Event check list


This document provides a check list for TYPO3 association events.

Event announcements

Event Announcement

12 months in advance

  • Organize Hotel
  • Organize Catering
  • Organize Location

10 months in advance

  • Look for Sponsors
  • Organize Shuttle
  • Unofficial call for papers
  • Organize location for 3-day coredev meeting

5 months in advance

  • Website goes online
  • Official Call for papers
  • Organize Social Event

4 months in advance

  • Start of registration
  • T-shirts
  • Poster
  • Booklet

3 months in advance

  • Early bird ends
  • Coordintate Helping Hands

2 months in advance

  • Organize coredev meeting: dinner, hotel suggestions etc.
  • Organize beverages
  • Organize hardware
  • Closing date for abstracts

1 month in advance

  • Notify authors
  • Close event registration

Things to remember

  • WiFi
  • LAN
  • Fuse for all laptops
  • Every ordering at the hotel has to be signed by two defined persons. Every ordering not signed by this persons will not be payed by the assoc
  • The buffet has to be checked for non attendees
  • Payment of hotel/location after the registration is over
  • Keep 5 places for important sleepy heads ;-)
  • Keynote
  • Loose money for change
  • Approval of all event designs (T-shirt, poster, banner, ...) by Rasmus