Mail to all TYPO3 Association Committees and Teams

Subject: Input for the Quarterly Report
To: [here goes the list of all team members]
From: [here goes your name]

Hi all,

the next TYPO3 Association Quarterly Report has to be published soon.
So please send me 150-250 words about the TYPO3 activities you or your team
has been involved in since the last report in [here goes the date of the last report].

Deadline: [here goes the deadline], please keep in mind that I am also bound to the
deadlines of other editorial offices.

Since I want to personalize the report, please search for some nice graphics or photos
regarding your activities. Team: (last status if necessary) Rasmus/Jens
Certification Team: Dominic
T3CON: J├╝rgen
T3DD: Gina
v4 Team: Michael
v5 Team: Robert/Karsten
Security Team: Henning/Lars

Thanks a lot
[here goes your name]