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77646 BugNewCould haveGeneralUtility::getFileAbsFileName should use DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR
77645 BugNewShould haveClosures in SignalSlot\Dispatcher can cause troubles
77644 BugNewShould haveMySQL driver extension breaks searches with hyphensIndexed Search
77643 FeatureUnder ReviewMust haveReimplement SqlSchemaMigrationService using SchemaManagerMorton JonuschatDatabase API8.4
77642 BugNewShould havepreg_match: Compilation failed: regular expression is too large at offset 27
77633 BugNewShould havePHP Crash in AbstractXmlParserLocalization
77632 BugNeeds FeedbackMust haveConnection abort after 5 seconds
77631 BugNeeds FeedbackMust havetemplateRootPaths-Handling in TYPO3 8
77630 TaskUnder ReviewShould haveRemove wizard iconsBackend User Interface8.3
77629 TaskUnder ReviewShould haveIcons for edit link & rte popup are still oldFrank NaeglerBackend User Interfacenext-patchlevel
77627 TaskUnder ReviewShould haveDoctrine: Migrate SqlSchemaMigrationService
77626 TaskUnder ReviewShould haveUse own php code cache in ext:dbal
77624 TaskUnder ReviewShould haveUse DBAL abstraction for Extbase raw queriesBenni MackDatabase API8.4
77622 TaskUnder ReviewShould haveRemove ext:dbal from installation steps
77620 TaskUnder ReviewShould haveDoctrine: Migrate Testbase.php
77619 BugNewShould haveCatchable Fatal Error during publishing processWorkspaces
77618 BugNewShould haveWorkspace PageTree can become super-slowWorkspaces
77617 BugNewShould haveDataMapper stores implementation class name in persistence session, but looks up the original class name
77615 BugNewShould have_STORAGE_PID not replaced in Flexform
77614 TaskUnder ReviewShould haveMove dbal check from ext:extbase to ext:dbal
77601 BugAcceptedMust haveCSH for TCA not working inside "Inline"-Elements.Backend User Interface8.3
77598 BugNewShould haveEditor without 'Files: Replace' option gets file replace option in the "File exists" modalBackend User Interface
77592 TaskUnder ReviewShould haveDrop TCA option showIfRTE in type=checkBenni MackFormEngine aka TCEforms8.3
77589 TaskUnder ReviewShould haveAllow EXT: syntax in PageRenderer and CompressorBenni MackDefault8.3
77581 FeatureUnder ReviewShould haveList module: Add preview button for recordsBackend User Interface

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