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78078 FeatureNewShould haveFlexform: Support ds_pointerField pointing to a foreign recordSebastian MichaelsenBackend API
78068 BugNewMust havePage get cached when called without cHash-paramCaching
78063 BugNewShould haveNo default DB engine set for multiple tables
78059 BugUnder ReviewShould haveChecks in DataHandler localize mismatch with new Localization WizardDaniel Maiernext-patchlevel
78055 BugNewShould havePagetree view for content elements when trying to add content element anchor links: Tooltip rendered as textLink Handling
78054 BugUnder ReviewShould havePackageManager doesn't solve/recognize real composer packagescomposer
78053 BugNewShould have"loop" parameter require "playlist" parameter for embedded Youtube videos & Allow configuration for "autohide" and "controls"
78051 TaskUnder ReviewShould haveFluidification of Opendocs ToolbarMichael OehlhofCode Cleanup8.4
78050 BugNewMust haveTranslation of inline records not working correctly with categories
78048 BugNewShould haveFirefox: JS Error when inserting image in empty RTERTE (rtehtmlarea + ckeditor)
78046 TaskUnder ReviewShould haveExtract per-connection concerns from SchemaMigratorDBAL
78045 TaskUnder ReviewShould haveImplement DBAL inSet() for SQLiteDBAL
78044 BugNewMust haveCan't create \TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\Domain\Model\FileReference from \TYPO3\CMS\Core\Resource\File nor from \TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\Domain\Model\FileExtbase
78043 BugNewShould haveCan't create local anchors using RTELink Handling
78038 FeatureNewShould havedebug function with new comfort setting debugInWindowCandidate for patchlevel
78037 BugNewMust havedebug header not shown
78036 FeatureNewShould haveRenaming of a folder in the filelist should adjust filemounts accordinglyFile Abstraction Layer (FAL)
78031 BugNewMust maximum level does not work properlyBenni MackFluid Styled Content
78026 BugNewShould haveget translation of extbase object / persistenceSession does not track languages
78024 BugAcceptedMust haveDB Upgrade Wizard shows different results than DB AnalyzerMorton JonuschatInstall Tool8.4
78022 TaskUnder ReviewShould haveStreamline DBAL connection invocation in RelationHandlerDataHandler aka TCEmain
78021 BugUnder ReviewMust havecHashIncludePageId and links to the domain with parameters failCaching
78020 TaskUnder ReviewShould haveFluidification of TaskCenterMichael OehlhofCode Cleanup8.4
78016 BugUnder ReviewShould haveImport of t3d file throws errorNicole Cordes
78009 BugNewShould have\TYPO3\CMS\Core\Resource\ResourceStorage::addFile does not update indexEntry when DuplicationBehavior::REPLACE is usedFile Abstraction Layer (FAL)

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