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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
35069 Bug Accepted Should have addQueryString.exclude should take precedence over config.linkVars TypoScript
34624 Feature Needs Feedback Should have Changing the type field of a new element should not result in saving Backend User Interface
34383 Bug New Should have Incorrect redirect with multiple user groups felogin
34199 Bug New Should have Navigating through 'Live' preview will load 'Workspace' version in 'Live' Workspaces
34149 Bug New Should have Workspace-View incomplete after publication Workspaces
33747 Feature New Should have Implement usort() and moveItemAt() in AbstractRecordCollection Frans Saris Backend API
33622 Bug New Must have Filebackend reports error when trying to rename file due to concurrent processes Caching
33492 Bug Accepted Should have 'Move element' view shows items twice in draft workspaces Oliver Hader Workspaces Candidate for patchlevel
33445 Feature Needs Feedback Should have Handle unavailable storages File Abstraction Layer (FAL)
33436 Bug New Should have Changes to page usergroup access rights are not respected when previewing a workspace Frontend
33387 Feature Accepted Must have View old versions of a page Workspaces
33345 Feature New Should have Query orderings can't use custom expressions Extbase
33197 Bug New Should have t3lib_div returns wrong value for TYPO3_SITE_SCRIPT if the request URL contains percent-encoded characters Candidate for Major Version
33138 Feature New Should have provide getPidList function in ExtBase environment (includes propsed solution) Extbase
32996 Feature New Should have TCEMAIN.clearCache_pageGrandParent for records DataHandler aka TCEmain
32758 Task Needs Feedback Should have Cache result of JS and CSS file concatenation Jigal van Hemert Backend API 7 LTS
32547 Feature Accepted Should have BCC for notification mail - configurable by stage Workspaces
32545 Feature Accepted Must have Show only recipients which are responsible for this page/mount Tolleiv Nietsch Workspaces
32544 Feature Accepted Must have 4 eyes principe for publishing elements Sonja Schubert Workspaces
32539 Bug New Must have Using a constraint or ordering on a property on the right side of a m:n relation causes records from the left side with no related elements (0 cardinality) to not show Extbase
32366 Bug Accepted Should have 'New page' access required to select a page for copying. Backend User Interface
32169 Feature Accepted Should have More useful preProcessValue hook Mathias Schreiber Backend API Candidate for Major Version
32096 Bug New Should have No access for users without access to LIVE workspace Linkvalidator
32081 Feature New Should have document timezone handling / eval datetime Documentation
32077 Feature Accepted Should have Refactor the clipboard Steffen Ritter Backend API
(2551-2575/2711) Per page: 25, 50, 100, 200

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