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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
90667 Task New Should have Directory names for TSconfig not consistent and also not consistent in docs (CGL, T3 Explained) Code Cleanup
90660 Bug Under Review Should have Allow creation of Widgets through API using only configuration Daniel Siepmann Dashboard 10 LTS
90659 Feature New Should have Default not displayed for "Installation-Wide Options" + make switching to default easier Backend User Interface
90658 Bug New Should have The current value for "Global Configuration" that is displayed is not changed if configuration is saved, not until modal is reopened Backend User Interface
90656 Bug Under Review Should have Fatal error while trying to send notification-email upon backend-login 10 LTS
90654 Feature New Should have Slide option for FilesProcessor Content Rendering Candidate for Major Version
90653 Bug Needs Feedback Should have TCA eval with uniqueInPid: allow identical value in localized content DataHandler aka TCEmain
90648 Bug New Should have Infinite recursion with new mount point support in sites with multiple websites with same slug name for mount points Link Handling, Site Handling & Routing
90640 Bug New Should have ext:form - RegularExpressionValidator with empty value will lead to exception Form Framework
90639 Feature New Should have Make logging of URL of current page configurable by using a new UrlProcessor? Logging
90638 Bug Accepted Should have Doughnout widget broken with to big legend on mobile Dashboard 10 LTS
90635 Bug New Should have Error is thrown when using EXT:extension_name for which is installed in different folder name in typo3conf/ext Tymoteusz Motylewski
90629 Feature Accepted Should have Possibility of displaying a table directly in single view in module "list" Backend User Interface Candidate for Major Version
90623 Feature Needs Feedback Should have FAL: video thumbnails in BE module Filelist File Abstraction Layer (FAL) Candidate for patchlevel
90619 Bug New Should have Translations doesn't work well Extbase + l10n next-patchlevel
90617 Bug In Progress Should have Page Module: No content elements displayed with mod.web_layout.defLangBinding Claus Due 10 LTS
90615 Feature New Should have Support embedding images in HTML-emails Form Framework Candidate for Major Version
90613 Bug Under Review Should have Add language Parameter to several Link/Uri VH Link Handling, Site Handling & Routing 10 LTS
90610 Bug New Should have Copy-pasting a record that's already translated in "connected" mode, to a different language causing "free" mode, creates duplicate(s) in "connected" translations
90600 Bug New Should have Frontend cache inconsistency with processed images Caching
90579 Bug Accepted Should have Redirects module only works on URLs with trailing slashes Link Handling, Site Handling & Routing
90578 Feature Under Review Should have FeLogin: Fluid based HTML Mails -> Partial RootPaths felogin
90573 Bug Needs Feedback Should have Image Processing - PHP Warning: filesize(): stat failed - imageProcessingWriteGif Candidate for patchlevel
90568 Bug Under Review Must have BE user cookie set regardless of session Authentication
90566 Task Under Review Should have Provide examples of how to customize / extend the extbase plugin Jan Stockfisch felogin 10 LTS
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