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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
81692BugUnder ReviewMust haveInstallation of extensions from TER impossibleExtension Manager9.0
81691BugNewShould haveIssues with translations in workspacesWorkspaces
81690BugNewShould haveForEach-loop won'tr remove all mn-relation, if I interated the objectstorage only one time
81689BugNewShould haveallowLanguageSynchronization does not work with FlexFormsOliver HaderDataHandler aka TCEmain
81686TaskNewShould haveAdjust TypoScript & TSconfig file names and folder structures to decision #71TypoScript9.0
81685BugNewShould haveDelete and hide buttons not working in records list of sys_action (task center)
81684BugNewShould haveFlexform sections can't be created until content element is saved
81682TaskUnder ReviewShould haveThrow exception if somebody tries to override the field "type" via "columnsOverride"Sascha EgererFormEngine aka TCEformsnext-patchlevel
81681BugUnder ReviewShould haveInitialize 'uploadfolder' key for file_reference TCA typeSascha EgererFormEngine aka TCEformsnext-patchlevel
81676BugNewMust haveCKEditor deletes table class in frontendRTE (rtehtmlarea + ckeditor)next-patchlevel
81659BugNewShould haveWorkspace page translation fatal error in the backend Workspaces
81657BugUnder ReviewShould haveTSFE->page contains default language page when content_fallback; 1,0 is used
81656FeatureUnder ReviewShould haveSelectViewHelper should have a required argumentFluid
81654TaskUnder ReviewShould haveAdding novalidate Attribute to Fluid Form ViewHelper
81652TaskUnder ReviewShould haveUpgrade version of D3.js to version 4.9.1Anders KostendingBackend JavaScriptCandidate for patchlevel
81651TaskUnder ReviewShould haveHand over whole querybuilder object into list-modul hookFrank NaeglerCode Cleanup9.0
81650TaskNewShould haveEXT:form - change naming and icon in new content element wizardForm Framework
81649BugNewMust haveUndo delete of CE throws exceptionnext-patchlevel
81648BugNeeds FeedbackShould haveCKEditor Not LoadingRTE (rtehtmlarea + ckeditor)next-patchlevel
81644BugNewShould haveGeneralUtility::getUrl() socket method doesn't support chunked Content-Encoding
81637BugUnder ReviewShould haveError when saving a forms PluginMarkus KleinDataHandler aka TCEmainnext-patchlevel
81631FeatureNewShould haveforeign_match_fields should allow a not-equal optionBackend API
81629BugUnder ReviewShould haveUsing persistent connections with Redis cache backend can fail if database nr. zero is used with other databases.CachingCandidate for patchlevel
81628FeatureNewShould haveRedirect DebuggingFrontendnext-patchlevel
81627BugUnder ReviewMust haveMethod checkValueForInternalReferences lacks check for empty fieldThomas HohnDataHandler aka TCEmainnext-patchlevel
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