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h1. TYPO3 Association

This is the project wiki of the T3A team. Write access is restricted to active members and members of the board.

h2. Board work

[[Skype Conferences]]
[[T3A-ProcessDescriptions|Process Descriptions]]
[[T3A-CoS-CoB|CoS-CoB]] - COmbined Steering COmmittee Board - Meeting

h2. Steering Committee

[[Meeting Hamburg 20100312]]
[[Strategic Meeting Hamburg 20091204]]
[[Steering Committee Structure]]

h2. RnD Meetings (formerly: Strategic Meetings Developers) Developers

[[Strategic_Meeting_Developers_20100108|Strategic Meeting Developers 20100108]]
[[Strategic_Meeting_Developers_20100212|Strategic Meeting Developers 20100212]]
[[RnD_Meeting_20100304|RnD Meeting 20100304]]

h2. Infrastructure

[[T3A-DomainList|Domain list]]

h2. Agreements

[[T3A-CCLA|CCLA]] - Corporate Contributor License Agreements
[[T3A-Agreements|Other Agreements]]

h2. Current Board Projects

[[Branding Guidelines]]

h2. How To Protocol

[[T3A-protocolguidelines|Guidelines for writing protocols]]