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h1. GA preparations 

 This short text should give a brief documention on how to prepare for a TYPO3-GA. It has to be distinguished between the GA itself and the preparation for the rooms. 

 h2. GA date(s) 

 * the date should be picked, and the GA held during the first quarter of the year. Due to budgeting and financial accounts a good GA date is in march. As in march it's usually CeBIT time, it might be an idea to check if the GA collides with this date. 
 * the active member meet before the GA to discuss the budget (so one more date is needed where a room is needed for the amount of people beeing there. By writing this article we need a room for about 15 people.) 
 * the date should be picked, so that most people can attend without loosing too much time. So the GA itself starts usually 2pm, and is expected to end 4pm. 

 h3. Announcements of the GA date 

 * directly on the GA the year before (with a town) 
 * on TYPO3.org early enough before (I suggest 2 month) 
 * by press 3 month before (T3A magazine) 
 * E-Mail to the T3A members in the quaterly report before the GA. This [[T3A-ProcessDescription-GA-Email|invitation e-mail]] can be copied from this place. [[ 

 h3. Hotel booking 

 For the active members the Hotel should be booked close to the GA location. It also should be possible to have all active and board members in one hotel, or at least close together. This booking can happen long before the GA, I suggest 6 month before. 

 h3. AM transfer booking 

 Booking flights frmo Europe seems to be cheaper than from the US, so it might be an idea to do so. Except that, all Am should book their flight or train or other transportation on their own. '''Early''' enough (as early as possible, as usually the cheap transportation possibilities fill up pretty fast. 

 h2. GA infrastructure 

 * the location should be near a town with a good infrastructure, as people from all over Europe are expected. The last GAs where held in Copenhagen, Zürich, Amsterdam and Munich. (All towns have airports and can deliver a good infrastructure.) 
 * For the preparation day the following things are needed: 
 ** Internet Access 
 ** Beamer 
 ** beverages 
 ** chairs, tables 
 ** printer 
 ** copy machine 
 * For the GA date the following is needed: 
 ** chairs 
 ** one/two tables for the T3A-board members, and the accountand 
 ** microphone (if its a big room) 
 ** beverages for T3A-board 

 h1. GA Timeline 

 just fill out this timeline for the GA you are planning to get a smooth GA running. DD.MM.YYYY is the date that you have to calculate yourself (or just fill in). In [brackets] you find the time, that should be substracted from the GA date to get this date. 

 * DD.MM.YYYY [8 month] room booking (50-60 people for the GA, and 15 people the day before) 
 * DD.MM.YYYY [6 month] transportation booking of AM (done by each AM individually) 
 * DD.MM.YYYY [6 month] accomodation for AM 
 * DD.MM.YYYY [one day] AM meeting