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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
88202 Task Needs Feedback Should have Move typo3temp path to Environment Class
88192 Bug New Should have PHP Warning because of missing backend.css Backend User Interface Candidate for patchlevel
88191 Bug New Should have Translate button :: Missing in backend columns Localization
88187 Feature New Should have Improve documentation for CObjectViewHelper Documentation
88185 Bug New Should have Misleading exception message for BE modules if action not allowed Extbase
88184 Bug New Should have Backend JS and CSS is not compressed with Viewhelper f:be.container and TYPO3 in subdirectory Backend API
88183 Feature Under Review Should have Fluid paths should be defined in global configuration Fluid
88182 Task Under Review Should have Refactor JavaScript-side of IRRE Andreas Fernandez Candidate for Major Version
88181 Bug New Should have Failure during mail testing does not update system log indicator Backend User Interface
88179 Bug Under Review Should have Meta tags and page title are unnecessarily cached in separate cache entries
88176 Bug New Must have DBAL Unique Key containing more than 3 columns not working Database API (Doctrine DBAL)
88175 Bug Needs Feedback Should have Exception thrown when searching for files: You are not allowed to access the given folder
88173 Bug New Should have Rootline of non-translated subpage isn't built using translated slugs Link Handling, Site Handling & Routing
88172 Task Under Review Should have Add scalar/return type hints in CommandMap Mathias Brodala Code Cleanup Candidate for patchlevel
88166 Bug New Should have TCA entry 'foreign_table_where' => ' ORDER BY LOWER( ASC' not working anymore
88165 Bug New Should have MetaTags suddenly lost SEO
88163 Bug New Must have InvalidArgumentException on uploading file starting with umlauts File Abstraction Layer (FAL)
88161 Bug New Should have Redirects does not work Link Handling, Site Handling & Routing
88160 Task Under Review Should have Improve handling of unsharp clicks in the page tree Pagetree
88159 Bug Under Review Should have PaginateController does not respect offset from original query Fluid
88158 Task Accepted Could have [RESEARCH] Replace moment with Luxon Backend JavaScript
88157 Feature New Should have Improve misleading flash messages error from extension scanner Install Tool
88156 Bug Needs Feedback Should have It is not possible to mass update a slug field in single table view Backend User Interface
88155 Bug Under Review Should have BE User still uses branch versioning dead code Workspaces Candidate for patchlevel
88153 Bug New Should have Deleted translations still show up in language selector Workspaces
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