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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
91499 Feature New Should have Additional attributes for includeJS, includeCSS and all others include** TypoScript 11.0
91498 Feature New Should have new felogin plugin doesn't use set parameters on detail pages felogin
91497 Bug New Should have Fluid-based Page Module crashes with 2 language variants Backend User Interface next-patchlevel
91496 Feature New Should have Differentiate between password reset "by user" and "by admin" Backend API
91493 Feature New Should have Improve warnings for "Server Response on static files"-check
91492 Bug Under Review Should have no_cache still present in core Backend User Interface next-patchlevel
91491 Bug Under Review Should have Speed up pages_language_overlay update wizard
91490 Bug Under Review Must have No error indication in LivePreset if writing site configuration file fails
91488 Bug Under Review Must have Check for directory permissions of typo3conf/sites/ is missing Stephan Großberndt Install Tool
91487 Bug New Should have Extbase repository query using equals on a relation field is different whether one passes $entity or $entity->getUid() in multi-language context Tymoteusz Motylewski Extbase + l10n
91482 Task New Should have Remove deprecated code in Authentication 11.0
91478 Task Under Review Should have Remove legacy upgrade wizards Benni Mack
91474 Task Under Review Should have Remove legacy signal slots Benni Mack Code Cleanup 11.0
91473 Epic New Should have Removal of deprecated code planned to be removed in TYPO3 v11.0 Benni Mack Code Cleanup
91468 Bug Under Review Must have DBAL-DriverException in StartModuleUpdates on PostgreSQL Stephan Großberndt Database API (Doctrine DBAL) next-patchlevel
91467 Bug New Should have Urldecoding does not work with conditioned Site configuration Frontend
91465 Bug New Should have Translated childs wont be marked as deleted in foreign language Workspaces
91463 Bug Needs Feedback Should have 9.5.17 and 9.5.18 installtool error on php 7.2 / php 7.3 Install Tool 9.5.17 & 10.4.2 regressions (temp)
91462 Bug New Should have LostFilesCommand custom-path fails on symlinked storages/folders CLI 9.5.17 & 10.4.2 regressions (temp)
91461 Task Under Review Should have Rephrase notifications in Admin Tools
91460 Bug Needs Feedback Should have Page tree not visible for backend group - Page tree error - Got unexpected response from the server. Pagetree 9.5.17 & 10.4.2 regressions (temp)
91453 Bug New Should have PersistedAliasMapper not finding record, if non-translated Link Handling, Site Handling & Routing
91451 Bug New Should have After update from 9.5.16 to 9.5.17 then to 9.5.18, I get an error 'Cannot serialize'
91450 Bug Needs Feedback Should have TCA columnsOverrides don't work for label
91449 Bug New Should have Gifbuilder breaks with Security Update (9.5.17); until 9.5.18 performance task Frontend
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