Decision Making Within the TYPO3 Association

In order to properly manage the decision process, all requests for TYPO3 Association action must be initiated by sending an email to . Requests or questions sent to this email address are automatically stored in a ticketing system where they will be responded to directly by a TYPO3 Association Board member or forwarded to the right person or group.

Decisions that can be made by direct application of current TYPO3 Association policies and procedures are made by the TYPO3 Association Board. Decisions that can be made by the direct application of these policies and procedures will usually result in a response to the originator within one week. If the decision requires more discussion within the TYPO3 Association Board, then the decision may be made at the next TYPO3 Association Board meeting. Originators will be notified of the delay and will typically receive a response within a week after the meeting.

The TYPO3 Association Active Members establish the policies and procedures for the TYPO3 Association. If the TYPO3 Association Board determines that a request is not addressed by current policies and procedures then the Active Members will make the decision and will add to or modify the policies and procedures as required. The TYPO3 Association Board will mark tickets to indicate if tickets requires Active Member action. All tickets submitted 30 days or more prior to an official meeting of the Active Members will be reviewed at the meeting. Tickets submitted more recently may be reviewed as well.

A goal of TYPO3 Association Active Member meetings is to make decisions on each identified ticket, but a decision may be postponed due to lack of information or other circumstances. Approximately 30 days prior to a meeting, Active Members review the tickets and gather information as required to prepare for the meeting. During each meeting, a time will be set aside in the agenda to address the identified tickets. Each open ticket will be systematically reviewed, discussed, and voted on.

The secretary of the meeting will be responsible for ensuring that the decision and a summary of the reasons for the decision are written and added as a ticket response. The response will automatically notify the originator of the ticket. Questions regarding a decision can be added to the ticket or sent to .