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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
88768 Bug Under Review Must have l10n_parent as group field breaks backend Markus Klein Backend API
88767 Bug New Should have Restricted news detail invokes chash error
88766 Feature New Should have Unpredictable allowLanguageSynchronization behaviour with file references
88763 Feature New Should have Dynamic creation of upload folder for upload field Form Framework
88757 Task Under Review Should have Cleanup: RecordListController Daniel Windloff Code Cleanup
88756 Bug Under Review Should have TypoScript – Symfony Expressions: request.getQueryParams() should do an "is defined" validation Frank Naegler TypoScript
88754 Feature Needs Feedback Should have Codesmell GeneralUtility::trimExplode() Performance
88752 Task Under Review Should have RecordList: Streamline page edit and localiziation handling Daniel Windloff Backend User Interface
88751 Bug Under Review Must have Admin panel breaks frontend AdminPanel Candidate for Major Version
88749 Epic New Should have Routing Improvements and Site Handling v2 Benni Mack Link Handling, Site Handling & Routing Candidate for Major Version
88742 Feature Under Review Should have Allow relative paths in Yaml file imports Benni Mack System/Bootstrap/Configuration Candidate for Major Version
88740 Task New Should have Deprecate Felogin hooks felogin
88739 Bug New Should have UriBuilder does not generate correct uri's for access restricted pages when using more than one language Extbase + l10n
88737 Bug New Should have Linkbrowser show not title auf Link
88734 Feature New Should have Extbase: M:N Relation – Sorting of Child Model Records by $defaultOrderings Extbase
88732 Bug Accepted Should have Button "View" has no effect if no site has been configured yet Georg Ringer Backend User Interface
88731 Feature New Should have Improve user experience for ajax request in the list module Backend User Interface
88730 Bug New Should have Validators of a field with the same identifier is working only once on a page Form Framework
88727 Bug Under Review Should have Inserting a softhyphen splits up HTML inline elements RTE (rtehtmlarea + ckeditor)
88726 Bug New Should have $orderByFields is not handen over to parent::init() for PageTreeView
88720 Bug New Should have Adding pid option to resolve function of PersistedAliasMapper (Multi-site handling and Extbase enhancer slugs) Link Handling, Site Handling & Routing
88719 Bug New Should have Close should recognize non-saved record - but fails Backend API Candidate for patchlevel
88715 Bug Accepted Should have Wrong routes for default url slugs on translated base path pages Link Handling, Site Handling & Routing
88714 Bug New Should have f:link.action does not allow to render a link without a cHash when generating a dynamic route with dynamic arguments (extbase route enhancer)
88713 Task Under Review Should have Split csv Export from DatabaseRecordList Daniel Windloff Code Cleanup
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