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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
82131TaskUnder ReviewShould haveGeneralUtility::makeInstance() should throw exception on unknown classMathias Brodala9.0
82130BugNewMust haveInline record for NEW tt_content element becomes sys_language_uid=-1FormEngine aka TCEforms
82128BugNeeds FeedbackShould haveDatabase migration/analyzer fail on VARCHAR default NULL
82127BugNewShould haveSetting QuerySettings->LanguageUid to other than default causes Exception in BE Context
82126BugAcceptedShould haveEXT:belog - Error when using a custom timeframe
82122BugUnder ReviewShould haveTypo3DbBackend::doLanguageAndWorkspaceOverlay ignores pages l18n_cfgExtbase
82121BugNewShould haveDeleting inline 1:1 relation throws error
82118BugNewShould haveUser interface does not react / 500 internal server error dummyTokenBackend User Interface
82117BugNewShould haveFormEngine: FlashMessage finisher caching issueForm Framework
82116BugNewShould haveLinkhandler doesn't build links when using registerPageTSConfigFile
82112BugNewMust haveTCA - Inline / IRRE elements - edit picture with wrong return url
82105BugUnder ReviewShould haveBookmarking a file leads to SQL errorBackend User Interface
82104BugNewMust haveIRRE + GROUP with real MM relations not working (fatal error)
82103BugUnder ReviewShould haveLinkvalidator task throws an error if configured page uid is invalidAndreas FernandezLinkvalidatornext-patchlevel
82101BugNewCould haveChange ClickEnlargeViewHelper image argument typeFluid Styled Content
82100BugNewShould haveBackend Form Dataprovider load every foreign Entity, not only the related onePerformance
82098BugNewShould haveDuplicated image thumbnails in file list search view
82096BugNewShould haveError when adding an inline element inside an inline elementFormEngine aka TCEforms
82093BugNewShould haveForm Viewhelpers: Attribute errorClass not workingFluid
82089FeatureUnder ReviewShould haveEXT:form Support "imports" in form configurationForm Framework
82087BugNewShould haveFinisher identifier unused for translationsForm Frameworknext-patchlevel
82086BugNewShould haveFrontend Preview Mode And Missing Inline Elements in WorkspaceWorkspaces
82083BugNewMust haveShow all search in BE is extremly slowBackend User InterfaceCandidate for patchlevel
82081BugNewShould haveMSSQL // Install Tool fails on database selection because of default charset checkSusanne MoogCandidate for patchlevel
82080BugNewMust haveSpecified key was too long when creating an indexInstall Tool
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