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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
87734 Bug New Should have [TYPO3 9.5.4] Typo in function name setIndexingInProg(r)ess
87733 Bug New Should have unwanted side-effect in fileDenyPattern
87732 Bug Under Review Should have getTargetPageTypeByFormat calls mergeRecursiveWithOverrule with null argument Alexander Schnitzler Extbase
87731 Bug New Should have ExtbasePluginEnhancer requirements ignored Link Handling, Site Handling & Routing
87730 Bug New Must have Route Enhancers/Aspects: StaticRangeMappers make PersistedAliasMapper be ignored Link Handling, Site Handling & Routing
87729 Bug New Must have MenuProcessor can't cache
87728 Bug Under Review Should have LinkBuilder on pages with site configuration should not ignore setNoCache Frontend Candidate for Major Version
87726 Feature Under Review Should have Extend FrontendLoginController Hook to validate password felogin Candidate for patchlevel
87724 Task Under Review Should have Migrate TYPO3/CMS/Install/* to TypeScript Frank Naegler
87723 Bug Under Review Must have Missing Index on sys_log table Performance next-patchlevel
87722 Bug New Must have Forms: Error message of Advanced password is not translatable
87721 Bug New Should have Attempt to insert record on page '[root-level]' (0) where this table, <table-name>, is not allowed, error while creating a new record Backend User Interface next-patchlevel
87716 Bug New Must have space_before_class and space_after_class has an empty value which leads to non-rewritable labels via PageTSConfig Backend User Interface
87711 Bug New Could have Site Management site not working when you delete only available language System/Bootstrap/Configuration
87710 Bug New Should have DB check module: Building a database query where sys_language_uid=-1 not possible Database API (Doctrine DBAL)
87708 Task Under Review Should have Migrate TYPO3/CMS/Recordlist/* to TypeScript Frank Naegler
87704 Task In Progress Should have Migrate TYPO3/CMS/Viewpage/Main to TypeScript Frank Naegler
87697 Bug Under Review Should have Copying a page copies the slug without making it unique
87695 Bug Needs Feedback Must have TCA type slug fails on records with sys_language_uid == -1 next-patchlevel
87694 Feature New Could have Add identity property to TYPO3\CMS\Backend\Template\Components\Buttons\AbstractButton Backend API
87688 Bug New Should have routeEnhancer has problem with additional parameter longer than 31 characters or number as parameter
87687 Bug New Should have Content elements cannot be added when page editing is disabled
87685 Bug New Should have Multiple entries in sys_file_processedfile caused by null entries in configuration Image Cropping
87683 Bug Needs Feedback Should have TitleTagProvider always get the cached entry Richard Haeser SEO
87680 Feature New Should have felogin: Configurable search field for password reset felogin
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