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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
82845 Bug Under Review Should have Use Backend Routing with PATH_INFO instead of GET variable Benni Mack Backend API 9.0
82844 Bug New Must have Workspaces + Levelmedia + FILES cObject results in fatal error
82843 Bug Under Review Must have TCA: localized `SelectSingleElement` selects wrong option FormEngine aka TCEforms
82841 Bug New Must have page scroll up when click on drop down button of ckeditor
82839 Feature New Should have Json API 9 LTS
82838 Task New Could have Improve styling of file overwrite dialog Backend User Interface
82837 Bug New Must have Exception in backend searching in columns of type integer/bigint on PostgreSQL
82836 Bug New Should have Inconsistency in TCA configuration for search of case and pidonly
82835 Bug New Must have EXT:form submitButtonLabel not changable Form Framework next-patchlevel
82833 Bug New Must have It's not possible to replace options from FinisherVariableProvider if they are floats Form Framework next-patchlevel
82831 Task Under Review Should have Popup file id on the right side of "File selector" Gianluigi Martino
82828 Bug Needs Feedback Should have stdWrap.cache doesn't use cached entries
82809 Feature New Could have \TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\Utility\ExtensionUtility::registerPlugin should return the registered type Backend API
82804 Bug New Must have Clipboard shows hidden translated record twice when using workspaces Workspaces next-patchlevel
82799 Bug Under Review Must have Exception on editing a FileStorage in FileList Module using PostgreSQL Stephan Großberndt Backend API next-patchlevel
82797 Bug New Should have PageLinkBuilder uses $absoluteUrlScheme outside of forceAbsoluteUrl but the scheme can only be changed when using forceAbsoluteUrl Wolfgang Klinger Frontend
82795 Bug Under Review Should have Page unavailable handling broken in connectToDB of TypoScriptFrontendController Frontend
82790 Bug New Must have Finisher FormEngine definition fails with nested options FormEngine aka TCEforms next-patchlevel
82786 Bug Under Review Must have Invalid "recordOverview" in form YAML config Form Framework next-patchlevel
82785 Bug New Should have Disable/Enable page missing from ContextMenu Backend User Interface
82784 Bug New Should have DataHandler: copyRecords doesn't set sorting correctly for negative $destPid DataHandler aka TCEmain
82782 Bug Needs Feedback Should have Exception with 'displayErrors' => '2' Documentation
82780 Bug On Hold Won't have this time RTE CKeditor top-positioning for maximize and combopanels is broken in browsers with webkit RTE (rtehtmlarea + ckeditor)
82776 Bug New Should have Chaining f:format.crop and f:format.stripHtml does cut to early Fluid
82774 Bug Under Review Should have Check license compatibility upon extension install Extension Manager 9 LTS
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