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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
19856 Feature New Should have Feature wanted: Setting special ATagParams for links to access restricted pages TypoScript
19832 Feature Accepted Should have sectionMarker (page anchor) prefix is hardcoded as "c" Frontend
19738 Feature New Should have TS object browser: use AJAX to load parts of the tree Performance
19718 Bug Accepted Should have Typoscript: CONTENT | slide: multilanguage not correctly respected in content_fallback mode Benni Mack Frontend
19501 Bug New Should have same key wrongly used in substituteMarkerArrayCached Frontend
19483 Bug New Should have alternativeSortingField does not work for other languages Localization
19443 Feature New Could have Localization of IRRE-children for n:m relations with useCombination=1 DataHandler aka TCEmain
19393 Feature Accepted Should have Integrate license information and management Extension Manager Candidate for Major Version
19377 Bug New Should have Versioning Preview: records that require a singlePid don't work (eg tt_news) Workspaces
19201 Feature New Should have Page tree drag and drop mountpoint and shortcut function Pagetree
19163 Feature Needs Feedback Should have Automatically execute nested USER_INT/COA_INT objects as regular USER/COA objects Oliver Hader TypoScript Candidate for Major Version
18969 Feature New Should have Editing related record in a mm field, and not the mm record FormEngine aka TCEforms
18968 Feature New Should have Add existing records to IRRE field FormEngine aka TCEforms
18913 Feature New Should have getText slide: register uid and level after slide hits Frontend
18783 Feature Accepted Could have Show editing of other clients even when the same user is used Backend User Interface
18761 Bug Accepted Should have "ADMCMD command could not be executed!" after preview link expired Workspaces 7 LTS
18657 Feature New Should have auto save/preserve function for backend open documents function Backend User Interface
18557 Feature Accepted Should have Integrate locking by database in t3lib_lock Benni Mack Locking / Session Handling
18534 Bug New Should have The cache of pages which include content from another one is not emptied automatically when source content is edited Caching
18079 Bug Accepted Should have slide of cObj CONTENT stops if sysfolder in rootline Frontend
17630 Feature New Must have gr_list concept needs to be improved Caching
17549 Bug Accepted Should have Usability: after editing WS versions, go back to the previously showed list view Workspaces
17536 Feature New Should have Patch for t3lib/class.t3lib_tsparser.php adding php-HEREDOC like syntax TypoScript
17418 Feature Needs Feedback Should have Page 404 -- check for logged in or not Frontend Candidate for Major Version
17406 Feature New Should have Page type Shortcut with anchor points Link Handling, Site Handling & Routing
(2601-2625/2661) Per page: 25, 50, 100, 200

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