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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
88935 Bug Under Review Should have Module menu jumps around when viewport is built next-patchlevel
88934 Bug New Should have TypolinkViewHelper: Links to disabled pages in another language Link Handling, Site Handling & Routing
88933 Task Under Review Should have Cleanup foreign_table_where directives Backend API next-patchlevel
88930 Task Under Review Should have Update to phpunit 8.3 Anja Leichsenring Tests
88929 Bug New Should have TCAM:N relation -> leave record with unsaved changes redirects to list instead to create wizard
88928 Bug New Should have routeEnhancers and GP conditions (TS) not working TypoScript
88927 Task New Should have The temporary cache file ... could not be written Caching
88926 Task New Should have Improve ui for site configuration overview
88925 Feature New Should have additionalElementPropertyPaths for Inspector-CheckEditor Form Framework
88923 Bug New Should have Ticking a checkbox in a section will affect only the first element to be changed
88922 Bug Under Review Should have Memory unfriendly functions used for simple checks
88921 Feature Under Review Should have New Event in the PageLayoutView Class to enrich Content into the Columns in the BackendLayout Backend API
88919 Bug New Should have QueryBuilder with DefaultRestrictionContainer effectivly transforms outer joins to inner joins because the restrictions are applied to all join tables unconditionally Database API (Doctrine DBAL)
88918 Bug Needs Feedback Should have Create page via drag'n'drop does not respect TCAdefaults in pagets [from #25021] Pagetree
88913 Bug New Should have link wizard - error 500 - many files directly fileadmin/user_upload/
88909 Bug Under Review Should have FormEngine OtherLanguageContent: fallback to "flags-multiple" icon identifier where no site config is present Josef Glatz
88908 Feature New Could have Add "migration wizard" when changing CType of content elements Backend User Interface
88907 Feature Under Review Should have Remove usage of enableMultiSelectFilterTextfield Georg Ringer Backend User Interface
88904 Bug New Should have Extbase Annotation injection currently not supported with system-wide symfony dependency injection Benjamin Franzke System/Bootstrap/Configuration
88902 Bug Under Review Should have Redirects are not resolved if there is a base path in default site Link Handling, Site Handling & Routing
88901 Feature Under Review Should have Remove TCA configuration showRecordFieldList Georg Ringer
88899 Feature New Should have DatePicker-Field used in finisher option fails with PHP-conversion Error Form Framework Candidate for Major Version
88898 Bug Under Review Should have Add test for set HTTP_HOST, HTTP_X_FORWARDED_HOST + reverseProxyIP Tests
88897 Bug Under Review Must have sys_file_metadata can't be translated Localization Candidate for patchlevel
88896 Task Under Review Should have Add index to slug field
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