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Ingmar Schlecht, 2010-01-27 23:26

Steering Committee Structure

Current members (january 2010):

  • Robert Lemke
  • Karsten Dambekalns
  • Ingmar Schlecht
  • Dominic Brander
  • Michael Stucki
  • Mark Stephenson
  • Christian Jul Jensen
  • Ben van 't Ende
  • Jürgen Egeling
  • Adrian Zimmermann
  • Kasper Skårhøj

Suggested New SC Structure (12/01/2010)

Robert Lemke compiled a document (NewTYPO3AssociationCommitteeStructure-2010112.pdf) on the new TYPO3 association structure. This part about the Steering Committee is from this document. You can find the document attached to this page.

  1. The Steering Committee sets the strategic goals for the TYPO3 project in the scope of the TYPO3 Association during regular meetings.
  2. The Steering Committee represents the community and acts likewise. It consists of key community members. Members should already have proven their dedication for the TYPO3 project in other areas as well as bringing the maturity and responsibility for the position with them. A Steering Committee member should have the competence to make decisions for the TYPO3 Association even if they are not in accordance with individual or company interests.
  3. The Steering Committee consists of a minimum of 7 to a maximum of 10 people.
  4. New Steering Committee members can be suggested by any Association member. The existing Steering Committee members decide on the invitation of new committee members.
  5. Only one person per company at a time is allowed to be member of the Steering Committee.
  6. After each General Assembly the members of the Steering Committee elect a chairman of the committee by simple majority. The Steering Committee Chairman is responsible for accomplishing decisions on strategic goals through meetings and online discussions.
  7. A member of the Board cannot be a Steering Committee member.
  8. The Steering Committee accepts applications for funding of projects by leaders of the TYPO3 teams. Based on these applications and the general strategy the Steering Committee gathers a budget proposal for submission to the Finance Committee.
  9. There are 4 CoS-CoB (Combined Steering Committee and Board) meetings a year. One of the meetings is the General Assembly. During the meetings the Steering Committee and board work separately or together, depending on the actual topics. It is obligatory to take part in at least 3 of these meetings. Absence is only allowed for important reasons. Travel expenses and lodging will be reimbursed.

Please mark if you agree with the contents of the Steering Committee Structure. If you do not agree please write about it on the internal mailinglist. All votes should be done by Saturday 23rd of January

[X] Robert Lemke
[X] Karsten Dambekalns
[X] Ingmar Schlecht
[X] Dominic Brander
[X] Michael Stucki
[X] Mark Stephenson (although it is not practical for me to attend 3 meetings per year in person)
[ ] Christian Jul Jensen
[X] Ben van 't Ende
[X] Jürgen Egeling (ben voted for Jürgen - login problems)
[X] Adrian Zimmermann
[?] Kasper Skårhøj (votes blank, because he is not involved that much that he feels he can decide)

Potential New Steering Committee Members

  1. Jochen Rau
  2. Benjamin Mack
    - [ben] Benni is release manager for TYPO3 4.4 and very active in getting this version released in time. He is a good speaker and someone who thinks carefully about things.
    - [ingmar] I fully agree with Ben's points. Also, Benni has a positive spirit when communicating, is visionary and IMHO clearly a good one to have on the steering committee.
  3. Daniel Brün
    - [robert] Daniel is one of the few long term TYPO3 guys who is very fit technically, also outside TYPO3 topics, and knows who to market it and lead a successful company in a friendly style. Time might be an issue though
  4. Eike Diestelkamp
  5. François Suter
    - [dominic]: I do not know him very good but I have the impression that he is really doing things AND he is a representive of the French speaking part of our community.
  6. Kian Gould
    - [ben] Kian is Owner and managing director of AOE media. He has been very active in the community. Like DKD his company has sponsored countless events. A good reason to let him into the SC is to have some more company influence in there. This will also give of a good sign to companies that want to sponsor TYPO3 or become a member of the TYPO3 association.
    - [dominic]: Generally I strongly suggest to 1. have more people from outside of Germany and 2. less developers.
  7. Oliver Hader
    - [ingmar] As (new) core team leader, it will be good for him to be in the steering committee. He has a passion for TYPO3 and his time spent on TYPO3 doesn't stop with the working hours.

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