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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
83819 Feature New Should have New ExtensionConfiguration: Option to set values transiently - only for current request System/Bootstrap/Configuration 9 LTS
83817 Bug New Must have top-level constants object is not replaced in CE div Benjamin Kott Fluid Styled Content next-patchlevel
83816 Bug New Must have CE table empties cells with "0" in it Benjamin Kott Fluid Styled Content next-patchlevel
83814 Feature New Should have Add sys_notes to Page module Backend User Interface
83813 Bug New Must have No search for sys_file_metadata
83812 Bug New Must have Fluid-If-Conditions with conjunctions not working for countables Fluid
83809 Bug New Must have ckeditor: custom config not loaded in flexform / problem determining pid FormEngine aka TCEforms
83805 Task Under Review Should have Upgrade SwiftMailer to v6
83798 Bug New Must have Redirecting fe_users when trying to access a subpage of a (recursive) restricted page doesn't work felogin next-patchlevel
83797 Task Under Review Should have Filter duplicate cache commands from cacheQueue Simon Schmidt
83796 Epic New Should have Site Handling Benni Mack Frontend 9.2
83795 Bug New Must have &nbsp; in the tables with <ol> or <ul> Frontend
83793 Task Under Review Should have FileDumpController should return PSR-7 responses File Abstraction Layer (FAL) 9.2
83789 Task New Should have Links to email are not created automatically RTE (rtehtmlarea + ckeditor) next-patchlevel
83788 Feature New Should have FormEngine and accent/special characters FormEngine aka TCEforms
83782 Bug Needs Feedback Should have Form Back Button without function Form Framework
83779 Bug New Should have Doctrine Exception prevents to enable Extensions
83777 Bug New Must have EXT form: uncaught exception in backend page module preview Form Framework
83776 Task Needs Feedback Must have Definition of goals to create the stories Backend User Interface 9 LTS
83769 Bug New Must have Pagetree shows pages to editors that have no access to them and uncaught exception clicking on them Pagetree
83765 Task Under Review Should have Move Frontend preprocess functionality to PSR-15 middleware Benni Mack Frontend 9.2
83763 Bug New Should have Filelist - translate metadata in alternative language - alt text not prepended with [translate to...] Backend User Interface
83760 Bug New Should have default hashing method of saltedpasswords outdated
83758 Bug New Should have Restrictions in list view deleted on copy/paste
83755 Bug New Should have Extbase TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\Mvc\Controller\AbstractController->redirectToUri() – remove HTML redirect?
(51-75/2277) Per page: 25, 50, 100, 200

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