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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
87521 Bug New Must have l10n_parent is ambiguous in where clause in contentObjectRenderer->getLanguageRestriction()
87520 Bug New Must have EXT:FORM - BE Lang DE/EN - Label-Error Form Framework
87518 Task Under Review Should have Update ConnectionPool.php
87516 Task Under Review Should have Install tool should use PSR-15 middlewares instead of priority based request handlers Install Tool Candidate for Major Version
87515 Bug New Should have PAGE_TSCONFIG_ID not working in Flexform select add-wizard FormEngine aka TCEforms
87514 Task Under Review Should have Remove last marked deprecations Benni Mack Code Cleanup Candidate for Major Version
87513 Bug New Should have indexed_search error-message if I output an empty variable Anton Mayer Indexed Search
87511 Task Under Review Should have Deprecate $namespacesViewObjectNamePattern property Alexander Schnitzler Extbase Candidate for Major Version
87510 Bug New Must have Existing Translation breaks List-View
87509 Task Under Review Should have Replace IssueCommandVH of EXT:beuser Georg Ringer Code Cleanup
87508 Bug Under Review Should have composer.json doesn't list all (soft-)mandatory PHP extensions Andreas Fernandez
87507 Task Under Review Should have Replace DeleteViewHelper of EXT:sys_note Georg Ringer Code Cleanup
87506 Task New Should have Previous Feature: #79402 - New Fluid ViewHelper f:variable added -> Exception
87502 Bug Under Review Should have Scheduler tasks are marked as running on PHP errors
87500 Bug New Should have Site Configuration with an empty static route is possible FormEngine aka TCEforms
87497 Bug New Must have TCA ctrl typeicon_column reference falsely claims default icon is `iconfile` value Documentation next-patchlevel
87496 Bug New Must have Sometimes tooltips in the pagetree don't disappear Pagetree
87491 Bug New Should have Extbase\Persistence\Generic\Storage\Typo3DbBackend doesn't respect getQuerySettings when overlaying records Tymoteusz Motylewski Extbase + l10n
87484 Bug Under Review Must have TCEFORM.<table>.<column>.label does not affect the column name in the single-table-view in the list module Backend User Interface
87475 Bug New Should have Filelist error - RootllineUtility tries to fetch deleted page by sys_file_storage UID
87473 Bug New Should have Type error in PageLinkBuilder.php Frontend next-patchlevel
87472 Bug New Must have PHP warning with checkboxes and l10n_display=defaultAsReadonly FormEngine aka TCEforms
87471 Task Under Review Should have Fix Regex Pattern
87469 Feature Under Review Should have Add acceptance test for creating new Workspace Tests
87458 Bug New Should have Localization Wizard shows already translated content
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