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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
86935 Bug New Should have Cannot fetch 404 page with simple base Link Handling, Site Handling & Routing next-patchlevel
86934 Bug New Must have No rendering of audio files with "Text & Media" when they contain cover art
86933 Bug New Must have $uid must be positive integer, 0 given when trying to edit multiple records in a workspace Workspaces
86932 Bug New Must have The extension sys_action is missing searchFields in its TCA
86931 Bug New Must have PropertyMapper doesn't map ObjectStorage correctly
86930 Bug New Should have ifAuthenticated ViewHelper produces no output on first run after template modification / cache clear Fluid
86929 Bug New Must have Repeated images with pid = -2 in sys_file_reference
86927 Bug New Should have Site management multidomains and multilanguage gives wrong base url Content Rendering
86925 Bug New Must have Please check for fileExtList before creating the upload form (Add new media asset)
86924 Bug New Should have MetaTagManagerRegistry has no method "getInstance" Documentation
86923 Bug New Should have Symfony expressions/conditions doesn't work in user-tsconfig Authentication
86922 Bug New Should have Save modal does not appear for some input types Backend JavaScript
86921 Bug New Should have Linkvalidator reports exception on links with tilde (~) Linkvalidator
86920 Task New Should have This is a test. Please delete afterwards.
86919 Task Under Review Should have Drop dependency to jQuery in FieldControls Andreas Fernandez Backend JavaScript
86918 Bug New Should have Linkvalidator stops working on specific links Linkvalidator
86917 Bug New Should have Missing support for options in "Execute console commands" scheduler task scheduler
86916 Task New Should have Use button group for Create/Filter buttons above page tree Backend User Interface
86915 Bug New Should have Symfony Expression TypoScript conditions fail at nested arrays
86914 Task In Progress Should have make settings of RecordsXmlSitemapDataProvider stdWrappable Richard Haeser SEO
86913 Feature New Must have Support for locale based language files
86912 Bug New Should have Migration v7 to v8 LTS: Missing field l10n_source Install Tool
86907 Task Under Review Must have Deprecate usage of @inject with non public properties Alexander Schnitzler Extbase next-patchlevel
86906 Task Under Review Should have Drop evaluation of @cascade annotations Alexander Schnitzler Extbase Candidate for Major Version
86905 Task Under Review Should have Drop evaluation of @transient annotations Extbase Candidate for Major Version
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