Quarterly Report


This process describes how and when the Quarterly Report of the TYPO3 Association is build and published.

Dates for the Quarterly Report¶

  • Q1: 15th of January +- one week
  • Q2: 15th of April +- one week
  • Q3: 15th of July +- one week
  • Q4: 15th of October +- one week


The Quarterly report has to published four times a year, the fourth quarterly report is called annual report and handed out on/after the GA. The process has to be started at least 4-5 weeks in advance.
First of all get in contact with Andreas Lenz from the T3N-Magazine to clarify in which issue of the T3N the regarding Quarterly Report will be published.

1. Collect the input

Write an email to all team leaders of the TYPO3 Association Committees, this persons will give the input for the regarding chapters of the Quarterly Report, a template for the report can be found at the end of this document.
If you like, you can use this template for the email, it should also contain the first deadline +10 days and a request for some nice pictures.
A reminder has to be send, if the input isn't delivered after 10 days, with the next deadline +4 days.

2. Write the report

In general the text can be used by c&p but sometimes some layout adaptation have to be made. (Idea: If a team does not reply at all the chapter will be marked with the text input missing.)
After receiving almost all input an abstract has to be written at the top of the report, giving a short overview over the whole text. If possible one nice graphic or photo should be inserted on each page.
Do not forget to update the
  • date (in the header, the footer and on the front page)
  • year (for T3BOARDXX, T3DDXX and T3CONXX in the chapters and the resources)
  • version number of 4.x (in the chapter and the resources)
  • links
  • index

3. Quality assurance

When the report is finished, send the .odt to Mark Stephenson. Until now he (as native speaker) took care for the language quality. If Mark is not longer available search for another solution. This should not take longer than 5 days.

4. Approval

After getting it back export it as .pdf and send it to the Vice President of the TYPO3 Association (Jürgen Egeling: ). He will send it to the internal TYPO3 active members list for approval.
Wait for the feedback and if no feedback is send within 7 days, send a reminder. If no feedback arrives after 3 days the report is considered as accepted.
If needed incorporate the feedback and send it once more to the Vice President with request for the final approval. If no final approval is given within 4 days, send a reminder.

5. Publication for the TYPO3 Association members

After the final approval upload the .pdf to http://association.typo3.org/fileadmin/downloads/ and use this template to write an email to the TYPO3 Association members list: .

6. Publication for the TYPO3 community

Upload the Quarterly Report to the TYPO3 Association website http://association.typo3.org/home/past-activity-reports/
and use this template to write a news on news.typo3.org in the category Association (a picture would be nice).

7. Publication in the T3N

Adapt the Quarterly Report to the T3N template http://t3n.yeebase.com/magazin/autoren/ and send it to T3N-Magazine on time (Andreas Lenz ).

8. Additional ideas

  • Translation
  • Collect feedback from all TYPO3 Association members on the Quarterly Reports
  • Add feedback forms or polls to the Quarterly Report
  • Publish a best of or a reader's digest book of the past Quarterly Reports

9. Resources

TYPO3_ProFont_Suitcase.zip - TYPO3 Share Font (676 KB) Gina Steiner, 2008-07-17 21:49

quarterly_report_t3a_template.odt - Open Office template for the Quarterly Report (47.6 KB) Gina Steiner, 2008-07-17 21:52

pap_qr.pdf - Scan of the braindump paper on the Quarterly Report (118 KB) Gina Steiner, 2008-07-17 21:53