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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
89695 Bug New Should have Record collection - adding an item duplicates it Backend User Interface
89694 Bug New Should have Record Collections - broken icon Backend User Interface
89691 Bug New Should have Having declare(strict_types=1); in ext_* files breaks PHP because TYPO3 copies these files to a single one Caching
89690 Feature Needs Feedback Should have ext:form - read selectOptions from a database table Christian Eßl Form Framework
89687 Bug Under Review Should have Page tree sends unnecessary data
89686 Bug New Should have typolink must link to current language
89685 Bug New Should have TCAdefaults.pages.backend_layout not working for pages created via drag and drop
89684 Bug New Should have PropertyMapper will throw exception on validating classes without a constructor Extbase
89683 Bug Under Review Should have Install Tool - Update backend user configuration array fails due to wrong variable type in $backendUser['uid'] Install Tool Candidate for patchlevel
89682 Bug New Should have Linkvalidator: external URLs containing `& amp ;` or whitespace at the end not working Linkvalidator
89680 Task New Should have Support for MySQL 8 Database API (Doctrine DBAL)
89679 Bug Under Review Should have postProcContent hooks in felogin override each other felogin
89678 Bug New Should have After creating a new content element in page module, scroll back to where I left Backend User Interface
89677 Task Under Review Should have Add the namespace for Context
89673 Task Under Review Should have Deprecate Extbase's WebRequest and WebResponse Alexander Schnitzler Extbase
89672 Bug New Should have Missing l10n_parent field permission breaks page translation process FormEngine aka TCEforms
89671 Bug New Should have Allow for Collation in extbase repository queries Extbase
89669 Bug Under Review Should have Transfer to clipboard button missing in multi-selection mode Backend User Interface
89668 Task Under Review Should have Provide automated tests with PHP 7.4 Anja Leichsenring Tests
89667 Bug Under Review Should have PHPDoc for SubmitViewHelper looks incorrect Fluid
89666 Bug New Must have PersistenceManagerException with two extensions providing a form definition with the same name Form Framework
89664 Task Under Review Must have Instantiate log manager after service container Alexander Schnitzler Logging
89662 Bug Needs Feedback Should have PHP Warning shown in form content element in Web > Page Form Framework
89659 Bug New Should have Translating a record creates superfluous wrong mm relations DataHandler aka TCEmain
89658 Bug New Should have RuntimeException Unable to get a property on a non-object when parsing new Symfony ExpressionLanguage expressions TypoScript
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