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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
82100BugNewShould haveBackend Form Dataprovider load every foreign Entity, not only the related onePerformance
82098BugNewShould haveDuplicated image thumbnails in file list search view
82096BugNewShould haveError when adding an inline element inside an inline elementFormEngine aka TCEforms
82093BugNewShould haveForm Viewhelpers: Attribute errorClass not workingFluid
82089FeatureUnder ReviewShould haveEXT:form Support "imports" in form configurationForm Framework
82087BugNewShould haveFinisher identifier unused for translationsForm Frameworknext-patchlevel
82086BugNewShould haveFrontend Preview Mode And Missing Inline Elements in WorkspaceWorkspaces
82083BugNewMust haveShow all search in BE is extremly slowBackend User Interface
82081BugNewShould haveMSSQL // Install Tool fails on database selection because of default charset checkSusanne MoogCandidate for patchlevel
82080BugNewMust haveSpecified key was too long when creating an indexInstall Tool
82074FeatureUnder ReviewShould haveEXT:form: Support for conditions in form configurationForm Framework
82070FeatureUnder ReviewShould haveExclude doktypes in path of search result Joerg BoescheIndexed SearchCandidate for patchlevel
82068BugNewMust haveInstall tool wizard Migrate all file relations from fe_user not visibleInstall Tool
82067BugNewShould haveLinks in RTE with problem when it doesn't have domain
82065BugUnder ReviewShould haveBug in AbstractDomainObject->isPropertyDirty method @lazy results in trueExtbase
82064BugNewShould haveindexed search advance option disappear after search result
82062BugUnder ReviewCould haveReferenceIndexUpdateCommand needs some status output while runningSebastian Fischer
82060BugNewMust haveFile Abstraction Layer: Extract metadata in storage (scheduler) failing on indexing files that matches denied patterns(['BE']['fileDenyPattern']) Ricky MathewschedulerCandidate for patchlevel
82057BugUnder ReviewMust havefile:current:crop does not work anymore for page media resourcesWolfgang KlingerImage Generationnext-patchlevel
82056BugUnder ReviewShould haveMissing Back Button in DatabaseRecordList (module web_list) despite valid returnUrlBackend User Interface
82053BugUnder ReviewShould haveonlyAllowedTables is wrongly evaluated while changing doktype on page language overlayWolfgang KlingerDataHandler aka TCEmainnext-patchlevel
82051BugUnder ReviewShould haveError in EXT:form documentation regarding deletion of YAML configurationForm Framework
82048BugAcceptedShould haveCan't login with 32 characters password
82047BugNewMust haveFiles are not considered for page tree export to .T3DImport/Export (T3D)next-patchlevel
82036BugNewCould haveMissing use of pageNotFound_handling in TypoScriptFrontendController.php, only PageNotFoundException is used.Frontend
(26-50/2471) Per page: 25, 50, 100, 200

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