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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
81585BugNewShould haveUpdate categories are not visible in Web > ListWorkspaces
81578BugNeeds FeedbackShould havesys_refindex CHANGE ref_string: Index column size too large
81574TaskUnder ReviewShould haveMerge cshmanual into documentationCode Cleanup9.0
81573BugNewMust haveScheduler config check and documentationCLInext-patchlevel
81572BugNewShould haveForm does not use submitButtonLabel provided by the BE user in the form GUIForm Framework
81568BugUnder ReviewShould havecHash configuration resolving is done on every requestBenni MackSystem/Bootstrap/Configuration9.0
81566BugAcceptedShould haveCreating new pages are stored with pages.hidden=0 by default
81564TaskUnder ReviewShould haveMove renderQueuedFlashMessages to own classCode Cleanup9.0
81563BugUnder ReviewShould haveTCA: Palettes in "subtypes_addlist" are not processedCandidate for patchlevel
81562BugUnder ReviewShould havelocalizeReferencesAtParentLocalization vs localizeChildrenAtParentLocalizationFormEngine aka TCEforms
81560FeatureNewShould haveAdd cache-clearing for mod_pagespeed
81555BugUnder ReviewShould haveDo not use prepared statements for reference index queriesSascha EgererDatabase APInext-patchlevel
81552BugNewShould haveDisable creating new inline child records if allowLanguageSynchronization is activeFormEngine aka TCEforms
81550BugNewShould haveUI broken when a page with subpages is deleted using drag and drop to "delete zone" on the bottom of pagetreeBackend User Interface
81549BugNewMust haveDeleting categories in trash bin does not delete mm records9.0
81541BugNewShould haveSorting the files in the filelist based on «file references» not working properlyBackend User Interface
81534TaskUnder ReviewShould haveDrop be_groups:hide_in_lists
81531BugNewMust haveWarning "PHP extension mysqli not loaded" when using PostgreSQLInstall Tool
81524BugNewShould haveCannot send mails with special characters in local part9 LTS
81522BugNewShould haveckeditor - imports / refer to file inside fileadminRTE (rtehtmlarea + ckeditor)
81502BugNewMust haveTCA: Icons below select fields are always shown
81500TaskNewShould haveSwitch to filesystem caches as default
81496BugNewShould haveInvalid Charset UTF8 at Hoster Strato
81490BugAcceptedMust haveMissing DISTINCT when building query with left joins in extbase repositoryExtbase
81486BugUnder ReviewShould haveeID=dumpFile does not take config.absRefPrefix into account
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