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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
87991 Task Under Review Should have Remove leftover unused code in various PHP classes Benni Mack Code Cleanup Candidate for Major Version
87989 Task Under Review Should have Remove $TCA option setToDefaultOnCopy Benni Mack DataHandler aka TCEmain Candidate for Major Version
87987 Task Under Review Should have Migrate SelectTreeElement to TypeScript Andreas Fernandez Backend User Interface Candidate for Major Version
87985 Bug New Must have Permission issue on root page for non-admins on multilanguage environment
87984 Bug Under Review Must have TCA inline field with MM relation in workspace. Workspaces next-patchlevel
87982 Bug New Should have Insert Records now only inserts records, if in the same language or if sys_language_uid = -1 - up to 8LTS it inserted records independent of sys_language_uid Content Rendering next-patchlevel
87981 Bug New Must have 404 Page when Google Analytics Parameters (utm_source) in URL
87980 Bug Under Review Should have TYPO3 can not handle two concurrent requests to the same (cachable) page without a 503 response Frontend Candidate for Major Version
87979 Bug New Should have TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\Service::getImageUri in CLI Mode
87978 Bug New Must have Missing declarations in MathExpressionNode.php Fluid next-patchlevel
87976 Bug Under Review Should have "Full search" allows selecting --div-- Andreas Fernandez
87974 Bug New Should have File list search bar doesn't work correctly
87973 Task Under Review Should have LinkGeneratorTests should use a proper backend user context for versioned link generation checks Tests Candidate for patchlevel
87972 Bug New Should have Editor looses ability to delete file relation on page if relation was created with the page record
87970 Bug New Must have Sites configuration module broken Link Handling, Site Handling & Routing next-patchlevel
87969 Bug New Should have Page route for translated page is not generated correctly when page has frontend group access restrictions
87968 Bug Under Review -- undefined -- Form suggest is broken in IE11 Backend JavaScript
87967 Task Under Review Should have Remove limit in be_group fields Code Cleanup
87965 Bug New Should have Language arrangments in BE not adhering to site config.yaml structure
87964 Feature New Should have Site configuration / Prevent deleting "active" websites
87963 Bug New Must have Site configuration / 404 Page not found
87962 Bug New Should have Incorrect cache lifetime for MetaTag Cache SEO
87961 Feature New Should have Allow file path for static routes Link Handling, Site Handling & Routing
87960 Bug New Should have No way to disable deprecation message logged to file Logging
87959 Task New Should have Bring back igbinary support
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