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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
85264 Task Under Review Should have Make sysext/extbase/Tests/Unit notice free Jan Helke Tests
85262 Bug New Must have Loading order of scheduler and indexed_search affects indexed_search scheduler tasks
85260 Bug New Should have Can not create new page via context menu on root page as editor Backend User Interface
85254 Feature New Should have Add fixed time option to DatePicker field configuration Form Framework
85252 Bug New Must have Indexed Search Exception uid not found Indexed Search next-patchlevel
85251 Bug New Should have List Module does not show edit links for LiveSearch results
85249 Bug Under Review Should have AbstractHierarchicalFilesystemDriver->getParentFolderIdentifierOfIdentifier fails on Windows Nicole Cordes
85248 Bug New Must have Show link in page tree context menu links to wrong domain for mount points Backend User Interface
85246 Bug Under Review Must have SaveToDatabase finisher should convert DateTime Objects to string Ralf Zimmermann Form Framework
85238 Task Under Review Must have Send deprections into dedicated log file Markus Klein Logging 9.4
85237 Feature New Should have The report "Extension list is not up to date!" should be supressed if running in Composer mode Reports
85236 Feature Under Review Should have Allow easier logfile configuration Markus Klein Logging
85234 Bug New Must have DocCommentParser throws exception on install Extbase 9.4
85233 Bug New Should have New autoplay/allowfullscreen attributes for Chrome browser Frontend
85229 Bug Under Review Should have Invalid condition in suggest receiver page collection Alexander Stehlik FormEngine aka TCEforms
85227 Bug New Must have CKEdtior custom config (yaml-file) not working in draft-workspace
85223 Task Under Review Should have Update momentjs components Backend JavaScript
85218 Task In Progress Should have June 2018 Updates Backend JavaScript
85216 Task Needs Feedback Should have EXT:form SaveToDatabase Finisher saves files as sys_file, not as sys_file_reference Lidia Demin Form Framework
85214 Bug New Should have Inform BE user, if extension installation possibly requires DB updates Extension Manager
85203 Bug New Could have Allow '00' as an element of a cron command scheduler
85196 Task Under Review Should have Drop simulate user from be user settings
85189 Bug New Must have Workspace : missing fields in page language overlay Workspaces
85182 Bug New Should have Editing a existing link in ckeditor does not keep the CSS-Class value. RTE (rtehtmlarea + ckeditor)
85177 Feature Under Review Must have Store localization state in database Andreas Fernandez Localization 9 LTS
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