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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
89406 Bug New Should have TypoScript Object browser - lines can go outside the TSOB box Backend User Interface
89404 Bug New Should have Setting link on styled text node removes style RTE (rtehtmlarea + ckeditor)
89402 Bug Under Review Should have HMENU with special=directoy removes mount point if target page is in same menu Content Rendering
89400 Bug New Should have #1534710048 TYPO3\CMS\Core\Exception\SiteNotFoundException after add a new category Backend API
89398 Bug Under Review Should have YAML import missing support for environment variables placeholders Link Handling, Site Handling & Routing
89395 Task Under Review Should have Update ckeditor to v4.13.0
89394 Task Under Review Should have [TASK] Extend migration example of deprecation 84993
89389 Bug Under Review Must have xmlRecompileFromStructValArray creates invalid HTML code Jo Hasenau Miscellaneous next-patchlevel
89386 Bug Needs Feedback Should have Backend module "FileList" not fully compatible with protected (not public accessible) directories Backend User Interface
89383 Bug New Should have Restoring deleted content element in workspace fails Workspaces
89382 Feature New Should have Add "@scope session" to extbase for object serialization Extbase
89381 Feature Under Review Should have Add "do not track"-parameter to Vimeo URLs for better GDPR compliance Content Rendering next-patchlevel
89377 Bug Needs Feedback Should have Imagedescription visible in Backend, even if the image is set to hidden Backend User Interface
89375 Feature New Should have TCA settings for cache invalidation and to run Handler for related records DataHandler aka TCEmain Candidate for Major Version
89373 Bug New Should have "Create new record" button misses current storage page Backend API next-patchlevel
89371 Feature New Should have FontawesomeIconProvider - styling
89370 Bug New Should have Sysext SEO ignores RouteEnhancers when generating the href-lang Tags SEO Candidate for patchlevel
89369 Bug New Should have Page translations faulty when editor has no permissions for "l10n_parent" DataHandler aka TCEmain
89368 Bug New Should have Active page Localization
89364 Bug New Should have Relations of new records have wrong language DataHandler aka TCEmain
89363 Bug New Should have Changing backend user type does not reload view anymore Backend JavaScript next-patchlevel
89361 Feature New Should have Changing 'onChange' => 'reload' behavior FormEngine aka TCEforms Candidate for Major Version
89360 Bug New Should have element: ["tag1" , "tag2" , ... , "tagn"] for styleSets doesn't work anymore RTE (rtehtmlarea + ckeditor)
89359 Bug New Should have sys_file_reference does not exists in workspace Workspaces
89355 Bug New Should have Page tree cuts off page titles horizontally Pagetree
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