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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
92543 Bug New Should have Working with categories: sticky tooltips Backend User Interface
92542 Feature New Should have Linkvalidator should check shortcut pages Linkvalidator
92541 Bug New Should have Text of flash message is misleading for JavaScript errors
92540 Bug Needs Feedback Should have TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\Annotation\Validate URL can break the server in certain cases
92539 Bug New Should have Linkvalidator: User sees entire page path in list of broken links, should see mountpoint or current page as root page Linkvalidator
92537 Bug New Should have Unable to delete all section containers from flexform field Form Framework
92535 Bug New Should have Extbase controller / Plugins can't modify page cache lifetime Caching
92528 Bug New Should have TypoScript site constants not always populated
92527 Bug New Should have f:link.typolink does not respect additionalParams
92526 Story Accepted Should have Concept for improved EXT:impexp Import/Export (T3D) Candidate for Major Version
92525 Task New Should have Document ext:lowlevel Documentation
92523 Bug Under Review Should have Translated shortcut ce shows wrong preview in page module Candidate for patchlevel
92518 Feature Under Review Should have Extend FileDumpController for force download Candidate for Major Version
92517 Bug Under Review Should have No alternative namespace supported by ExtbasePluginEnhancer Daniel Siepmann Extbase Candidate for patchlevel
92516 Bug New Should have Symfony expressions/conditions doesn't work in user-tsconfig in context menu Backend API
92514 Bug New Should have SELECT DISTINCT and ORDER BY in Extbase query lead to database error when using PostgreSQL Extbase
92512 Epic New Should have PSR-7 Request/Response handling in Extbase Extbase Candidate for Major Version
92509 Task Under Review Should have Add base64url encode/decode functionality
92508 Bug New Should have hook filterMenuPages never has access to config
92507 Feature New Should have Allow for more control over the "newContentUrl" in the backend Candidate for Major Version
92504 Bug Under Review Should have "disableNewContentElementWizard" not working with "fluidBasedPageModule" Backend API
92503 Task New Should have JSON Schemas for YAML configurations
92502 Task Under Review Should have Make Extbase Request PSR-7 compatible Extbase
92501 Bug New Should have TYPO3 v9 Migration-Class SeparateSysHistoryFromSysLogUpdate causes exception on invalid log-data entries Install Tool
92498 Bug New Should have Behavior of LocalDriver->isFolderEmpty() changed unintendedly for invalid paths Daniel Goerz
(101-125/2270) Per page: 25, 50, 100, 200

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