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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
45511 Bug New Should have Tidying up of code produced by inline JavaScript TypoScript Candidate for Major Version
45360 Bug New Should have TCA wizard "add": save/close leads to error message FormEngine aka TCEforms
45148 Task Accepted Should have show_item does not consider workspace references Oliver Hader Workspaces
45089 Bug New Should have More clever page-caching if content from other page included via TypoScript Caching Candidate for Major Version
45039 Feature Under Review Should have Scheduler task to clean up unused processed images File Abstraction Layer (FAL) Candidate for Major Version
44964 Bug New Should have DataHandler - process_cmdmap - Canceled during execution - multiple images on original content Mathias Schreiber Backend API next-patchlevel
44947 Bug Needs Feedback Must have t3lib_extMgm::makeCategorizable get TCA with wrong foreign_table_where Categorization API Candidate for Major Version
44518 Bug Under Review Must have Caching problem with Gifbuilder Image Generation / GIFBUILDER Candidate for patchlevel
44507 Bug Accepted Must have Copied pages and folders have the same PID Pagetree Candidate for patchlevel
44129 Bug New Should have isCurrent in other then default language Localization
44001 Feature New Could have Enhance usability of Web / Access in the BackEnd Backend User Interface
43706 Bug New Must have Constants in a page-TSconfig only accepted with an ext. template!? TypoScript
43593 Bug New Should have Rights to change denied plugins Backend User Interface
43501 Feature New Should have sys_note: Notes for groups Miscellaneous
43458 Bug Accepted Should have Backend Module user admin: Usergroups not compareable Backend User Interface
43447 Bug New Should have admPanel.override.edit.editNoPopup = 1 doesn't work AdminPanel Candidate for patchlevel
43429 Bug New Should have editPanel / editIcons: ts setting 'onlyCurrentPid = 1' ignored Frontend
43338 Bug New Should have Save depth selection in workspaces module Workspaces
43327 Feature Accepted Should have Drag content element to trash Lars Zimmermann Backend User Interface
43320 Bug New Should have Be outputs debug answer into ajax responses 7 LTS
43242 Bug New Must have The "foreign_selector" in IRRE fields does not work with foreign group field Oliver Hader FormEngine aka TCEforms
43134 Feature Accepted Must have Allow Drag'n'drop of records in list-module Backend User Interface Candidate for Major Version
43114 Bug New Should have sanitizeSelectPart - select CONTENT using DISTINCT TypoScript
43018 Feature New Must have Extension configuration for text is disabled Extension Manager
42558 Bug New Should have Content sliding doesn't work when using 'show content from page' TypoScript
(2251-2275/2519) Per page: 25, 50, 100, 200

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