Strategic Meeting Developers 20100212

2nd Very Strategic Dev Meeting
Date: 12 February 2010

    * Benni Mack 

    * Oliver Hader
    * Ingmar Schlecht
    * Michael Stucki
    * Karsten Dambekalns 

Topic List

    * Looking back at last protocol, deadlines etc. (Ingmar)
          o Jens (Robert): Karsten checked status with Jens / Adrian, waiting for feedback now
          o Dependency Injection in TYPO3 4.4
                + new style in FLOW3 of resolving dependency contraints faster
                + setter injection problematic in v4, but FLOW3 mostly uses setter injection
                + not sure whether refactoring of DI in FLOW3 is ready until feature freeze of TYPO3 4.4, thus DI is probably for TYPO3 4.5

          o ECT/Extensions/TER/PackageManager (Olly)
                + "kill" the extension coordination team (ECT) due to inactivity for many years
                + general information on how to handle extensions
                      # remove extensions from TER
                      # take-over extensions from inactive maintainers 
                + Stucki writes a draft (deadline: Feb 15, 2010) 
          o (Olly)
                + How to involve more universities to get some more sponsorship for development?
                + How to communicate TYPO3 as a "standard" for universities, governmental organisations, etc.
                + Stucki asks Ben to discuss this within the marketing team (we think it is their task to do that) (deadline: Feb 12, 2010) 
          o Continuous Integration/Hudson on Forge for extension (Olly)
                + Status: Mail sent to Sebastian Kurf├╝rst and Oliver Klee on Feb 12, 2010 - Axel Jung (AOE) is interested in helping out to set up unit-test-runners, code-sniffers and possibly PMD tools (e.g. copy&paste detection, complex classes, etc. for further refactoring) - waiting for response 
          o GSoC 2010
                + Stucki communicates with Ingo that Ben is doing the mentor administration this time. It is up to him whom to involve this time. (2010-02-12)
                + Karsten communicates with Ben about GSoC website; waiting for feedback now.
          o BugFixing Weekend (Zap the Gremlins II)
                + being worked on by Olly and Ben
    * Kicking asses for deadlines (=> Ingmar, continuous)
    * Translation Server (Benni)
      Idea: It should be possible to have different LLLs per TYPO3 version so it's possible to change or delete LLLs in files. After getting in-depth feedback from Dmitry, there needs to be a small change within TYPO3 and the Translation Server, and then most work in the TER. That's why Benni talked to Steffen Kamper who is in charge of forming a TER team, also Benni contacted Patrick Gaumond who wants to have a modified translation process. Benni is keeping track of this project and is notifying everyone as soon as we have some progress.
    * Extbase Extensions (Benni)
      FE User Registration: Validators, Transformers, TCA: Where to go? Currently we have three places where we could use them Extbase, TCEforms, Forms Project
      Forms Project: Could we port it to Extbase, or at least use the Validators? Can we decouple the Validators a bit better within Extbase so it's easy to use them outside of Extbase? Benni checks with Jochen Rau and then with Patrick Broens (until 2010-02-26)
    * Extbase Kickstarter (Ingmar)
          o Team coordination handed over to Sebastian Gebhard
          o Team consisting of 5 people, company Metaways sponsoring employee work
          o new mailinglist will be created (Stucki & Ingmar 2010-02-12)
    * Mailinglist creation: Should optimally be possible automatically from forge project
    * FLOW3  (Karsten)
          o first beta either april or may (first weekday of month)
          o 5.0 beta, RC and final 1st of April 2010 (2010-04-01)
    * 4.x mailinglist (Ingmar)
          o typo3.projects.v4 is going to be added by Stucki (Stucki 2010-02-12)
    * Events (Ingmar)
          o Transition Days Location would be available
          o Core Team Meeting, near Hamburg / Elmshorn (28-30 June) (Olly mail to Gina whenever ASAP)
          o "Transition Days"-like event with code sprints could be before T3CON10 in Frankfurt
    * Support Lifecycle of oldstable releases (Stucki)
          o Stucki: Mario as assoc member was concerned about short release cycles resulting in short maintenance period
          o Olly: Doesn't make sense to adjust policy right now right after publication
          o Benni: We could adjust policy to prolongue maintenance when 4.4 is released
          o Olly contacts Francois about maintenance policy and possible prolongation to be announced when 4.4 comes out

    * Next meeting
          o Thursday, Mar 4, 16.00 CET
          o otherwise: Meeting time: Every second Friday of a month