SC Strategic Meeting Hamburg

The meeting took place at Bitfarmers on the 4th of december 2009 from 10.00 until 17.00.

Decisions / Responsibilities

We have discussed certain items and have made decisions and added responsible people to the items. We did not assign deadlines. Something we definitely need to do the next time. Please check out the items you are responsible for!

  • Monthly meetings about progress. (I assume progress of FLOW3/TYPO3 version 5 is meant here ~ben)
    Responsible: Robert
  • [IN PROGRESS] Ext: tt_news and fe_user registration. Benni will write another mail to Rupert about his involvement.
    • tt_news: Benni talked with Jochen Rau and Sebastian Kurfürst about this and told them that they should lead the technical details about the new "tt_news" rewrite. I also tried to contact Rupi again with no reply.
    • Fe-User: Benni tried to connect to Frank Nägler about his extension but just received a reply today that they're gonna have a skype meeting about the next steps in week 6.
  • [IN PROGRESS] Bugfixing weekend. Zap The Gremlins days. Preparation has started
    Responsible: Oliver Hader, Ben van 't Ende
  • [DONE] (done, but it's an ongoing task of course ~robert) Keeping FLOW3 and Extbase in sync. Also goes for caching framework. Robert will call Jochen Rau.
    Responsible: Robert
  • [IN PROGRESS] Communicating TYPO3. Benni is writing articles.
    Responsible: Benni and Robert will write articles. Starting before christmas
  • [DONE] GSOC: Good results. We got there because of Kian. Security framework 100% done. Ingmar – kickstarter, Ingo – translation. Ben volunteered to be administrator of the project. Will make an article about the results. Karsten, Robert and Ben for GSOC.
    Responsible: Stucki will call Ingo for writing the last invoice. Article compiled by mailing mentors and students. Ingo edited the article and sent it to Google - 20100129
  • [IN PROGRESS] TER: there is some budget to finish some bugs in TER. New initial team to create an new TER based on FLOW3. Steffen Kamper wants to be involved. Most problems are in user interface.
    Responsible: Robert (newsitem to create TER team.) Steffen Kamper wants to take this over
  • Creating Own Distributions / Packages
    Responsible: Ben writes an artice on available packages. YAML. Ron Hall. Busy Noggin'. Get it ready before 4.4.
    Stucki will take care of the technical part for releasing separate packages.
    Benni writes article on how to create new distributions.
    Robert: takes care of thinking about separate products. (Outcome: don't have Fluid as separate product, at least not this year ~robert)


  1. Discuss structure of SC. We need someone that leads the SC
  2. Vote for a final version of the new association structure. Robert's draft is in the section Internal Documents.
  3. Plans for the new TYPO3 versions and other products (FLOW3, Fluid, TYPO3 CR)
    1. What are the key features / is the focus of TYPO3 CMS? (Wordpress: Blogging, Joomla: Community Sites, ...)
    2. How to handle the subproducts a) organizational b) communication / branding wise
    3. Planned features for TYPO3 4.4
    4. Migration path
      1. How to keep Extbase and FLOW3 in sync?
      2. Content migration project
    5. TYPO3 5.0 - when is it done? And how do we communicate it?
  4. TER / F3PR
  5. Our vision for / TYPO3 sites. Forum? Which role plays Forge?
  6. (translation server)
  7. (FLOW3 book project)
  8. GSoC lessons learned / 2010
  9. Budget for development teams
  10. Budget for security team
  11. Budget for (server) administration team
  12. Jens design TYPO3 v5


Oliver Hader and Benni Mack have been invited as release managers from version 4.3 and 4.4.

  • Ben van 't Ende [confirmed]
  • Robert Lemke [confirmed]
  • Karsten Dambekalns [confirmed]
  • Michael Stucki [confirmed]
  • Ingmar Schlecht [confirmed]
  • Christian Julle Jensen [confirmed]
  • Dominic Brander [will not come (became father last week!)]
  • Adrian Zimmermann [confirmed]
  • Jürgen Egeling [confirmed]

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