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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
81745TaskUnder ReviewShould haveSet main dependencies in system extensions
81744BugNewShould haveIE11 / : Links are not created correct with element browser and RTE (rtehtmlarea + ckeditor)
81743BugUnder ReviewShould haveVideoTagRenderer does not support addtionalConfig Attribut playsinlineFluid
81741BugNewMust haveMediaViewHelper does not pass additionalAttributes and data to renderer instanceFluidCandidate for patchlevel
81740BugNewShould havetemp directory name shouldn't be hardcoded in ClearCacheServiceInstall Tool
81738FeatureNewShould haveCreate new IRRE CE in already translated CE v.7.6.19Localization
81732BugNewShould haveSearch with autocomplete in Workspace doesn't find non published records
81731BugNewShould haveHidden contents always showing in frontendWorkspaces
81729BugNewShould haveDateTimePicker not opening in IE/Edge
81728BugNewShould haveElementBrowser broken with TCA type=group and internal_type=folder
81727TaskUnder ReviewShould haveWorkspace - Write to log if a record in workspace is deletedMnh Thien Nhan
81726BugNewShould haveInstall tool fatals on invalid table nameDatabase API
81725BugUnder ReviewMust haveLinkHandlingInterface misses required `ìnitialize` method
81722BugNewShould haveExtbase configurationManager does not return extension view/settingsExtbase
81718BugUnder ReviewMust have Workspace - TYPO3 MM relations are defectMnh Thien NhanWorkspacesnext-patchlevel
81715BugNewMust haveNo valid HTML output Form->Radio buttonForm Frameworknext-patchlevel
81714BugNewMust haveNo valid HTML output Form->DatePickerForm Frameworknext-patchlevel
81708BugNewShould haveWorkspace Note not send when publishing an deleted pageWorkspaces
81707BugNeeds FeedbackMust haveWrong User InformationMathias Schreiberfelogin
81704BugNewMust haveMaximum function nesting level in ext:formForm Framework
81701BugNewMust haveBE-DocHeader hides upper part of scrollbarBackend User Interface
81700BugNewMust haveImages get sharpend even if [GFX][processor_effects] is set to -1
81691BugUnder ReviewShould haveIssues with translations in workspacesWorkspaces
81690BugNewShould haveForEach-loop won'tr remove all mn-relation, if I interated the objectstorage only one time
81689BugNewShould haveallowLanguageSynchronization does not work with FlexFormsOliver HaderDataHandler aka TCEmain
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