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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
40112 Bug Accepted Should have Show warning on translation by user without access to "l18n_parent" DataHandler aka TCEmain 7 LTS
40091 Bug New Should have Previewing a page in frontend disables all enabled fields, including workspaces Armin Vieweg Workspaces
39978 Bug New Should have Print a message telling which words we searched for, and in which sections wrong Indexed Search
39798 Bug Accepted Must have Language and colpos changes on re-ordering of Content Elements DataHandler aka TCEmain Candidate for patchlevel
39729 Feature New Should have Allow to disable Extbase TypoScript parsing in backend Oliver Hader Workspaces
39728 Task New Should have Optimize runtime on objects and database queries Oliver Hader Workspaces Candidate for Major Version
39578 Feature New Could have Add whitespace between two tags when using stripHtml stdWrap Mathias Schreiber TypoScript
39313 Bug New Should have Saving a record creates invalid empty references Workspaces Candidate for Major Version
39261 Bug Under Review Could have parseFunc does not handle nested tags correct TypoScript
39109 Feature New Should have Table Wizard: New Features Backend User Interface
39054 Bug Accepted Must have Copied Content Elements incorrectly inherit language DataHandler aka TCEmain
38844 Feature Accepted Should have Add code list to felogin felogin
38694 Feature Accepted Should have Copy content to multiple fields in Batch-Editing Jens Hoffmann Backend User Interface
38512 Feature New Could have Shortcut page default mode Backend User Interface Candidate for Major Version
38392 Bug New Must have TYPO3_DOCUMENT_ROOT wrong if reverseProxyPrefix/reverseProxyPrefixSSL used Stefan Neufeind
37837 Bug Accepted Should have Pagetree "extendToSubpages" does not show different icon Backend User Interface
37673 Feature Accepted Could have Deny access to certain pagetypes via TSConfig Pagetree
37244 Bug Accepted Should have TCA date evaluation for dates lower 01-01-1970 fails Mathias Schreiber FormEngine aka TCEforms
36798 Bug Accepted Must have HMENU special = updated Frontend Candidate for Major Version
36744 Bug Accepted Should have Workspaces are unusable on larger installations Oliver Hader Workspaces
36705 Feature New Could have Forward pages with defined doctype to list view Backend User Interface
36660 Bug New Should have TCA type-field and required fields bypass FormEngine aka TCEforms Candidate for Major Version
36649 Feature New Should have Changelog for page should include hints to language as well Backend User Interface
36609 Feature Accepted Should have Overwriting flexform in page TSConfig is not respected in TCEMain DataHandler aka TCEmain
36478 Feature New Should have Mark items as 'live' and 'archived' in LIVE tab instead of 'editing' Workspaces
(2376-2400/2579) Per page: 25, 50, 100, 200

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