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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
82762 Bug New Should have It' not possible to provide render types for passthrough FormEngine aka TCEforms 9.0
82756 Bug Needs Feedback Must have Can't remove access starttime / endtime FormEngine aka TCEforms
82755 Bug New Should have MenuProcessor does not allow showAccessRestrictedPages Frontend
82750 Bug New Should have Workspace preview doesn't preview MM relations properly Workspaces
82745 Bug Under Review Must have fluid resolving an unexpected layout file Fluid
82739 Bug Under Review Should have RecordBrowser does not highlight selected record in recordlist view Link Handling
82735 Bug New Should have Problem with Feature: #73409 - Auto-render Assets sections Fluid
82730 Bug New Must have Opening record in backend painfully slow with foreign table and large main table FormEngine aka TCEforms
82721 Task New Must have Improve documentation of new deprecation strategy Documentation 9.0
82720 Bug New Should have Install Tool must not fail on deprecations Install Tool 9.0
82719 Bug New Should have FileNameFilter is missing basic functionality File Abstraction Layer (FAL)
82718 Task Under Review Should have Merge sys_filemetadata into ext:core
82717 Bug Under Review Should have DatabaseRecordLinkBuilder does not respect fragment from link Mathias Brodala Link Handling next-patchlevel
82715 Bug New Should have Form framework: Use runtime values in localized subject Form Framework
82714 Task New Should have EXT:form - proposed folder structure Form Framework
82712 Feature New Should have Image manipulation: display proportions of free cropped area FormEngine aka TCEforms
82706 Bug New Should have Fieldset labels missing in mails Form Framework
82705 Bug New Must have Leading line breaks in tca fields of type text are saved, but are not shown when data record is edited in TYPO3 backend FormEngine aka TCEforms
82704 Feature Under Review Should have TextareaViewHelper is missing readonly and required attributes Fluid 9.0
82703 Feature Under Review Should have Introduce doctrine/annotations to replace user defined annotations (mostly in Extbase) Alexander Schnitzler
82699 Bug Under Review Should have Placeholder issue for the Extbase reflection foo rework Alexander Schnitzler
82690 Bug New Should have Missing migrations for database tables Database API
82686 Bug New Should have MySQL error when running OptimizeDatabaseTableTask with pdo_mysql driver scheduler
82682 Bug Needs Feedback Should have Creating new Backend user on root level will not save the password in the database. Backend User Interface
82672 Bug New Must have Fileadmin garbage collection is failing scheduler
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