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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
89898 Task Under Review Should have Introduce functional test for RequestBuilder Alexander Schnitzler Extbase
89897 Task Under Review Should have Migrate top toolbar items to new AJAX API
89896 Task Under Review Should have Introduce property mapper related functional tests Alexander Schnitzler Extbase
89895 Bug Under Review Should have Streamline usage of caching API Caching
89894 Feature New Should have Separate system extensions from 3rd-party extensions visually Extension Manager
89893 Bug Under Review Should have AJAX API fails on relative paths
89892 Task Under Review Should have Define singletons used in install tool in service providers Install Tool Candidate for Major Version
89891 Bug Under Review Should have Temporary assets can not be removed in install tool, exception occurs Candidate for Major Version
89884 Task New Should have Update chosen-js
89882 Bug Under Review Should have Update php platform setting for tarball distributions Benni Mack composer next-patchlevel
89879 Task New Should have December 2019 Updates
89878 Bug New Must have Hreflang links not using canonical urls SEO
89877 Task Under Review Could have Cookie "lastLoginProvider" appears to serve no true purpose Authentication
89876 Bug New Should have .htaccess files missing from ZIP files downloaded in extension manager Install Tool
89875 Feature New Should have slug config options should be configurable via TSConfig FormEngine aka TCEforms Candidate for patchlevel
89874 Bug New Should have Can't updata database structure on MariaDB 10.0 and TYPO3 9.5 (can't rename index)
89872 Bug New Should have Tooltips in Backend should become accessible Backend User Interface
89871 Bug Under Review Should have HrefLangGenerator: Wrong links generated with page translations that use a shortcut Christian Eßl
89870 Feature Under Review Should have Migrate all Extbase-related signals to PSR-14 events Benni Mack Extbase Candidate for Major Version
89869 Bug Under Review Should have IP Lock feature broken by modern IPv6 - Should be disabled by default or refactored Authentication Candidate for Major Version
89867 Bug New Should have 'editIconsHook' in Filelist are not considering in search result File Abstraction Layer (FAL) next-patchlevel
89866 Task New Should have Use new Typo3Copyright API everywhere
89862 Feature Needs Feedback Must have Provide the current's record uid in SlugHelper and the postModifiers hook Backend API
89861 Bug Under Review Must have EXT:core TypoScriptContstantsViewHelper uses ambiguous and future-conflicting method name Fluid
89859 Task Under Review Should have ErrorPageController must avoid controller-related methods on Fluid RenderingContext Fluid
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