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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
87436 Bug New Should have Routing: empty 'defaults' entry does not work Frontend
87435 Feature New Should have Allow change of order of content elements in new content element wizards Backend User Interface
87434 Bug New Must have site:identifier is not available TypoScript next-patchlevel
87433 Feature New Must have Need sitemap changefreq and priority SEO next-patchlevel
87429 Bug New Must have Same checkbox in different sections can't be selected indipendently
87427 Task Under Review Should have Improve ClassSchema methods api Alexander Schnitzler Extbase Candidate for Major Version
87426 Bug Needs Feedback Could have label_alt + label_alt_force for IRRE childs cannot be overwritten using OverrideChildTca() FormEngine aka TCEforms
87423 Feature New Should have Integrate CSP management module Backend User Interface Candidate for Major Version
87422 Task New Should have Integrate remote resource manifest composer Candidate for Major Version
87421 Feature New Should have Integrate CSP reporting endpoint Security Candidate for Major Version
87420 Feature New Should have Integrate signatures for Stylesheet and JavaScript resources Security Candidate for Major Version
87419 Task New Should have Deprecate functionality used to add inline styles & scripts Backend API Candidate for Major Version
87418 Task New Should have Refactor and remove usage of inline scripts in backend Backend JavaScript Candidate for Major Version
87417 Epic New Should have Integrate proper Content Security Policy (CSP) handling Oliver Hader Security Candidate for Major Version
87416 Bug New Must have Page is not deleted through the context menu if the site has translations and the page was currently selected
87414 Task Under Review Should have [TASK] Add forceUid option to CommandController
87409 Bug New Should have UriBuilder->convertDomainObjectsToIdentityArrays doesn'thandle AbstractDomainObject correclty
87407 Bug Under Review Should have Inaccurate count of query results with legacy translation overlay handling Tymoteusz Motylewski Extbase + l10n
87406 Bug New Should have Be_Log mapping produces wrong cache entry Extbase
87402 Bug New Should have Feature-79409 renderAssetsForRequest does not work for USER_INT/uncached Content Rendering
87400 Bug New Should have CKEditor: assign correct CSS class to tags with entryHTMLparser_db RTE (rtehtmlarea + ckeditor)
87399 Bug New Should have Wrong default cropping when adding new cropVariant Image Cropping
87394 Task New Should have composer gerrit:setup should be available for all platforms Josef Glatz
87393 Task New Should have Create overview of used validation messages and their timestamps Form Framework
87392 Bug New Should have Subpages of hidden pages with extendToSubpages activated cannot be accessed even with backend login
(26-50/2449) Per page: 25, 50, 100, 200

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