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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
88971 Bug Under Review Should have PopulatePageSlugs wizard finds and uses outdated realurl data
88970 Bug Under Review Should have Remove Temporary Assets doesn't remove processed files from 3rd party FAL drivers Richard Haeser Install Tool
88969 Bug Under Review Should have Clipboard in filelist generates broken links for export next-patchlevel
88966 Bug New Should have Backend translation of contents should show warnings related to defined fallbackType from Site Configuration
88965 Bug New Should have Siteconfigurations fallbackType "strict" shows free contents Localization
88964 Bug New Should have Wrong docs for fallbackType option for Site Configuration Documentation
88963 Bug New Should have RedirectService is not taking additional parameters Link Handling, Site Handling & Routing Candidate for patchlevel
88962 Feature Under Review Should have Re-implement deprecated PIDupinRootline condition TypoScript
88961 Bug Under Review Must have Configuring a different cache directory for SimpleFileBackend leads to invalid path
88959 Bug New Should have Language Packs not downloading Language Manager (backend)
88957 Bug New Should have ID was not an accessible page - on hidden pages although the 404 error handler is configured in the site config Frontend
88956 Feature New Should have A lot of links in README.txt TYPO3 v. 8.7.27 should be corrected
88955 Bug New Should have Language restriction is not automatically taken in account with queryBuilder Extbase
88954 Feature New Should have force image processing per viewhelper
88952 Bug In Progress Should have Translation of filelist broken. Josef Glatz Localization
88951 Bug New Should have Extbase does not handle page translations correctly when using consistentTranslationOverlayHandling Tymoteusz Motylewski Extbase + l10n
88950 Bug New Should have Cooke "fe_typo_user" is set when widget.autocomplete is used Frontend
88947 Feature New Should have Link to extension documentation from extension manager Backend User Interface
88945 Feature Needs Feedback Should have add Shim Library javascript - for f:be.container / f:be.pagerenderer ViewHelpers Fluid
88944 Task Under Review Should have Cast or convert TCA array elements to bool, int or float (before write to cache) Daniel Windloff Code Cleanup
88943 Bug New Should have Pagetree taking extremely long to load for editors Pagetree
88941 Task Needs Feedback Should have Redirect to /typo3/install.php when not set up yet
88940 Task Needs Feedback Should have Standard (composer) installation process in T3 v9 does not offer introduction distribution composer
88939 Bug Under Review Should have Custom CacheAction cannot send success state and custom flash messages Backend JavaScript
88935 Bug Under Review Should have Module menu jumps around when viewport is built next-patchlevel
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