a project manager -> needs budget and competences. Otherwise it will be another vage story.
* Strategy
> Develop a strategy for TYPO3 4.x: e.g. including strategic extensions into the core AND improve them (DAM, indexed search, others)
> TYPO3 5.x: Separation of coding and steering: SC should give the goals/budget and the team has to fullfill this.
> How many developers are needed in a SC? 2 per Major Version? => 4 Developers should be enough.
* Next meetings: When and where? Fix the dates.
* Responsibilities: Who is doing what in the SC? We only have max. 10 persons in the team, so we must have ALL members working on different parts of the TYPO3 project: Coding, planing, organizing, leading, etc.