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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
85713 Task Needs Feedback Should have Typo3 8.7. tt_content
85710 Bug New Must have tx_form: Multiple Extensions with YAML additionalViewModel overwrite configuration array David Bascom Form Framework
85695 Bug New Should have TCA columnsOverrides (tt_content:media) for types not properly respected on saving record in BE
85694 Bug Under Review Could have CLI language:update doesn't update all languages on 7LTS,8LTS
85693 Bug New Should have Sitemap takes field pages into account
85686 Bug New Should have svg-tree-wrapper fixed height Backend User Interface
85684 Bug New Should have HMENU excludeDoktypes not checked for ifsub state
85679 Feature New Should have Add robot.txt functionality
85678 Feature Under Review Should have Optimize handling title tag Richard Haeser 9.4
85668 Bug New Should have Wrong display (empty lines at bottom) for TCA treelist Backend User Interface
85657 Bug New Should have Accessing the standalone install tool gives a 401 error in the browser console Install Tool 9 LTS
85656 Bug New Should have After logout from install tool the screen suggests to create the ENABLE* file, but it still exists due to KEEP_FILE Install Tool 9 LTS
85654 Bug New Should have File Reference language in new Records Localization
85653 Bug New Should have Description and/or behaviour of [SYS][ipAnonymization] is wrong/misleading wrt. to sys_log
85652 Bug New Must have Linkbrowser wizard popup has no rel attribute field for link Link Handling, Site Handling & Routing 8.7.19
85645 Bug New Should have CMS Fluid has hidden dependency on CMS Backend Fluid
85644 Task Under Review Should have TranslateViewHelper does not work with new site configuration
85642 Bug New Should have Silent failure with missing namespace declaration on inner viewhelper Fluid
85640 Task New Should have Use context object in database restrictions Oliver Hader Database API (Doctrine DBAL) 9.4
85635 Bug Needs Feedback Should have Broken <script> tag after XML import Jo Hasenau Miscellaneous next-patchlevel
85633 Bug New Should have "Save and create a new one" button in BE appends superfluous hash which resets defVals Backend User Interface
85630 Bug New Should have Constant Editor Template matches all conditions Backend User Interface 8.7.19
85622 Bug New Should have itemsProcFunc in TCA -> select with foreign_table works not correctly
85619 Task Under Review Should have Streamline package interdependencies composer next-patchlevel
85613 Bug Under Review Should have Deprecate entire CategoryRegistry API
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