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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
91953 Task Under Review Should have Update jQuery to 3.5 Andreas Fernandez Backend JavaScript 11.0
91952 Task Under Review Should have Update build chain Andreas Fernandez next-patchlevel
91951 Feature New Should have FLUID assets
91950 Bug Under Review Should have Reverting redirect via ajax fails when using sqlite Daniel Siepmann Candidate for patchlevel
91943 Bug Under Review Should have Workspace preview shows correct items for sub menus Workspaces
91942 Bug Under Review Should have JavaScript IRRE Handling spoils DataHandler
91941 Feature Needs Feedback Should have More Events during Extension Configuration Backend API 11.0
91940 Bug New Should have Thumbnail not rendered if field is last in showitem Backend User Interface
91939 Task New Should have Where is configuration of plugin.tx_seo TS in sysext seo docs? Documentation
91938 Bug Under Review Should have Translation of IRRE records breaks UI
91936 Bug Needs Feedback Should have Documentation missing to disable automatic creation of redirects on slug change
91935 Bug New Should have Relative pathes in inline CSS not adapted (page.includeCSS.<file>.inline=1)
91934 Bug New Should have File abstraction layer: works odd with reindexing / extracting File Abstraction Layer (FAL)
91933 Feature Under Review Should have Add an option to include the poster attribute in VideoTagRenderer Content Rendering
91932 Bug New Should have element can be stored, although mandatory fields are not filled, using "view" button Backend JavaScript
91928 Bug New Should have module access does not show full group name Backend User Interface
91925 Feature New Should have Get the configuration of the requested PageContentErrorHandler Categorization API
91924 Bug New Should have Field-selector not available in mail finisher Form Framework
91920 Bug Under Review Must have Fluid Plugin Preview of extensions not possible by TSconfig Stefan Froemken Backend User Interface next-patchlevel
91919 Bug Accepted Should have Firefox 79.0 could lead to duplicated records
91918 Bug New Should have Access to a sub-branch of a workspace for a “limited user” Workspaces
91917 Feature New Should have Web List filter record_type Backend API
91916 Task Under Review Should have Provide acceptance tests for page tree filter Anja Leichsenring Tests
91915 Bug New Should have View button in TCEForm does not refresh and focus frontend tab
91914 Bug New Should have Nested filemounts wrongly expand/collapse File Abstraction Layer (FAL)
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