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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
90197 Feature Under Review Should have Introduce Cache Clear Command CLI
90194 Bug New Should have Question / Bug? shortcut_mode still set (not "0") after switch page back to page of type "standard" Pagetree
90190 Bug New Should have EXT:frontend_editing and EXT:vhs cause exception when used together
90188 Bug New Must have Re-implement strict mimetype validation Form Framework
90186 Bug New Should have treeConfig.rootUid only works for admin users in flexforms
90185 Bug Under Review Should have Not possible to set no_index and no_follow on translation Riny van Tiggelen
90184 Feature New Should have Re-introduce „Collapse Branch“ (recursivly) as page tree action Backend User Interface Candidate for Major Version
90183 Task New Should have Remove support for renderMode from FlexForm and force usage of renderType? Backend API
90182 Bug Under Review Should have Missing text when linking to other site with non-existing language
90181 Feature New Should have TagBuilder does not support boolean attributes without values Fluid
90180 Bug New Should have DataHandler is running into a 500 Error while importing large data DataHandler aka TCEmain
90179 Feature New Should have BE permission system currently global only Backend API Candidate for Major Version
90178 Bug New Should have Page edit button in page module is not using BackendUserAuthentication::recordEditAccessInternals() for checking access permissions Backend API
90177 Bug New Should have Upgrade wizard don't show "not done wizards" Install Tool
90176 Bug New Should have create and edit translations (pages/tt_content) outside of the website-roots not possible.
90175 Bug New Should have speaking url's functions of t3v8 not possible!
90171 Bug New Should have LinkService does not know how to handle urls without protocol
90170 Bug New Should have Datahandler localize translates inline records with non-translatable parent record DataHandler aka TCEmain
90168 Feature Under Review Should have Add action buttons to modals Backend User Interface
90165 Bug New Should have Incorrect comparison in indexed_search SearchController do not set configured languageUid Indexed Search
90164 Bug Under Review Should have Page module: Buttons in tt_content_drawHeader() not shown if editor has no permissions to default language Backend API Candidate for patchlevel
90163 Bug New Should have Site config still being used even if page is no longer site root Link Handling, Site Handling & Routing
90162 Bug New Should have Flexform caching problems with (nested) site config Caching
90160 Feature New Should have Improve icon for stopped page tree Backend User Interface
90159 Bug New Should have Site config: language baseVariants get removed when saving from GUI Backend User Interface
(1-25/2584) Per page: 25, 50, 100, 200

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