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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
5609FeatureNewShould haveAdding multiple content type to clipboard doesn't work - no errorBackend User Interface9 LTS
5390FeatureAcceptedCould haveKeyboard shortcuts for generic actionsBackend User Interface
5369FeatureAcceptedShould haveURL's - with or without protocol?Backend User Interface
5368BugAcceptedCould haveAsk for saving, if record is not explicitly closedBackend User Interface
5355FeatureNewShould haveTemplate module - don't store the page in the session Backend User Interface9 LTS
5351FeatureOn HoldShould haveEnable drag&drop of content elements to other pages / files to other foldersBackend User Interface
5326FeatureUnder ReviewCould haveListview: Number of records should be configurableBackend User Interface
5219FeatureAcceptedMust haveReference information display human readableBackend User Interface
5098FeatureNewShould haveAdd support for t3lib_extMgm::insertModuleFunctionExtbase9.0
5097TaskNewShould haveFunction menu cannot be handled as with scbase for BE modulesExtbase
4387FeatureNewShould haveProvide a way to automatically install / set up a task upon installation of an extensionMathias Schreiberscheduler
3097FeatureNewShould haveadd 'special' comments for CONSTANTSt3editor9.0
3096BugAcceptedShould haveWorkspace and temporary DB-Mount on top of pagetree messyBackend User Interface
3004BugAcceptedMust haveRecycler: Versioned records are not handled by recyclerRecycler
1834FeatureAcceptedShould haveRecycler: Integrate Lost+Found possibilitesRecycler9.0
(2501-2515/2515) Per page: 25, 50, 100, 200

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