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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
33197 Bug New Should have t3lib_div returns wrong value for TYPO3_SITE_SCRIPT if the request URL contains percent-encoded characters Candidate for Major Version
33138 Feature New Should have provide getPidList function in ExtBase environment (includes propsed solution) Extbase
32996 Feature New Should have TCEMAIN.clearCache_pageGrandParent for records DataHandler aka TCEmain
32758 Task Needs Feedback Should have Cache result of JS and CSS file concatenation Jigal van Hemert Backend API 7 LTS
32547 Feature Accepted Should have BCC for notification mail - configurable by stage Workspaces
32545 Feature Accepted Must have Show only recipients which are responsible for this page/mount Tolleiv Nietsch Workspaces
32544 Feature Accepted Must have 4 eyes principe for publishing elements Sonja Schubert Workspaces
32539 Bug New Must have Using a constraint or ordering on a property on the right side of a m:n relation causes records from the left side with no related elements (0 cardinality) to not show Extbase
32366 Bug Accepted Should have 'New page' access required to select a page for copying. Backend User Interface
32169 Feature Accepted Should have More useful preProcessValue hook Mathias Schreiber Backend API Candidate for Major Version
32096 Bug New Should have No access for users without access to LIVE workspace Linkvalidator
32081 Feature New Should have document timezone handling / eval datetime Documentation
32077 Feature Accepted Should have Refactor the clipboard Steffen Ritter Backend API
32051 Feature New Should have Concat ordering for Database request Extbase
31969 Feature Accepted Could have cropHTML, dynamic max number of chars TypoScript Candidate for Major Version
31873 Bug New Should have Problematic by default: No permission for editors/everybody Backend User Interface
31754 Feature Accepted Should have Workspace-Modul: Detail View in case of moved content elements Workspaces 7 LTS
31684 Bug Accepted Should have db_new.php: positionTree() does not respect db mount of backend user Backend User Interface Candidate for patchlevel
31636 Feature Accepted Should have popupwindows have hardcoded window-name FEopenLink Frontend
31303 Feature Accepted Should have Insert Records: Ability to override header of source record Frontend Candidate for Major Version
31203 Bug Accepted Should have No delay in case of wrong Install Tool password Security
30894 Bug Accepted Should have Performance of WS Preview in extra Window is verrry slow Workspaces
30168 Bug New Should have Suggest wizard list differs from group selector FormEngine aka TCEforms
29887 Feature New Should have Implementing lilio_cachetags functionality in Core Caching
29790 Feature New Could have List-View necessary? Backend User Interface Candidate for Major Version
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