This domain list was set up by Gina. There is also a listing of servers and responsibilities (TYPO3 Hosting Information) maintained by the server team (Stucki, Ingmar, Sebastian).

Contact list

Nick Name Phone Mobile Phone Email When to contact
Claudio Claudio Cathomen
Dodger Michael Hirdes +49 (0)40 4143145090
Ingmar Ingmear Schlecht
Jan-Hendrik Jan-Hendrik Heuing +49 (0)211 580707-14 +49 (0)176 180707-14
Rainer Rainer Weigle +49(0)40 41173 373 +49 (0)170 7626687 If the server is down
Sebastian Sebastian Kurf├╝rst
Stucki Michael Stucki
Wolfgang Wolfgang Zenker +49 (0)721 9109-112


Link Purpose Hosted at IP Adminstrator Status
typo3 org http://typo3.org main developer sources punkt.de Wolfgang exists
www typo3 org http://www.typo3.org main developer sources punkt.de Wolfgang exists
association typo3 org http://association.typo3.org Association website bitfarmers Dodger exists
lists association typo3 org http://lists.association.typo3.org Association Mailing Lists bitfarmers Dodger exists
mail association typo3 org http://mail.association.typo3.org bitfarmers Dodger exists
beat typo3 org http://beat.typo3.org MPI-MET Sebastian, Rainer exists
bugs typo3 org http://bugs.typo3.org mantis bug tracker bitfarmers Dodger exists
buzz typo3 org http://buzz.typo3.org TYPO3 community blog Digital District Jan-Hendrik exists
certification typo3 org http://certification.typo3.org bitfarmers Dodger exists
code typo3 org http://code.typo3.org MPI-MET Sebastian, Rainer exists
5-0 dev typo3 org http://5-0.dev.typo3.org 5.0 development server punkt.de Wolfgang exists
documentation typo3 org http://documentation.typo3.org documentation library punkt.de Wolfgang exists
forge typo3 org http://forge.typo3.org punkt.de Wolfgang exists
imap typo3 org http://imap.typo3.org bitfarmers Dodger exists
mirrors typo3 org http://mirrors.typo3.org mirror management services (round robin) ?
news typo3 org http://news.typo3.org TYPO3 news repository Digital District Jan-Hendrik exists
dev news typo3 org http://dev.news.typo3.org Digital District Jan-Hendrik exists
pop3 typo3 org http://pop3.typo3.org bitfarmers Dodger exists
/repositories typo3 org http://repositories.typo3.org main repository punkt.de Wolfgang exists, points to www.typo3.org
smtp typo3 org http://smtp.typo3.org bitfarmers Dodger exists
support typo3 org http://support.typo3.org Web interface to the newsgroups punkt.de Wolfgang exists
survey typo3 org http://survey.typo3.org bitfarmers Dodger exists
svn typo3 org http://svn.typo3.org punkt.de Wolfgang exists
t3con06 typo3 org http://t3con06.typo3.org T3CON06 website Wolfgang does not exist
t3con07 typo3 org http://t3con07.typo3.org T3CON07 website punkt.de Wolfgang exists
t3con08 typo3 org http://t3con08.typo3.org T3CON08 website punkt.de Wolfgang exists
t3con09-dallas typo3 org http://t3con09-dallas.typo3.org T3CON09 Dallas website punkt.de Wolfgang exists
t3con09-frankfurt typo3 org http://t3con09-frankfurt.typo3.org T3CON09 Frankfurt website punkt.de Wolfgang exists
t3dd07 typo3 org http://t3dd07.typo3.org T3DD07 website punkt.de Wolfgang exists
t3dd08 typo3 org http://t3dd08.typo3.org T3DD08 website punkt.de Wolfgang exists
teams typo3 org http://teams.typo3.org collaborative site for the community planned / exists as typo3.org/teams
translation typo3 org http://translation.typo3.org Translation server punkt.de Wolfgang exists, packaging runs on this machine as well
tycon3 typo3 org http://tycon3.typo3.org punkt.de Wolfgang exists
users typo3 org http://users.typo3.org centralized user database for all T3 sites to be discussed
wiki typo3 org http://wiki.typo3.org wiki bitfarmers Dodger exists


Link Purpose Hosted at IP Adminstrator Status
typo3 com http://typo3.com main marketing resource Digital District Jan-Hendrik exists
www typo3 com http://www.typo3.com main marketing resource Digital District Jan-Hendrik exists
demo typo3 com http://demo.typo3.com Digital District Jan-Hendrik does not exist
edu typo3 com http://edu.typo3.com educational resource ICSurselva Claudio exists
www edu typo3 com http://www.edu.typo3.com Digital District Jan-Hendrik exists, forward to edu.typo3.com
gov typo3 com http://gov.typo3.com governmental resource Digital District Jan-Hendrik does not exist
www gov typo3 com http://www.gov.typo3.com Digital District Jan-Hendrik does not exist
mail typo3 com http://mail.typo3.com bitfarmers Dodger exists
ngo typo3 com http://ngo.typo3.com Digital District Jan-Hendrik does not exist
www ngo typo3 com http://www.ngo.typo3.com Digital District Jan-Hendrik does not exist
ter typo3 com http://ter.typo3.com punkt.de Wolfgang exists


Site Purpose Hosted at IP Adminstrator Status
http://typo3.de Digital District Jan-Hendrik exists
http://typo3.dk exists
http://typo3.lv Fowards to typo3.com Karsten Dambekalns exists


Site Purpose Hosted at IP Adminstrator Status
http://lists.netfielders.de Mailing List administration Digital District Jan-Hendrik exists
http://typo3.sunsite.dk various file storage Sunsite.dk Ingmar, Stucki exists. Is it still needed?
http://www.t3gov.de TYPO3 for governmental organisations mittwald Jan Wischnat exists, outdated