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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
43320 Bug New Should have Be outputs debug answer into ajax responses 7 LTS
43242 Bug New Must have The "foreign_selector" in IRRE fields does not work with foreign group field Oliver Hader FormEngine aka TCEforms
43134 Feature Accepted Must have Allow Drag'n'drop of records in list-module Backend User Interface Candidate for Major Version
43114 Bug New Should have sanitizeSelectPart - select CONTENT using DISTINCT TypoScript
43018 Feature New Must have Extension configuration for text is disabled Extension Manager
42558 Bug New Should have Content sliding doesn't work when using 'show content from page' TypoScript
42111 Bug New Should have Lockfiles retain on sql error, no further versioning is possible for affected record in the fututer Workspaces
42109 Bug New Should have Shortcuts do not observe in which workspace they were set Workspaces
42034 Feature New Should have Add optionsplit to encapsLines (and others) TypoScript
41713 Feature Under Review Should have Consider localizeReferencesAtParentLocalization for group/db Oliver Hader DataHandler aka TCEmain
41649 Feature New Should have Doktype external as typolink
41629 Bug New Should have TYPO3-Workspaces height of iframe to small Workspaces
41448 Feature New Should have Allow to force sys_language_uid to "All" for new records in the default language Localization
41337 Feature New Should have TSref/MENUITEM ACTUSR, ACTUSRRO, CURUSR, CURUSRRO TypoScript
41327 Bug Accepted Must have jsInline removes closing brackets Benni Mack TypoScript
41067 Feature Accepted Should have Clearing cache of "stdWrap.cache" entries stored in "cache_hash" Caching Candidate for Major Version
41045 Bug Accepted Should have Delete modified page in workspace just reverts changes Workspaces
40867 Bug New Should have User-rights: Workspaces-settings though workspace-extension disabled Backend User Interface
40819 Bug Accepted Must have Edit icons (pencils) still visible in WS even though use has no modify access Workspaces
40782 Bug New Should have dontvalidate ignored in ValidatorResolver Extbase
40690 Feature New Could have List-view: Mass-setting a value Backend User Interface
40681 Feature New Should have Enhance suggest wizard by limiting to certain languages FormEngine aka TCEforms
40503 Feature Needs Feedback Should have XHTML 5 Frontend Candidate for Major Version
40347 Bug Under Review Should have Backend Search doesn't find its own data sets
40255 Feature Accepted Should have Simplify the creation of referenced content elements Jo Hasenau Backend User Interface Candidate for Major Version
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