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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
12854BugNewShould haveWorkspace Spiltview needs further refinementBackend User Interface
12527TaskAcceptedShould haveSplit View Improvements: Divider for split views & CSS distinctionWorkspaces7 LTS
12504BugAcceptedShould have"browsing" doesn't sync "list view" in workspace previewTolleiv NietschWorkspaces
12112BugNewShould haveNo warning when page is deleted in the new pagetreeBackend User Interface
12094BugAcceptedShould have[Fluid] Ajax Widgets can't be used from within cachabele actionsFluid
11867FeatureNewShould haveWrong typeNum is not detectedMathias SchreiberLinkvalidator
11586BugOn HoldCould have"Open version of page" action is confusingWorkspaces
11581BugOn HoldMust haveMass action menu is misleadingWorkspaces
11538BugAcceptedShould haveDeleting page which has (deleted) subpagesWorkspaces
11427FeatureNewShould haveField Override for indexingIndexed Search7 LTS
10682BugAcceptedWon't have this timedeprecate t3lib_userAuthGroup::workspaceCheckStageForCurrent()Tolleiv NietschWorkspaces
10551FeatureAcceptedShould haveImprove handling of non-versionable recordsOliver HaderWorkspaces
10432FeatureAcceptedShould haveCheck link by chunk with the backend moduleMichael MiousseLinkvalidator
10013FeatureNewShould haveBetter documentationIndexed Search7 LTS
9070FeatureNewShould haveTranslation of index configuration titlesIndexed SearchCandidate for Major Version
9063FeatureNewCould haveImprove editing of multiple recordsBackend User Interface9 LTS
8963FeatureNewCould haveInput array handling9.0
8596FeatureNewShould haveadd isEmpty() to QueryExtbase9.0
7459FeatureIn ProgressMust haveFilter allowed content element types by columnJo HasenauBackend User Interface9.0
6249TaskNewMust haveSupport for TCA fields of type "group" - allowes DAM support (has patch)Extbase
5718FeatureNewCould haveImplement File upload supportExtbase9.0
5609FeatureNewShould haveAdding multiple content type to clipboard doesn't work - no errorBackend User Interface9 LTS
5390FeatureAcceptedCould haveKeyboard shortcuts for generic actionsBackend User Interface
5369FeatureAcceptedShould haveURL's - with or without protocol?Backend User Interface
5368BugAcceptedCould haveAsk for saving, if record is not explicitly closedBackend User Interface
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