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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
87146 Bug New Should have Extension Manager > detail modal window shows encoded HTML Backend JavaScript
87145 Bug Under Review Should have Pagetree drag and drop - tooltip shows encoded HTML Backend JavaScript
87144 Bug Under Review Must have "Add media by URL" shows encoded html Backend JavaScript
87143 Bug Under Review Should have Side effects when using AbstractTypolinkBuilder in middlewares Benni Mack Frontend Candidate for patchlevel
87142 Bug New Should have Recursive Delete in Pagetree not possible Pagetree
87141 Task Under Review Should have TypoScript Object Browser: better presentation of wide lines Backend User Interface
87140 Task Under Review Should have Update URL to use HTTPS
87139 Bug Under Review Should have Regression: getTreeList inserts duplicate keys in cache_treelist Alexander Schnitzler Caching next-patchlevel
87138 Bug New Should have indexed_search: Duplicate entry for key 'Primary' in index_rel Indexed Search
87137 Bug New Must have ckeditor: wrong/missleading icons? RTE (rtehtmlarea + ckeditor) Candidate for patchlevel
87135 Task Under Review Should have Add 9.5.x to ChangeLog Documentation
87134 Bug New Must have Pagination Widget inside a partial/section uses the wrong variable provider to render its children Fluid
87133 Bug New Should have PHP Warning: igbinary_unserialize_header: unsupported version Caching
87131 Feature New Must have TypoScript Object Browser: References lib.contentElement aren't available TypoScript
87130 Bug New Must have TMENU target is not working TypoScript next-patchlevel
87129 Bug New Must have userTsConfig - options.saveDocNew is not respected in new top buttons Backend API Candidate for patchlevel
87128 Feature Under Review Should have Add acceptance test concerning canonicalized URL creation Tests
87127 Task Accepted Should have CKEditor: streamline plugin include paths Josef Glatz RTE (rtehtmlarea + ckeditor)
87126 Task Accepted Should have CKEditor: re-add definition list Josef Glatz RTE (rtehtmlarea + ckeditor)
87125 Bug Needs Feedback Should have FrontendGroupRestriction class explode-Error in constructor
87124 Bug Accepted Should have Multiple modal dialogs show HTML Markus Klein Extension Manager next-patchlevel
87120 Bug New Should have More flexible way to exclude arguments from cHash calculation
87119 Bug Under Review Should have IPv6 tests keep failing on Travis CI Markus Klein Tests
87118 Bug New Must have Cannot copy content element, if multi-selection mode is selected in clipboard Backend User Interface
87117 Feature New Could have FormEngine: disable/hide not used/necessary form elements fields automatically based on site configuration Link Handling, Site Handling & Routing
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