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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
83547 Bug Under Review Should have previewLinks in Workspaces and broken rootline Alexander Opitz Workspaces Candidate for patchlevel
83545 Bug New Should have rte_ckeditor: Link-update-button disappears in link-browser RTE (rtehtmlarea + ckeditor)
83539 Bug Needs Feedback Must have Backend live search doesn't find text with umlauts
83538 Bug New Must have Backend search shows invalid search results Backend User Interface
83535 Bug Accepted Should have Clicking filter button in page tree should set focus in search field Tymoteusz Motylewski Pagetree 9.1
83533 Bug New Should have Copied CE elements loose language [All] Language Manager (backend)
83529 Feature Under Review Could have Execute hooks on backend user login Authentication
83527 Bug Needs Feedback Should have ViewHelper call "Valid arguments are: additionalAttributes, data " Fluid
83523 Bug New Should have remove or deprecate NewContentElementController
83512 Task Accepted Should have February 2018 Updates
83509 Feature New Could have Spam protect mail addresses even if they are not linked Content Rendering
83508 Bug New Should have Install tool check for mediace must be removed in version 8 Install Tool
83507 Bug New Should have Max allowed memory size on FileBrowser.php when trying to implode 36.663 lines elias
83506 Bug Under Review Must have TS Condition on fe_user session data is not possible anymore TypoScript
83502 Bug New Should have form.yaml files not managed through FAL Form Framework
83501 Bug New Should have Non-existing file storage ID 1 breaks BaseStup => "No accessible form storage folders" Form Framework
83496 Task On Hold Should have Update devbridge-autocomplete 1.4.4 ❯ 1.4.7 Frank Naegler Backend JavaScript
83490 Task In Progress Should have January 2018 updates Frank Naegler Backend JavaScript
83489 Epic In Progress Should have Update JavaScript dependencies Backend JavaScript
83480 Bug New Must have Documentation: Wrong 'version' in Settings.cfg Documentation
83477 Bug New -- undefined -- Form finisher parseOption fails with MultiCheckbox / MultiSelect Form Framework
83476 Bug New Should have Few attributes are missing when concatenating JS files Extbase
83475 Task Under Review Should have Aggregate validator information in class schema Alexander Schnitzler Extbase 9.1
83470 Bug New Must have Translations can be dragged to default column (in page module -> language)
83469 Bug New Must have Translation of translations break sorting in tt_content
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