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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
86264 Bug Accepted Should have Trusted hosts pattern mismatch with Nginx and HTTP_X_FORWARDED_PORT 443 Backend API 9 LTS
86260 Bug Accepted Should have Site error handling: Show content from page with / entry point Link Handling, Site Handling & Routing
86252 Bug New Should have Domain object doesn't get persisted correct Extbase
86251 Bug New Should have admin panel does not open in safari AdminPanel
86248 Bug Under Review Should have CLI upgrade wizards can not be invoked fully uncached CLI
86244 Bug New Should have Font Awesome icons not displayed in safari Backend User Interface
86243 Bug Under Review Must have FormFileExtensionUpdate is broken because of new symfony expression language in TypoScript Frank Naegler Install Tool 9 LTS
86240 Bug New Should have rte link wizard selected class is not set if multiple classes
86239 Bug New Should have DataHandler does not move deleted child records DataHandler aka TCEmain
86236 Task In Progress Should have Debug Exception output design improvements - pretty please
86234 Bug Under Review Must have Missing Meta Tags on Pages with *_INT objects Richard Haeser SEO 9 LTS
86231 Bug New Should have Distinguish between free-mode localization and chained translation Localization
86228 Bug Needs Feedback Must have Silent upgrade wizard changes field definitions of extensions to wrong structure Install Tool 9 LTS
86227 Bug Under Review Must have Make xml-sitemap links absolute SEO 9 LTS
86222 Feature New Could have Add "register" parameter to Fluid viewhelper "cObject" Fluid Candidate for Major Version
86218 Task Under Review Must have Use SiteFinder in indexed_search Georg Ringer Link Handling, Site Handling & Routing 9 LTS
86217 Epic New Should have Improve SEO for f:widget.paginate SEO
86216 Feature Needs Feedback Should have Allow empty slug for root pages and sysfolders Link Handling, Site Handling & Routing 9 LTS
86214 Task Accepted Should have Make XML sitemap reachable by /sitemap.xml SEO 9 LTS
86212 Bug New Must have Extended tab with IRRE relation is not opened by default
86208 Bug Needs Feedback Should have Cannot close "Check for broken extensions" overlay
86206 Bug New Should have Frontend Editing broken in TYPO3 8.7
86205 Bug Under Review Should have Invert value in defaultLanguageDifferences when invertStateDisplay for check TCA-elements is true Jigal van Hemert Backend User Interface 9 LTS
86203 Bug Under Review Should have Avoid excluding fields in copyToLanguage DataHandler aka TCEmain
86202 Bug New Should have previousButtonLabel and nextButtonLabel not translatable for a specific form Form Framework
(26-50/2419) Per page: 25, 50, 100, 200

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