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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
83606 Task Under Review Should have impexp: Remove size handling
83605 Bug New Should have Form yaml files not found on multi domain site Form Framework
83603 Task Under Review Should have sysext/indexed_search using deprecated tx_crawler_lib class Tomas Norre Mikkelsen Indexed Search
83602 Task Under Review Should have Streamline CSH buttons in backend Frank Naegler Backend User Interface
83598 Bug New Should have Output of extbase debugger should go after doctype declaration
83595 Bug New Should have Error "#1314516809: File SampleForm.yaml does not exist" after deleting a form Form Framework
83593 Bug Under Review Should have Listitem in CE File Links jumps to top while moving Frank Naegler Backend JavaScript 9.1
83591 Bug New Should have GraphicsMagick + [GFX][processor_effects] = '0' is set to '-1' just by entering the Install Tool
83590 Bug New Must have Install tool fatal if 'EXTENSIONS' does not exist in LocalConfiguration Christian Kuhn
83588 Bug New Must have 403 forbidden on ajax page load of login restricted page on android Authentication
83586 Bug New Must have changing language of content-element in workspace the content-element still shows up under the previous language Workspaces
83585 Bug New Must have "New" page tree broken in Safari Version 11.0.2 Pagetree 9 LTS
83583 Bug Needs Feedback Must have "Make Textareas flexible" in user settings does not work
83582 Bug New Must have Records with pid=-1 are shown in backend in field of type "group" using a MM relation
83581 Bug Under Review Must have Logical error while checking validity of a shortcut David Otto Frontend next-patchlevel
83580 Bug New Should have GeneralUtility::xml2array() can't parse bigger files (> 10MB) Miscellaneous
83577 Bug Under Review Should have Database analyzer: Error message by usage of enums
83575 Bug Under Review Should have EXT:filelist cut and copy buttons shown twice Michael Oehlhof Backend User Interface 9.1
83572 Bug New Should have Changed behaviour for uniqueInPid/unique in translated records
83569 Task Under Review Should have Port MemcachedBackend from master to 3_7_6
83566 Bug New Should have Confusing dialog when pasting contentelements/records in BE Backend User Interface
83561 Task Under Review Should have [TASK] use horizontal ellipsis instead of 3 dots
83559 Epic Accepted Could have SEO enhancements in Core
83556 Feature Under Review Should have Add toggle switches to FormEngine
83551 Feature Under Review Should have Allow leaving out Resources/Private/Language in XLIFF file paths Andreas Wolf Localization 9.1
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