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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
17379BugNewShould haveMultiline constantsTypoScript
17354BugNewShould havefallback for menus. "content_fallback;1,0" has no affect for page records (e.g. menu)Localizationnext-patchlevel
17327BugNewShould havesecure filelinks width don't check permission recursive
17283FeatureNewShould haveMultidimensional piVars couldn't be set by _DEFAULT_PI_VARS
17274BugNewShould haveTCEmain labels are hard-coded in English
17238FeatureAcceptedShould haveTest config.linkVars - enable (basic) check for arraysFrontend
17158BugNewMust haveHMENU doesn't work with special=userfunction and expAllFrontend
17156FeatureAcceptedShould haveDefine type of child recordOliver HaderFormEngine aka TCEforms9.0
17131FeatureNewShould havevalue:= function rendering sequence9.0
17073BugNewShould haveMarker ###REC_FIELD_[fieldname]### in TCA config of select type does not work with groupsFormEngine aka TCEforms
16831BugAcceptedShould haveDisable clearing the cache in Draft workspaceWorkspaces
16681FeatureNewShould haveC style TypoScript comments with start and end in one line lead to errorsTypoScript9 LTS
16561BugAcceptedShould haveTypolink doesn't check if a page in rootline has some access and include subpages is set...TypoScript
16487BugNewShould haveChanged permissions in workspace-versions are not respectedWorkspaces
16482FeatureAcceptedShould haveExtending $TCA[$table]['ctrl']['thumbnail'] to use more than one image, separated by comma
16445FeatureAcceptedShould haveOption: only show my changes for workspace-viewWorkspaces
16362FeatureAcceptedShould have"remind" button for WS managment stage controlWorkspaces
16336FeatureNewShould haveInclude file modification time in SYS_LASTCHANGEDCachingCandidate for Major Version
16313FeatureNewShould haveCompare usergroup settingsBackend User Interface
16240BugAcceptedShould haveTools -> Log: Display of Versioning-Swapping is in need of an explanationLogging
15984BugAcceptedShould havemenu.showAccessRestrictedPages doesn't replace link for "include subpages"
15832BugAcceptedMust haveUndo/Redo button doesn't work - and History view has bad usability now!Backend User Interface
15505FeatureNewShould haveSysAction: creating a new record based on a 'template' recordBackend User Interface9.0
15459FeatureAcceptedCould haveoption to set filter in Workspace ManagerWorkspaces
15339BugNewShould havelocalization fails if content is moved from other language to default languageWolfgang KlingerLocalization
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