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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
85051 Feature Under Review Should have Add possibility to deny setting cookies on client side
85050 Task Under Review Should have Change some site configuration details
85049 Task New Should have Remove ugly empty area when container element is empty Form Framework
85048 Task Under Review Should have Improve some language labels of the form editor Bjoern Jacob Form Framework
85042 Task Under Review Should have Optimize the structure tree of the form editor Form Framework
85040 Bug Under Review Should have BrowseLinksController drops additional link parameters RTE (rtehtmlarea + ckeditor)
85039 Task Under Review Should have [TASK] Clarify changelog file placement
85038 Bug New Could have allowTagsOutside not working in rte_ckeditor RTE (rtehtmlarea + ckeditor)
85036 Task Under Review Should have Remove support for non namespaced classes in Extbase Alexander Schnitzler Extbase 9.3
85033 Bug New Should have Form plugin - Finishers : Hardcoded label for empty default value Form Framework
85032 Feature New Could have Expiration ànd a Publication date order Miscellaneous
85031 Task New Should have Use ServerRequestInterface in ImportExportController
85028 Bug New Should have TYPO3 V 7.6.20PageTree does not show subpages on specific page when in filtered mode Pagetree
85026 Epic New Should have Merge ext:saltedpasswords into core 9 LTS
85025 Task Under Review Must have Enumerations must be final Mathias Brodala Code Cleanup next-patchlevel
85023 Bug Under Review Should have Restructure code of extbase class Typo3DbBackend Code Cleanup 9 LTS
85021 Feature New Should have Add hint for entering date/time in "simulate time" text field in admin panel Frontend
85020 Bug New Must have QueryGenerator interprets string as date 8.7.13
85015 Bug New Could have stdWrap replacement: useRegExp = 0 should not use preg_replace()
85014 Bug New Must have ce menu_subpages shows no translated pages
85013 Bug New Must have Drag & Drop, Copy/Cut/Paste don't change colPos in localized content elements if the target is the first position Mathias Schreiber Backend User Interface
85012 Bug Under Review Should have Only validate method params if validation is needed Alexander Schnitzler Extbase 9.3
85011 Task Under Review Should have BUGFIX: PHP 7.1 Reflection error for default value
85010 Task Under Review Should have Test for intercept
85006 Epic New Should have Improve broken link handling in TYPO3 / linkvalidator rewrite Sybille Peters
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