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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
23633 Feature New Should have regex in TCA eval function Backend API
23570 Feature New Should have Position of a new DB mount Backend User Interface
23375 Bug New Should have IRRE: fails to save preexisting child record selected by combo FormEngine aka TCEforms
22886 Bug Accepted Should have Make menu titles in the FE htmlspecialchared by default Georg Ringer Frontend Candidate for Major Version
22675 Bug New Should have Gifbuilder: .spacing breaks linebreaking Image Generation / GIFBUILDER
22384 Feature Accepted Should have Allow specific and distinct redirects on BE-login Backend API
22348 Bug Accepted Should have Security problem with flexforms, especially extbase and overriding not allowed values Security
22190 Bug Accepted Should have HMENU with IFSUB, CURIFSUB and hidden subpages Frontend
21977 Feature New Should have Massuploader: Continue working while uploading files Backend User Interface
21928 Feature Accepted Should have Enable/Disable Control Icons in the List Module via PageTS/UserTS Backend User Interface Candidate for Major Version
21662 Feature Accepted Should have Optionaly disable (or notifiy on) concurrent logins Security
21299 Bug Accepted Should have Can't restore a deleted page in draft workspace Oliver Hader Workspaces
21161 Bug Accepted Must have Problem with moved translated content elements (wrong column) Jo Hasenau Localization Candidate for patchlevel
20932 Bug Accepted Should have Backend record locking should be on session basis Locking / Session Handling
20873 Bug New Should have Preview of hidden page translations is not possible
20612 Bug Needs Feedback Should have scandinavian letters are translittered wrong Localization Candidate for Major Version
20558 Feature New Should have Mass file uploader: Uploading directories File Abstraction Layer (FAL) Candidate for Major Version
20378 Bug New Should have Problem with sorting categories Indexed Search
20274 Bug New Should have SYS_LASTCHANGED should not change when only page permissions are changed (but it does) Caching Candidate for Major Version
20016 Task New Should have wrong age calculating in stdWrap Alexander Opitz Frontend Candidate for Major Version
19856 Feature New Should have Feature wanted: Setting special ATagParams for links to access restricted pages TypoScript
19832 Feature Accepted Should have sectionMarker (page anchor) prefix is hardcoded as "c" Frontend
19738 Feature New Should have TS object browser: use AJAX to load parts of the tree Performance
19718 Bug Under Review Should have Typoscript: CONTENT | slide: multilanguage not correctly respected in content_fallback mode Benni Mack Frontend
19483 Bug New Should have alternativeSortingField does not work for other languages Localization
(2201-2225/2254) Per page: 25, 50, 100, 200

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