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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
92418 Bug Under Review Should have Empty hreflang in site language leads to wrong hreflang tags Georg Ringer SEO
92409 Bug Accepted Should have Regression with Save and Preview Button DataHandler aka TCEmain
92408 Bug New Should have TypoScript overrides does not work when using ViewHelper Form Framework
92406 Bug New Should have Using formvh:render without extbase context results in Exception Form Framework
92403 Bug New Should have Opening preview from backend does open a new window all the time (workspace) Workspaces
92402 Feature Needs Feedback Should have FlexFormService should convert flexform values into their correct data types to use in JSON APIs next-patchlevel
92399 Bug New Should have Scheduler tasks are executed in the same php process scheduler
92394 Task Under Review Should have bug fixes for file spooling
92391 Bug New Should have DateTime property has wrong TimeZone in Backend List view Backend User Interface
92390 Feature Under Review Should have Introduce PropertyDoctrineAnnotationMatcher 11.0
92389 Task Under Review Should have Remove EXT:form deprecations Oliver Bartsch Form Framework
92386 Task Under Review Should have Deprecate @Extbase\Inject
92385 Feature Under Review Should have Extbase: Process `variables` from typo script Extbase 11.0
92384 Task Under Review Must have Use exposeRedirectInformation for redirect of EXT:redirects Georg Ringer Link Handling, Site Handling & Routing Candidate for patchlevel
92383 Bug Accepted Should have selectCheckBox with description renders multiple select groups Backend User Interface
92382 Bug Accepted Should have levelLinksPosition=bottom is not working correctly especially with minitems=1 set and leads to misbehaviour in inline children Backend User Interface
92380 Bug New Should have Allow page title editing just after creating a new page in pagetree Pagetree next-patchlevel
92377 Bug New Should have Broken sorting if translating content elements from non-default lang in workspace Workspaces
92376 Bug Needs Feedback Should have Doctrine 2.11.x breaks prepared parameters Candidate for patchlevel
92372 Bug New Should have Duplicates when copying a page having moved elements in workspaces Workspaces
92368 Bug New Should have PersistedAliasMapper: 404 error when linking to a non-translated news record Link Handling, Site Handling & Routing
92367 Bug New Should have Hash not resolvable Link Handling, Site Handling & Routing
92364 Feature Needs Feedback Should have seo: Possibility to remove the stylesheets in the sitemap SEO
92363 Bug New Should have Flexform always overwrites TS-Settings in Extbase-Version felogin
92362 Bug New Should have Bug in regular expression in FormDefinitionConversionService.php Form Framework
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