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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assigned To Category Target version
78418 TaskUnder ReviewShould havePort functional test splitter to 6.2
78417 TaskUnder ReviewShould haveMigrate deleted records command to Symfony ConsoleBenni MackCLI8.5
78416 BugUnder ReviewShould haveExtbase subclasses do not work with non string database type fieldsSascha Egerernext-patchlevel
78415 FeatureUnder ReviewShould haveFluid ViewHelper namespaces should be part of TYPO3 configurationFluid
78414 BugUnder ReviewShould haveControllerContext not available in Condition ViewHelpers
78413 BugUnder ReviewShould haveHarden report about non-UTF8-collation databaseBenni MackDatabase API8.5
78412 FeatureNewCould haveregisterUserTSConfigFile()Backend User Interface8 LTS
78411 BugNewMust haveBackend user with empty password can be createdFormEngine aka TCEformsnext-patchlevel
78410 TaskUnder ReviewShould have[TASK] Deprecate TYPO3.Popover Stefan BürkBackend JavaScript8.5
78407 TaskUnder ReviewMust haveRemove * files from repositoryFrank NaeglerBackend JavaScript8.5
78405 TaskUnder ReviewShould haveAcceptance test for Language moduleDaniel LorenzTests8.5
78404 FeatureUnder ReviewShould haveAcceptance test for Scheduler taskGordon BrüggemannTests8.5
78402 BugUnder ReviewShould haveScrutinizer issues: ShortcutToolbarItem.php
78401 BugNewShould haveWorkspaces preview page is broken
78395 BugNewShould haveSysFileReference shows localized metadata for default languageFile Abstraction Layer (FAL)
78394 BugNewShould haveProperty and object validators of child classes in STI are ignored
78393 BugNewShould haveTopbar header: whole area is link to typo3.orgBackend User Interface
78391 TaskUnder ReviewShould haveMigration of Popover.js to TypeScriptStefan BürkBackend JavaScript8.5
78390 StoryIn ProgressShould haveMigration of core JavaScript to TypeScriptFrank NaeglerBackend JavaScript
78387 TaskUnder ReviewShould haveuse setLocale functionality from phpunit instead the native language commandAnja LeichsenringTests
78386 BugNewShould haveError in between Query.Database API
78385 BugNewShould haveDefault/override settings in UserTsConfig are not usedBackend User Interface
78383 TaskAcceptedShould haveTCA: Streamline field order and position for recurring fieldsDaniel WindloffBackend User Interface
78379 BugNewShould haveFlexform FAL missing add button on image deleteFile Abstraction Layer (FAL)
78378 BugUnder ReviewMust haveLogin impossible with username that has been deleted before

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