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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
88407 Task Under Review Should have Remove deprecations from condition matchers Frank Naegler
88406 Task Under Review Should have Remove setCacheHash/noCacheHash logic Benni Mack Code Cleanup next-patchlevel
88405 Bug Under Review Should have LocalizationUtility requires array for alternative Languages
88404 Task New Should have Rename felogin flexform header keys felogin
88402 Bug New Must have Systeminformation toolbar - renders png/svg icons not correctly
88400 Bug New Should have ProcessedFile does not implement FAL methods correctly File Abstraction Layer (FAL)
88399 Epic New Should have Controller/Action ignored when defined through Typoscript TypoScript
88398 Feature New Should have MenuProcessor with support for language menus respecting a detailview for a record
88396 Task New Should have Several typos with the word "exits" Candidate for patchlevel
88394 Bug Needs Feedback Must have adding a new category will show an error!? Backend API
88393 Bug New Must have Single-table mode for Page translations not possible Backend User Interface
88391 Bug New Must have chash not generated Fluid
88389 Bug New Should have ArrayConverter might not convert strings to array Extbase
88387 Bug Under Review Should have Test does not test the result Anja Leichsenring Tests
88386 Bug New -- undefined -- Can't drag&drop/copy last element in page tree after itself Pagetree
88385 Feature New Should have Give "module menu minimize button" and "collapse pagetree button" a name and a tooltip Backend User Interface
88383 Bug New Should have PageLinkBuilder
88382 Bug Under Review Must have Link wizard lists all content elements of a page regardless of source language Backend User Interface Candidate for patchlevel
88380 Feature New Could have Basic auth options for PageContentErrorHandler
88379 Bug Needs Feedback Should have Not possible to configure projects with Multiple-Trees concept
88378 Task Under Review Should have Add information how to reach the workspace record
88377 Bug New -- undefined -- Page tree delete does not perform error checking Pagetree
88376 Task Under Review Should have Remove legacy "pageNotFound_handling" options Benni Mack Code Cleanup Candidate for Major Version
88375 Bug New Should have Parameter type ignored by pi_getPageLink function
88374 Bug Under Review Should have [xxx in tree.rootLineIds] TypoScript condition causes page cache regeneration on each request
(1-25/2511) Per page: 25, 50, 100, 200

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