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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
89740 Task Under Review Should have Make use of new AJAX API in Install Tool Install Tool
89739 Bug Under Review Should have Omit hostname in site auto-generation called via CLI Link Handling, Site Handling & Routing
89738 Feature Under Review Should have Have AjaxRequest module independent of jQuery Andreas Fernandez
89737 Task Under Review Should have Make TYPO3's Core PHP code PHP 7.4 compliant Benni Mack composer Candidate for patchlevel
89733 Feature Under Review Should have Migrate various Signal Slots to PSR-14 events Benni Mack System/Bootstrap/Configuration Candidate for Major Version
89732 Bug New Should have onChange does not react in FlexForm context FormEngine aka TCEforms
89731 Epic New Should have Configuration streamlining Form Framework
89729 Bug Under Review Should have Exception when adding LinkButtons to a SplitButton Backend User Interface
89728 Feature New Should have rel attribut field for link editor popup
89727 Feature New Should have Add "additional parameter" field to link popup in cke editor
89726 Bug Under Review Should have Not able to change clipboard mode
89720 Bug Under Review Should have TypoScript import from directory loads all files Mathias Brodala TypoScript next-patchlevel
89717 Task Under Review Should have Rename and update Breaking-80412-NewSharedContentElementTyposcriptLib…
89716 Bug New Should have identifier not null in sys_file_processedfile File Abstraction Layer (FAL)
89715 Bug New Should have Condition request.getNormalizedParams().getHttpHost() causes an error when cron runs schedular:run TypoScript
89714 Bug New Should have C-style comment in ext_tables.sql breaks following table definition
89713 Bug New Should have TCA check ignores PHP constants
89709 Feature New Should have Fileadmin must be more "useable" Backend User Interface Candidate for Major Version
89708 Feature New Should have Allow other tables than "pages" or "tt_content" in Typo3WinBrowserEditor Form Framework
89707 Bug Under Review Should have CType dividers are stripped by authMode FormEngine aka TCEforms
89706 Task Under Review Should have Streamline autoloading of test classes in extbase Alexander Schnitzler
89705 Bug New Should have Folder selector should not throw `FolderDoesNotExistException` when folder is renamed Miscellaneous
89703 Task Under Review Should have Update hostHeaderValueMatchesTrustedHostsPattern
89701 Bug New Should have Link wizard lists only content elements of the default language Backend User Interface
89700 Feature Under Review Should have Show BackendLayouts in the Web Info Module Simon Gilli Backend User Interface
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