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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
89181 Bug New Should have Behaviour of inserting content element "Insert Records [shortcut]" from other language changed Localization
89180 Bug In Progress Should have Remove sys_file_metadata width and height from excludefields File Abstraction Layer (FAL)
89178 Bug Needs Feedback Should have Create multiple pages don't work Backend User Interface
89177 Feature New Should have Change TsConfig Defaults of Linkvalidator and Enable all core fields containing links Linkvalidator
89176 Task Under Review Should have Provide better way to traverse array in TS conditions Markus Klein TypoScript
89175 Task Accepted Must have Improve UI for edit settings view Backend User Interface
89174 Task Accepted Must have Imrove UI for edit site settings Backend User Interface
89171 Bug Under Review Should have Core only allows one kind of sitemap for a site SEO
89170 Task Under Review Must have Change search behaviour for suggest wizard Markus Klein Backend User Interface
89169 Bug New Should have Redirects indey key too long after source path increase
89168 Bug Under Review Must have File search only accepts single search word AGAIN Markus Klein File Abstraction Layer (FAL)
89165 Bug New Should have Metatags set with metatag manager registry wont be rendered if a plugin action is uncached
89164 Task New Should have BE UI: rename TSconfig section in page properties Backend User Interface
89163 Task Under Review Should have Examples from Manual should be working
89162 Feature New Should have Provide possibility to switch from connected mode to free translation mode (and vice versa) Localization
89159 Bug New Should have Ternary condtions stopped working... Fluid
89158 Bug New Should have defaultHeaderType register no longer works Benjamin Kott Fluid Styled Content
89156 Feature New Should have Allow to (un)zip folder in file list module Candidate for Major Version
89153 Bug Under Review Must have Wrong Extbase record is shown for slug Link Handling, Site Handling & Routing
89152 Bug New Should have renderType='selectTree' generates warning with single value select Backend User Interface
89151 Bug Under Review Should have Module Backend Users: unable to paste copied user
89148 Bug New Should have Media viewhelper empty additionalConfig causes php warning Fluid
89147 Bug New Should have Media additionalConfig no-cookie attribute is added to video tags Benjamin Kott Fluid Styled Content
89142 Feature Under Review Should have Create sites when a page in generated on root level
89141 Bug New Should have Filelist renaming a folder does not update related fields from TCA configs with new name File Abstraction Layer (FAL)
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