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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
17283 Feature Under Review Should have Multidimensional piVars couldn't be set by _DEFAULT_PI_VARS Frontend
17274 Feature Accepted Should have TCEmain labels are hard-coded in English DataHandler aka TCEmain Candidate for Major Version
17156 Feature Accepted Should have Define type of child record Oliver Hader FormEngine aka TCEforms Candidate for Major Version
17131 Feature New Should have value:= function rendering sequence TypoScript
17073 Bug New Should have Marker ###REC_FIELD_[fieldname]### in TCA config of select type does not work with groups FormEngine aka TCEforms
16831 Bug Accepted Should have Disable clearing the cache in Draft workspace Workspaces
16561 Bug Accepted Should have Typolink doesn't check if a page in rootline has some access and include subpages is set... TypoScript
16487 Bug New Should have Changed permissions in workspace-versions are not respected Workspaces
16445 Feature Accepted Should have Option: only show my changes for workspace-view Workspaces
16362 Feature Accepted Should have "remind" button for WS managment stage control Workspaces
16336 Feature New Should have Include file modification time in SYS_LASTCHANGED Caching Candidate for Major Version
16313 Feature New Should have Compare usergroup settings Backend User Interface
15984 Bug Accepted Should have menu.showAccessRestrictedPages doesn't replace link for "include subpages" Frontend
15832 Bug Accepted Must have Undo/Redo button doesn't work - and History view has bad usability now! Backend User Interface
15505 Feature New Should have SysAction: creating a new record based on a 'template' record Backend User Interface
15459 Feature Accepted Could have option to set filter in Workspace Manager Workspaces
15339 Bug Accepted Should have localization fails if content is moved from other language to default language Wolfgang Klinger Localization
15112 Feature New Should have Tools->DB check improvements Backend User Interface Candidate for Major Version
14873 Bug Accepted Should have CE jumps from right to normal when moved in list mode Backend User Interface
14858 Bug New Should have extended clipboard: setCopyMode can`t be set to copy by default Backend User Interface Candidate for patchlevel
14591 Feature New Should have Indexed Search does not tell the user why searching for "e" fails Indexed Search 7 LTS
14524 Feature New Could have Feature suggestion: Provide function to see if pdftotext/catdoc are working Indexed Search
14277 Feature Under Review Should have Start/Stop time for pages is ignored in standard menu objects Frontend
13056 Bug New Should have admin users see all changes in LIVE workspace Oliver Hader Workspaces
12094 Bug Accepted Should have [Fluid] Ajax Widgets can't be used from within cachabele actions Fluid
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