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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
88515 Bug New Must have Cannot unset DateTime value via null Extbase
88514 Bug New Should have Inline image record title is doubly escaped FormEngine aka TCEforms
88513 Bug Under Review Should have Non-FQCN controllers should still be usable in Extbase Extbase Candidate for Major Version
88511 Task Under Review Should have Useless TCA configuration for pages table Markus Klein Backend User Interface
88510 Feature New Should have Documentation: Describe how to access form values by identifier Form Framework
88509 Bug New Should have Editor cannot modify values for db mount translation
88507 Bug New Should have TypoScript Object Browser does not respect hidden flag in TS-templates TypoScript next-patchlevel
88506 Bug New Should have Scheduler generated URLs contain absolute unix paths scheduler
88504 Bug New Should have Translation Wizard is not working if permission only for special languages
88502 Bug Under Review Should have FormEngine IRRE does not work with Workspaces Benni Mack FormEngine aka TCEforms Candidate for patchlevel
88497 Bug Under Review Should have Published draft records from workspace are orphaned in live workspace with pid=-1 Benni Mack Workspaces Candidate for Major Version
88496 Task Under Review Should have Replace switchable controller actions terminology Alexander Schnitzler Extbase Candidate for Major Version
88494 Task Under Review Should have Drop DB field t3_origuid / "origUid" functionality
88493 Bug Needs Feedback Should have Exception in Indexed Search Administration Modul Indexed Search
88489 Bug New Should have Problems with MariaDB 10.2 and above - recursive is reserved keyword
88487 Bug New Should have Upgrade step SeparateSysHistoryFromSysLogUpdate has problems with large amounts of data Install Tool next-patchlevel
88486 Bug New Should have Language fallback chain is lost with setting "Show Content from Page" Link Handling, Site Handling & Routing
88482 Bug Under Review Should have Allow multi line headers for "Set-Cookie" headers
88480 Bug New Should have RTEs should support nullable fields RTE (rtehtmlarea + ckeditor)
88479 Bug New Should have <p>nbsp</p> in translated CE RTE (rtehtmlarea + ckeditor)
88478 Bug Needs Feedback Should have INCLUDE_TYPOSCRIPT condition parameter not evaluating symfony expressions TypoScript
88477 Bug Under Review Should have Duplicate code in Menu Generation Benni Mack Code Cleanup Candidate for Major Version
88474 Epic New Should have Page tree performance in 9.5
88472 Bug New Should have Table with mm relation, unable to use ###CURRENT_PID### on relation if parent is unsaved
88470 Feature New Should have Missing custom mail message field. Form Framework
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