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Gina Steiner, 2010-05-04 11:48

TYPO3 Association

This is the project wiki of the T3A team. Write access is restricted to active members and members of the board.

Board work

Skype Conferences
Process Descriptions

Steering Committee

Meeting Munchen 20100511
Meeting Hamburg 20100312
Strategic Meeting Hamburg 20091204
Steering Committee Structure

Combined SC and Board meetings
CoS-CoB - COmbined Steering COmmittee Board - Meeting

RnD Meetings (formerly: Strategic Meetings Developers)

Strategic Meeting Developers 20100108
Strategic Meeting Developers 20100212
RnD Meeting 20100304


Domain list


CCLA - Corporate Contributor License Agreements
Other Agreements

Current Board Projects

Branding Guidelines

How To Protocol

Guidelines for writing protocols