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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
87176 Task Under Review Should have Add git setup script for core development
87175 Bug New Should have activating SEO or Redirects core extension breaks the system Extension Manager
87174 Bug New Should have .... typo3temp/var/cache/code/cache_core/site-configuration.php): Access is denied Backend API
87173 Bug New Must have No public key could be generated. Please inform your TYPO3 administrator to check the OpenSSL settings. Authentication
87165 Bug Under Review Must have \TYPO3\CMS\Core\Authentication\BackendUserAuthentication::isInWebMount does not work for translations of web mounts for non admin users Alexander Bohndorf Authentication next-patchlevel
87162 Bug New Should have Width and Height in translated meta data records not updated, when original file is replaced File Abstraction Layer (FAL)
87160 Bug Needs Feedback Must have Creating site config breaks language processing in news and vhs extensions
87157 Task Under Review Should have TYPO3v8 should declare compatibility with PHP 7.3 Mathias Brodala composer next-patchlevel
87156 Bug Under Review Should have Database row upgrade wizard can not be marked undone Install Tool
87155 Bug New Should have Strange link building when having several page types configured Link Handling, Site Handling & Routing
87153 Bug Under Review Must have Reset password in the `felogin` not working felogin
87152 Feature New Should have Summary finisher Form Framework
87151 Feature New Should have RTE for confirmation finisher message Form Framework
87150 Feature New Should have Access to select option labels Form Framework
87148 Bug New Must have sys_language_uid is set to default when moving CEs via drag'n'drop Mathias Schreiber Backend User Interface
87147 Bug Under Review Should have Preview of a translated page does not work Workspaces
87143 Bug Under Review Should have Side effects when using AbstractTypolinkBuilder in middlewares Benni Mack Frontend Candidate for patchlevel
87142 Bug New Should have Recursive Delete in Pagetree not possible Pagetree
87141 Task Under Review Should have TypoScript Object Browser: better presentation of wide lines Backend User Interface
87138 Bug New Should have indexed_search: Duplicate entry for key 'Primary' in index_rel Indexed Search
87134 Bug New Must have Pagination Widget inside a partial/section uses the wrong variable provider to render its children Fluid
87133 Bug New Should have PHP Warning: igbinary_unserialize_header: unsupported version Caching
87131 Feature New Must have TypoScript Object Browser: References lib.contentElement aren't available TypoScript
87130 Bug New Must have TMENU target is not working TypoScript next-patchlevel
87129 Bug New Must have userTsConfig - options.saveDocNew is not respected in new top buttons Backend API Candidate for patchlevel
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