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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
87036 Bug New Must have TypoScript getText "site" can't retrieve nested properties TypoScript Candidate for patchlevel
87035 Bug Under Review Should have AdditionalFactoryConfiguration.php not used anymore Mathias Brodala next-patchlevel
87034 Story New Should have Fresh Install Wrong DB Connection Collation Install Tool
87031 Bug Under Review Should have colorpicker : pasted value is saved in database without formating/checking Backend JavaScript
87023 Task Under Review Should have Adds extension activation and tempate includes
87022 Bug New Must have Localization Utility use the full path for locallang files Localization
87021 Bug New Must have Using "getTSFE().beUserLogin == 1" as expression in an TypoScript condition leads to an error in the Symfony Expression Language TypoScript Candidate for patchlevel
87016 Bug New Must have Seo sitemap does not note routeEnhancer on extensions
87015 Task Under Review Should have Log a warning if a fluid-based preview template of a content element could not be rendered Josef Glatz Logging next-patchlevel
87014 Bug New Must have Link when l18n_cfg is set to "Hide default translation of page" isn't generated
87013 Feature New Should have Add editMetaData a permission for users, storages, filemounts Helmut Hummel File Abstraction Layer (FAL)
87011 Feature Needs Feedback Could have seo sitemap css should be able to overwrite SEO
87009 Bug New Should have Additional translationFile removes default file Form Framework
87008 Bug New Should have Doctrine/DBAL exception in Extension Manager when extension is installed - PostgreSQL/PostGIS database Extension Manager
87005 Bug Under Review Should have Custom namespace in Extbase Plugin Enhancer not supported Link Handling, Site Handling & Routing next-patchlevel
87004 Task Accepted Could have Cleanup string concats Georg Ringer Code Cleanup
87002 Bug Under Review Should have DebuggerUtility lacks support for DateTimeImmutable Andreas Wolf Extbase
86999 Bug New Should have routeEnhancers type: Simple destroy extbase action/controller in url Link Handling, Site Handling & Routing
86998 Bug Accepted Must have Crop information lost when closing a content element with no other changes FormEngine aka TCEforms
86994 Bug Under Review Must have indexed_search doesn't index pages using route enhancers Indexed Search
86993 Bug New Should have Nested modals do not block previous modal Backend User Interface
86992 Bug New Must have Problems with PHP 7.2.11
86990 Bug New Should have f:uri.action -> absolute not working Fluid
86986 Bug New Should have Commands out of sync; you can't run this command now - error on TYPO3 backend module of EXT:indexed_search Indexed Search
86985 Bug New Should have itemsProcFunc for select->selectSingle shows key instead of label in page translation Backend User Interface
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