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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
82026BugNewShould haveEXT:form - Linebreaks in email not renderedForm Framework
82024BugAcceptedShould haveno more non breaking space in default editorRTE (rtehtmlarea + ckeditor)Candidate for patchlevel
82023BugNewShould haveInstall Tool DB Analyzer tries to change all VARCHAR fieldsDatabase API
82022BugNewShould haveDataHandler doesn't store first record in foreign table as value for new recordDataHandler aka TCEmain
82019FeatureNewShould haveAccept array instead of CSV in TCA
82018BugNewShould haveOnce a linkwizard created an external link it will stay externalLink Handling
82016BugNewMust haveWizards add still not working with MMDataHandler aka TCEmain
82013BugNewMust haveCreate page with active pagetree filter renders complete pagetree under new page again in TYPO3 8.7Backend JavaScript
82010FeatureNewShould haveFluid: ViewHelper to fetch categories + records with the same categoryFluid
82006BugNewShould haveWrong interpretation of post_max_size and/or upload_max_filesizeBackend API9.0
82004FeatureUnder ReviewShould haveMissing hooks in PageLayoutViewRichard Haeser
82003BugUnder ReviewShould haveSync ext_emconf.php and composer.json
82000TaskUnder ReviewShould haveUse new card layout for distributions list viewMarkus SommerBackend User InterfaceCandidate for patchlevel
81996BugNewShould haveRead ony select field 'renderType' => 'selectSingle' renders all available items
81994BugNeeds FeedbackShould haveIndexed Search Bugfix #30852 messes with Realurl cacheIndexed Search
81993BugNewMust have'Uncaught TYPO3 Exception' pops up when news records are localizedAnu Bhuvanendran NairDatabase APInext-patchlevel
81992BugUnder ReviewShould havebin/* is ignoredPhilipp Gampe
81991FeatureNewCould haveFSC Uploads: a-tag attribute downloadFluid Styled Content
81990FeatureNewShould haveFSC Uploads: a-tag title missingFluid Styled Content
81989FeatureNewShould haveImageMagick - Prevent Concurrent Processing of Image FilesImage Generation
81987BugNewShould haveMake pageTree.backgroundColor recursivePagetree
81986BugNewShould haveindexed_search generates duplicated results for same pageIndexed Search
81985TaskUnder ReviewShould have[BUGFIX] Changed logical operator.
81978BugNewShould haveImprove Composer integration
81976BugNewMust haveTCA wizards don't show up for `selectSingle` fieldsBackend API
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