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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
89217 Bug Under Review Should have Add CSS scroll-padding to .module-body Backend User Interface
89216 Feature Under Review Should have Provide implementation for PSR-18 HTTP Client System/Bootstrap/Configuration Candidate for Major Version
89215 Task Under Review Should have Deprecate jquery.clearable
89214 Task In Progress Should have Remove unused rst include from forms docu Frank Naegler Documentation
89213 Bug Under Review Should have Automatic slug generation for TCA "slug" ignores language fallbacks Christian Eßl Link Handling, Site Handling & Routing Candidate for patchlevel
89211 Bug Accepted Should have TCAdefaults.pages.hidden = 0 not working in TYPO3 9.5.9 and 10.1.0-dev Backend User Interface Candidate for patchlevel
89209 Feature New Should have Workspaces module should display info if no workspace record is available Workspaces
89208 Feature Under Review Should have Site Settings: Add variants with expression language Frank Naegler Backend API
89204 Bug Under Review Should have Form variants: Override ignored for arrays, if a value is removed Christian Eßl Form Framework Candidate for patchlevel
89203 Bug Needs Feedback Should have FormEngine requireJsModules cannot load thirdparty modules FormEngine aka TCEforms
89201 Bug Under Review Should have FlexForm - flexform container EventListener not registered on new inline element Henrik Elsner next-patchlevel
89197 Bug New Should have FileCollector and allowLanguageSynchronization for FAL fields File Abstraction Layer (FAL) next-patchlevel
89195 Bug New Should have TCAdefaults.pages.hidden = 0 has no effect or is misleadingly documented TypoScript Candidate for patchlevel
89194 Task Under Review Should have Upgrade wizard for slugs optimizations Install Tool
89193 Bug New Should have Pagetree scroll cuts of last elements Pagetree
89192 Bug Accepted Should have TypoScript multi-line value syntax in is broken in Backend Layout TypoScript
89191 Bug New Should have ImageManipulationWizard looses precision on large images Image Cropping
89190 Bug New Should have Bug with FAL and null on Image (fortuitously) File Abstraction Layer (FAL)
89189 Bug Under Review Should have UriBuilder creates http link in workspace preview Backend API
89187 Bug Under Review Should have Slug recreation is not available for generator fields with type=inline FormEngine aka TCEforms
89185 Bug New Should have Routing: requirements are not validated for PersistedAliasMapper in PluginEnhancer/ExtbasePluginEnhancer Link Handling, Site Handling & Routing
89184 Bug Under Review Should have "View webpage" must show translated page in columns mode Alexander Opitz Backend User Interface next-patchlevel
89182 Feature New Should have Extend TSconfig configuration to allow restrictions (where) for fields Linkvalidator
89181 Bug New Should have Behaviour of inserting content element "Insert Records [shortcut]" from other language changed Localization
89180 Bug In Progress Should have Remove sys_file_metadata width and height from excludefields File Abstraction Layer (FAL)
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