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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
89797 Epic New Should have HrefLang / Canonical issues SEO Candidate for patchlevel
89796 Task New Should have Remove default language Localization Candidate for Major Version
89795 Task Under Review Should have Update phpdocumentor/reflection-docblock Alexander Schnitzler
89794 Task Under Review Should have Refactoring the database check in install tool Manuel Selbach Install Tool
89792 Feature Under Review Should have Update documentation of sysext fluid_styled_content "Adding your own content elements" Michael Telgkamp Documentation
89790 Task Under Review Should have Update Symfony packages for v8
89788 Bug New Should have Scheduler task for IP anonymization exclusion scheduler
89787 Bug New Should have Copying element with IRRE element from one language to another DataHandler aka TCEmain
89784 Bug Needs Feedback Should have Copy Contentelement "Text with Media" - Media is missing in the new element
89782 Feature New Should have containerClassAttribute, generated by the form-wizzard Form Framework
89781 Feature Under Review Should have Add data attributes to JavaScript files Frontend
89780 Bug Under Review Should have It isn't possible to use a newly created local ResourceStorage File Abstraction Layer (FAL)
89779 Bug New Should have Editors cannot enable beuser created with taskcenter
89777 Bug New Should have Extbase objects retrieved from a fe_user session cannot be persisted in their Repository Extbase
89774 Bug New Should have Incomplete task configuration breaks the backend module scheduler
89771 Bug Under Review Should have rel="noreferer" should be set for all new windows, not just _blank Miscellaneous
89770 Bug Under Review Should have Editing a link in ckeditor removes a set CSS class RTE (rtehtmlarea + ckeditor)
89769 Bug Accepted Should have Configuration preset "Live" does not disable deprecations logs Logging
89768 Bug New Should have l10n_mode "exclude" does not work with inline type Tymoteusz Motylewski Extbase + l10n
89762 Feature New Should have Add pagination to forms list Form Framework
89761 Task New Should have Optimize form listing Form Framework
89760 Feature Under Review Should have Show storage list for selection Mathias Brodala Form Framework
89759 Epic New Should have Performance improvements in Forms module Form Framework
89758 Bug New Should have File Metadata cannot be translated anymore
89755 Bug Under Review Should have Caching not applied for userTSconfig Benni Mack Backend API Candidate for patchlevel
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