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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
53666 Feature Accepted Should have One search box only Backend User Interface Candidate for Major Version
53619 Bug Accepted Must have Moving Elements in draft - now my live is a mess Workspaces
53467 Task Accepted Should have Improve flush by tag performance for the file cache backend Tymoteusz Motylewski Performance
53239 Feature New Must have TCEFORM disabled field must be not rendered but still editable FormEngine aka TCEforms
53091 Feature New Should have sys_category: Additional relation direction to get a categories assigned child-categories Categorization API
52768 Bug Accepted Should have Uncaught TYPO3 Exception "uid1_uid2-uid3,uid1-uid4_0_0_0" is not a valid cache entry identifier in standard sitemap element when pagetree has nested mountpoints Pagetree
52700 Bug Accepted Should have Change delete icon in context menu if record is deleted Workspaces
52443 Feature New Should have new Constants Editor type eint+ TypoScript
52374 Bug New Should have Editing a sys_filemount is very slow Mathias Schreiber Performance
52231 Feature New Could have Add new validator for equality between two values Extbase
52225 Feature New Should have Frontend user access for users which are not in selected usergroup(s) Mathias Schreiber Frontend
52150 Feature New Should have File Reference: Mass delete of references FormEngine aka TCEforms
52141 Feature New Should have show/display effective User-TSconfig Backend User Interface
52134 Feature Accepted Could have Keyboard Shortcuts (Modal) Usability
52114 Feature New Should have Expand "do not search" to subpages Mathias Schreiber Backend User Interface
52070 Bug New Should have 'eval' => 'unique' and Versioning don't work as expected Workspaces
51941 Bug New Should have Exclusive FE usage flag in configuration has no effect Authentication
51915 Feature New Should have creation of data records with configurable redirect during saving Backend User Interface
51844 Feature Accepted Should have Fix date-format in edit-view of a record Jo Hasenau FormEngine aka TCEforms Candidate for Major Version
51619 Bug New Must have EM overrides extension during import even if newer or excluded from update Extension Manager Candidate for Major Version
51507 Bug Accepted Should have Use logging framework in DatabaseConnection Sascha Egerer Database API (Doctrine DBAL) Candidate for patchlevel
51479 Feature New Should have Show somehow which user passwords are treatend as unsecure. Reports
51440 Bug Needs Feedback Must have htmlSpecialChars not working for typolink.returnLast = url TypoScript
51402 Bug Accepted Should have Filemount record UI issues File Abstraction Layer (FAL)
51310 Feature New Should have TCAdefaults value from DB field -> getData + strtotime
(2401-2425/2713) Per page: 25, 50, 100, 200

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