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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
81651TaskUnder ReviewShould haveHand over whole querybuilder object into list-modul hookFrank NaeglerCode Cleanup9.0
81650TaskNewShould haveEXT:form - change naming and icon in new content element wizardForm Framework
81649BugNewMust haveUndo delete of CE throws exceptionnext-patchlevel
81648BugNeeds FeedbackShould haveCKEditor Not LoadingRTE (rtehtmlarea + ckeditor)next-patchlevel
81644BugNewShould haveGeneralUtility::getUrl() socket method doesn't support chunked Content-Encoding
81637BugUnder ReviewShould haveError when saving a forms PluginMarkus KleinDataHandler aka TCEmainnext-patchlevel
81631FeatureNewShould haveforeign_match_fields should allow a not-equal optionBackend API
81629BugUnder ReviewShould haveUsing persistent connections with Redis cache backend can fail if database nr. zero is used with other databases.CachingCandidate for patchlevel
81628FeatureNewShould haveRedirect DebuggingFrontendnext-patchlevel
81627BugUnder ReviewMust haveMethod checkValueForInternalReferences lacks check for empty fieldThomas HohnDataHandler aka TCEmainnext-patchlevel
81623FeatureNewShould haveCreate a Hook for LinkhandlingLink Handling
81622BugAcceptedShould haveWrong comment for sys_language_contentOL
81620BugUnder ReviewMust haveLinkhandler remove all attributes set in the link wizard and the templateLink HandlingCandidate for patchlevel
81619BugNewMust havestdWrap_override does not override the current value if new value is "0"TypoScriptCandidate for patchlevel
81618BugNewShould haveFormengine DataProvider TcaColumnsOverrides must be executed before TcaGroupFormEngine aka TCEformsnext-patchlevel
81610BugAcceptedMust haveInstall Tool > Database Analyzer: Migration failed for fields containing a spaceMorton JonuschatDatabase APInext-patchlevel
81609BugUnder ReviewShould haveDisplay Messages checkbox missing from Admin Panel
81600TaskUnder ReviewShould haveExtbase has a lot of leftover unused Exception classesBenni MackExtbase9.0
81597BugNewMust haveproperty attribute of form input field viewhelper breaks f:for each loopFluid
81596BugNeeds FeedbackMust haveResizing animated gifImage Generation
81594BugNewShould haveSuperfluous extbase TS option still existsBenni MackExtbaseCandidate for patchlevel
81593FeatureNewShould haveUsage of constants in YAML filesForm Framework
81592BugNewMust haveSession data lost after authenticationFrontend
81591BugNewShould haveTranslation of email finisher subjectForm Framework
81587BugNeeds FeedbackShould haveQuestionable behaviour of l10n_mode "exclude" in list moduleLocalizationnext-patchlevel
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