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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
90854 Bug Accepted Should have Flag icon of -1 is not rendered Benni Mack
90852 Bug New Should have Not all sizes of dashboard widget work Koen Wouters Dashboard 10 LTS
90850 Bug Under Review Must have typolink generates links for non-reachable pages Content Rendering
90848 Task Accepted Could have No longer possible to enter several pids in linkvalidator scheduler task Linkvalidator Candidate for Major Version
90847 Task Accepted Should have DataMapper for array type Extbase
90846 Task New Should have Document indexed search TypoScript configuration options Documentation
90842 Bug Under Review Should have FE user restriction on pages and link incl. linkAccessRestrictedPages create wrong URLs Link Handling, Site Handling & Routing
90841 Bug Under Review Should have DataHandler-Bugfix: When "sorting"-field of DB-record will be updated, then the "tstamp"-field of that DB-record should also be updated DataHandler aka TCEmain next-patchlevel
90840 Feature New Should have Custom Caching Configuration silently keeps the options-Array Caching
90837 Bug Accepted Should have Not possible to set uppercase metatags SEO Candidate for Major Version
90834 Bug Accepted Must have Backend layout in own modules broken 10 LTS
90832 Feature New Should have Resolve routePath by _aspects in Plugin RouteEnhancer Link Handling, Site Handling & Routing
90831 Task Under Review Should have Provide tests for Page\TreeController Tymoteusz Motylewski Pagetree Candidate for patchlevel
90830 Bug New Should have SEO documentation: Example "Setting fallbacks for og:image and twitter:image" gives no absolute image path SEO
90829 Task New Should have Clear flash messages with one click Backend User Interface
90827 Bug Needs Feedback Should have If you edit the page content element, the "Last Mod." does not change. Link Handling, Site Handling & Routing
90826 Feature Under Review Should have Compare BE usergroups Georg Ringer Backend User Interface 10 LTS
90825 Feature New Should have link to an explicit language of a page - usability issue Backend User Interface Candidate for Major Version
90823 Feature Needs Feedback Should have Add PAGE_GONE to PageAccessFailureReasons
90815 Bug New Should have Can't edit a scheduler task, when extbase command does not exist anymore scheduler next-patchlevel
90812 Epic In Progress Should have Fluid-based Page Module Benni Mack Backend API 10 LTS
90806 Task New Should have Create scripts to check for formatting errors in .rst files in Changelog Documentation
90803 Task Under Review Should have Mark ObjectManager::get deprecated Extbase
90799 Task Under Review Should have Deprecate non-public property injection Extbase
90794 Task New Should have Add between() method to QueryInterface Extbase Candidate for Major Version
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