RnD Meeting 20100304

 3rd Very Strategic Dev Meeting
Date: 04 March 2010

    * Benni Mack 

    * Oliver Hader
    * Ingmar Schlecht
    * Michael Stucki
    * Karsten Dambekalns 

Topic List

    * Looking back at last protocol, deadlines etc. (Ingmar)
          o OPEN 2010-02-24 (orig deadline: 2010-02-12): Stucki writes a draft
                + "kill" the extension coordination team (ECT) due to inactivity for many years
                      # general information on how to handle extensions
                      # remove extensions from TER
                      # take-over extensions from inactive maintainer
          o DONE 2010-02-12: Stucki communicates with Ingo that Ben is doing the mentor administration this time. It is up to him whom to involve this time.
                + => Is clarified now, it's Ben's responsibility now to check the deadlines, and is working with Ingo (and kicks asses ;-))
          o FEEDBACK 2010-02-12: Karsten checks with Jens / Adrian about 5.x UI payment agreement.
                + => Is stalled until GA because Adrian says it's impossible earlier.
          o FEEDBACK 2010-02-26 [will be tackled on T3Board by Patrick and Sebastian]: Benni checks with Jochen Rau and then with Patrick Broens
                + Forms Project: Could we port it to Extbase, or at least use the Validators? Can we decouple the Validators a bit better within Extbase so it's easy to use them outside of Extbase?
                + => Talking on t3board to Patrick and Sebastian
          o DONE 2010-02-12: Stucki creates Mailinglists for typo3v4
                + New deadline / task: Benni writes mail to old (4.3) and new ML, announcing its use. until 13. March 2010
          o FEEDBACK whenever ASAP: Olly mail to Gina, regarding Core Team Meeting, near Hamburg / Elmshorn (28-30 June)
                + asked Gina via mail on 2010-02-15
                + everything OK, location available.
                + New deadline: Olly announces the date on the core-internal list. 13. March 2010

    * What's the "point" of our meetings?
          o We discussed the implications of our meetings not involving the full SC.
          o We concluded that effectively our meetings are what the RnD committee was intended to be, so we decided to refurbish that. The RnD committee is thus back to life and consists of the core team leader(s), the current release managers and the FLOW3/v5 lead devs. Other people are invited consulted as needed.
          o The SC members are free to take part if they have the wish and/or need to do so, but we feel that basically what we do is day-to-day development organization whereas the SC does the more high-level stuff, things that have "political" relevance, ...
          o As such we'll take decisions on the things we feel we can decide upon, will report through protocols to the T3A internal mailing list and are open for feedback and criticism based upon that.
    * Money from the BLE project (Benni)
          o Benni briefed everyone on the status
          o Benni will write down the existing ideas for what the money to use
          o T3BOARD participants of this call talk this through with Adrian, and then prepare it for the GA. TODAY
                + Ben and Peter should be informed and asked about all those things as well
    * Postponing Release TYPO3 4.4 (Benni)
          o We agreed that the process how the decision was taken to postpone the release was not good and should have involved the steering committee.
          o At this point in time now, we concluded that it wouldn't make sense to reverse the decision again, especially given that there were good reasons for the decision initially.
          o Stucki replies to Ben tomorrow, explaining our point of view.
    * Recent Templavoila Development (Stucki)
          o Olly tells Tolleiv that TemplaVoila is kind of an official extension and the implications of that.
    * Release Manager 4.5 (Ingmar)
          o Olly asks Ernesto if he would like to be the 4.5 RM
          o otherwise Benni is suggested on the core-internal list, but anybody else can still go for this position as RM

    * Next meeting
          o Thursday, 9 April, 14.00 CET
          o Meeting time: Every second Friday of a month