Project Management


This process describes how a project supervised by the TYPO3 Association is started, executed and closed. It applies only to projects financed or initiated by the TYPO3 Association regardless of the project size.

Applications for funding are governed by the respective funding, this process assumes funding has been granted before project start.

This document does not describe how project leaders are supposed to work within their team, although some best practices for managing a project are provided.


Contact person: the responsible person within the TYPO3 Association to act as point of contact for the team leader.
Team leader: the responsible person within the project team acting as point of contact for the contact person.
Publication: when this document mentions the contact person publishing something, this refers to a publication in an official TYPO3 Association channel.

Process description

Project start

  • A PID is written for the project and agreed on by the TYPO3 Association
  • One person from the project team is appointed as the responsible team leader by the team
  • One member of the TYPO3 Association is appointed as the point of contact for the team leader How the contact person is determined as well as who (board, active members, ...) should staff the contact persons needs to be defined

The project can then be started, a news item on this will be published by the TYPO3 Association.

Changes to the appointments are possible but must be agreed upon and reflected in writing where appropriate (Forge project page, team description, ...)

Project execution

Projects with a duration under 4 weeks may skip the reporting rules for project execution stated below.

While the project runs the team leader reports to the contact person within the TYPO3 Association on a biweekly basis. Those reports should clearly state
  • the progress towards the goals defined in the PID
  • any changes to scope and timeline of the project

Whenever a milestone defined is reached this must be reported by the team leader. If the team does not announce this publicly the contact person should publish this.

The project reports will be forwarded to be used as input for the quarterly report of the TYPO3 Association. The contact person may elect to summarize the biweekly reports for that purpose.

If a project report fails to appear
  • the team leader is to be contacted and asked to improve the situation once
  • if project reports are still missing the team is asked to elect a new team leader within two weeks
  • if this fails the project will be stopped

The PID describes the goals and indicators for their fulfillment. If the reports show those goals are not being met the team leader will be asked to improve the situation. If the project cannot be expected to reach the defined goals it will be stopped.

Instead if stopping and declaring a project a failure it can also be put on hold. Then the team can be re-staffed if resources allow for this. If this takes too long compared to the projects estimated duration the project will be stopped.

Project closure

If a project ends
  • A project summary has to be produced by the team leader and submitted to the contact person within the TYPO3 Association.
  • The project summary is published by the contact person if needed (i.e. if the summary is not published on by the team itself).
  • The course of the project should be analyzed to improve this process and the best practices for team leaders if possible

This also applies to projects declared a failure. Whether a project is declared a failure or not depends on the outcome compared to the goals defined in the PID.


If the project is financed by the TYPO3 Association payments are made when milestones are reached. The contact person has to confirm a milestone has been reached.

When a project is stopped or put on hold no further payments will be made.

Different rules for payment can apply if agreed upon in the process following the application for funding.

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