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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
89011 Bug Accepted Must have InvalidArgumentException due to ActionController property annotation Alexander Schnitzler Extbase Candidate for Major Version
89010 Feature Under Review Should have API for site configuration shipped with distribution Anja Leichsenring
89008 Task Under Review Should have Migrate TYPO3/CMS/Workspace/* to TypeScript
89007 Bug New Should have t3:// link in rte is not converted when we are logged into the back office Content Rendering
89006 Bug Under Review Should have Page unavailable exception is thrown when the root page if fe group protected
89004 Bug New Should have Image processing (on scaling) runs repeatedly for the same image on every page load Image Cropping
89002 Bug New Should have List view search can't search for integer search phrase
89001 Bug Under Review Should have Deprecate internal public properties of TSFE Benni Mack Frontend Candidate for Major Version
88998 Bug New Should have List view - context menu - delete does not update list view Backend User Interface
88995 Task Under Review Should have Deprecate calling registerPlugin with vendor name Alexander Schnitzler Extbase
88994 Bug Under Review Should have Pages with set canonical field should be removed from sitemap Richard Haeser SEO
88993 Bug New Should have Siteconfig import or symlink breaks TYPO3 if the sourcepath is an deactivated extension
88992 Feature New Should have Add "makeSearchStringConstraints" hook for LiveSearch
88991 Task Under Review Should have Unify handling of errorParams in linkvalidator Sybille Peters Linkvalidator
88989 Bug New Should have Translations partially broken in EXT:felogin Localization Candidate for patchlevel
88987 Bug New Should have Menu Generation Fails on Translated Websites Localization
88985 Feature New Should have Add more descriptive message than "There are no records on this page" on a page with more record types Backend User Interface
88980 Bug New Should have Translating records with FAL relation where allowLanguageSynchronization set to true File Abstraction Layer (FAL)
88979 Task New Should have Disabling the Elementbrowser should disable table list too FormEngine aka TCEforms
88978 Bug New Should have Close CE "Text & Media" after maximize and change won't save RTE (rtehtmlarea + ckeditor)
88977 Bug New Should have ElementBrowser in case of files does not return "table_uid" to the TCA field type => "group" when using multiple tables + sys_file relation which throws an error Backend JavaScript
88975 Bug New Should have Exception when using CacheManager in "extTablesInclusion-PostProcessing" Hook Caching
88974 Bug New Should have Wrong l10n_state after copying a record Localization
88972 Task Accepted Should have Support Symfony\Component\Mailer\ 4.4 Install Tool
88971 Bug Under Review Should have PopulatePageSlugs wizard finds and uses outdated realurl data Link Handling, Site Handling & Routing
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