CoS-CoB Meeting


This document describes how and when the Combined steering committee and board meetings are organized.


  • CoS-CoB-2: , Organizer: Gina with help from Daniel
  • CoS-CoB-3: 26-27 of August 2010 in Frankfurt, Organizer: Søren with help from Jürgen regarding the hotel
  • CoS-CoB-4 : 18-19 of November 2010 in Zürich, Organizer: Adrian
  • CoS-CoB-1 (GA 2011): 11-12 February 2011 presumably in Basel, Organizer: Stucki & Gina

10-11 of May 2010 in Munich

we have a location for the CoS-CoB munich:
Open Source Press GmbH
Amalienstr. 77
80799 München
wifi and beamer will be available

monday 10th - tuesday 11th of May 2010
each day from 9:00 - 19:00
lunch break from 13:00 - 14:30


both groups (board and SC) will take care for the regarding agendas
separately, please publish the agendas one week in advance on the list,
so we can figure out which issues we have to solve together and
therefore how many time we have to plan as a combined group.

In general

The whole Cos-CoB consists of four parts:
  1. Q&A: Question and answer session for all who are interested in (whole community) in one evening
  2. Board meeting
  3. SC meeting
  4. CoS-CoB meeting on demand: all steering committee and board members


Roadmap for all Q&As:
  1. Collect all questions in the beginning on a board
  2. Group them right afterwards
  3. Allocate a time slot per group
  4. Care for a list of speakers
  5. Chairman: President or Vice President


The agenda of the CoS-CoB will be drafted on the last board meeting before the CoS-CoB and send with suggestions to the internal list by the secretary a week before the CoS-CoB meeting. At the board meeting the morning before the CoS-CoB this agenda might be extended with things popping up on the Q&A.

Next Steering Committee Agenda


First day

  • Separate board and SC meetings.
  • The Q&A will take place on the first evening/night in a restaurant/bar.

Second day

  • Separate board and SC meetings
  • Combined meeting (CoS-CoB) on demand


All members of the board and the steering committee have to attend if not they have to give a note 4 weeks in advance (illness 1 day). If members do not attend several times they should consider to step back from their position (if board: take care for adequate substitution).


We have to assure to invite the whole community to the Q&A and to publish some information afterwards.


  • The 1st assessor has to write news on or alternatively a newsletter and a mail to the association members mailing list
  • The regarding organizator has to make an entry in the event calendar on


  • The 1st assessor has to write an attractive newsletter (alternatively news) based on the protocol from the secretary.

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