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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
88108 Task In Progress Should have Login form remember me
88106 Task In Progress Should have Extbase frontend logout form
88104 Task Under Review Should have Extbase frontend login form Henning Liebe
88103 Feature New Should have Change fe login feature toggle default value
88102 Feature Under Review Should have Feature toggle for FE-login extbase Henning Liebe felogin
88101 Bug New Should have f:uri.action (and f:link.action)’s argumentsToBeExcludedFromQueryString argument mis-handles comma (,) in argument names Fluid
88099 Bug New Must have Not possible to sort parts of the page tree differently anymore Pagetree
88098 Bug New Must have Page tree XHR is fetching huge JSON data Pagetree
88097 Bug New Must have Page tree data fetching is using a huge amount of memory in PHP Pagetree
88096 Task Under Review Should have Fix scroll behaviour of "Uncaught Exceptions" in backend
88095 Bug Under Review Should have Anchor links and query parameters result in wrong link RTE (rtehtmlarea + ckeditor)
88094 Bug New Must have Opening inline elements fails FormEngine aka TCEforms
88093 Bug Under Review Should have Prevent double scrolling behaviour in install tool modals Sebastian Rosskopf
88087 Feature Under Review Could have Visual environment indicator in TYPO3 Backend Backend User Interface
88083 Bug Needs Feedback Should have ContentObjectRenderer::getTreeList isn't aware of Workspace/NonCacheRequests and expires not respected / mishandled Frontend
88082 Bug New Should have FrontendUserImageUpdateWizard fails, when there are multiple storages File Abstraction Layer (FAL)
88080 Bug Under Review Should have ProductionExceptionHandler should relay ImmediateResponseExceptions Frontend
88079 Bug New Must have Multi-selection mode in List module does not work anymore Backend User Interface
88078 Task New Should have Streamline UI of redirect finisher Form Framework
88076 Bug New Should have Usability: Wording of tooltip for mass editing in list mode: "Edit all shown fields ..." Backend User Interface
88075 Bug Accepted Must have mod.web_layout.disableNewContentElementWizard=1 Backend User Interface next-patchlevel
88074 Bug New Should have Language overlay on Content -> Insert Record
88073 Bug New Should have Language overlay on Page -> Replace Content
88072 Bug New Should have Language overlay in DatabaseQueryProcessor
88070 Bug New Must have URL with extbase action and additional query string throws error using route enhancer Link Handling, Site Handling & Routing
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