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80437 BugNewMust haveFAL in fe_usersFrontend8 LTS
80436 BugNewMust haveLinkhandler record browsing not working with CKEditorRTE (rtehtmlarea + ckeditor)8 LTS
80431 TaskNewShould havet3editor does not support PHP7 syntaxBackend User Interface8 LTS
80428 BugNewShould haveNullable fields vs. save buttons
80427 BugNewMust haveUsing space_before_class and space_after_class in PageTS ConfigContent Rendering8 LTS
80426 BugNewMust haveCreating a FlexForm section causes exception in ajax request (none admin user)FormEngine aka TCEforms8 LTS
80425 BugNewShould haveConstraint 'IN' in Query doesn't respect string escaping Extbase
80420 FeatureNewShould haveAllow multiple recipients in EmailFinisherForm Framework
80414 TaskNewShould havePage Module Drag&Drop: Prevent reloading module frame if content element is dropped at its original positionBackend User Interface
80412 BugUnder ReviewMust haveAPI Based content element registration is not compatible with fluid_styled_content.8 LTS
80407 FeatureNewShould haveExclude options from overridesForm Framework
80404 BugAcceptedMust haveMake sys_language_uid of pages_language_overlay a required fieldGeorg RingerLocalization
80403 TaskNewShould haveUse highlight:: yaml in .rst when describing a yaml configurationDocumentation8 LTS
80400 BugNewCould haveTYPO3\CMS\Backend\Utility::getItemLabel does not return a label, if label_alt is used in TCABackend User Interface
80399 BugNewShould haveExtended CategoryRegistry is loaded from cached tca with core CategoryRegistry class nameCategorization API
80398 BugNeeds FeedbackMust haveconnection charset ignoredDatabase API
80397 BugNewMust havefileadmin: bug with filenames with escape sequencesBackend User Interface
80396 BugNewShould havelist module: Strange behavior with special fieldsAlexander OpitzBackend User Interface
80394 BugAcceptedMust haveckeditor: js error when changing a linkBenni MackBackend JavaScript8 LTS
80392 TaskUnder ReviewMust haveStreamline indexed_search template filesBenjamin Kott8 LTS
80388 BugNewMust haveERROR while creating a Reference of a PDFBackend User Interface
80386 BugNewShould haveINCLUDE_TYPOSCRIPT condition option with custom defined condition requires double "\" in class nameTypoScript8 LTS
80385 BugUnder ReviewMust haveINCLUDE_TYPOSCRIPT is using wrong ConditionMatcher when using condition optionTypoScript8 LTS
80384 BugNewMust haveTYPO3 page tree: context menu not closed after enabling page via context menuPagetree8 LTS
80381 TaskNewShould haveShow template/partial name when an exception occurs with Fluid

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