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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
31684 Bug Accepted Should have db_new.php: positionTree() does not respect db mount of backend user Backend User Interface Candidate for patchlevel
31636 Feature Accepted Should have popupwindows have hardcoded window-name FEopenLink Frontend
31303 Feature Accepted Should have Insert Records: Ability to override header of source record Frontend Candidate for Major Version
31203 Bug Accepted Should have No delay in case of wrong Install Tool password Security
30894 Bug Accepted Should have Performance of WS Preview in extra Window is verrry slow Workspaces
30168 Bug New Should have Suggest wizard list differs from group selector FormEngine aka TCEforms
29887 Feature New Should have Implementing lilio_cachetags functionality in Core Caching
29790 Feature New Could have List-View necessary? Backend User Interface Candidate for Major Version
29565 Feature New Should have It is not possible to force felogin into a certain display mode felogin
29342 Feature New Should have More detailed Mail from scheduler task Linkvalidator
28857 Bug New Should have BackendConfigurationManager wrong implementation of getCurrentPageId Extbase
28474 Feature New Must have Check if output of extensions has changed Indexed Search 7 LTS
27682 Feature New Could have Recycler - Workspace Support including deleted pages in workspace Backend User Interface
27659 Bug New Should have sorting by $TCA foreign_sortby vs. foreign_default_sortby Extbase
27606 Feature Accepted Should have Rebrush un-do / history view Jens Hoffmann Backend User Interface
27391 Feature New Should have Allow multiple formats/resolutions for media-content File Abstraction Layer (FAL)
26910 Bug New Could have forgot does not work with more than one login form on one page felogin
26484 Bug Accepted Must have extend to subpages in page properties in access tab does not work correctly Frontend
26161 Bug New Should have cache_treelist is out of date when using starttime Caching Candidate for patchlevel
26139 Feature New Could have un-/hide multiple records with one click Backend User Interface
25797 Bug New Should have Column cHashParams of table index_phash should not be a BLOB Indexed Search
25433 Bug Accepted Must have Pagetree drag and drop - should be disabled when user can not edit "pages" Pagetree
25381 Feature New Should have Option to disable double listing of DB mounts Pagetree
25360 Feature New Should have Localization of content elements in list view would be nice Backend User Interface
25216 Bug New Should have Repositioning of translated CE in the list module replaces language ID Jo Hasenau Backend User Interface
(2526-2550/2661) Per page: 25, 50, 100, 200

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