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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
51310 Feature New Should have TCAdefaults value from DB field -> getData + strtotime
51250 Feature New Should have getObjectByIdentifier should use defaultQuerySettings from repository Extbase
51245 Feature New Should have DataMapper should use defaultquerySettings from repository Extbase
51137 Feature New Must have felogin emails not configuarable felogin
51025 Feature New Could have Rewrite of "old-style" string relations
50871 Bug New Should have Remove option to delete a File Storage Backend User Interface Candidate for Major Version
50796 Task Accepted Should have Prevent creating a FAL storage that is a subfolder of another storage Marc Bastian Heinrichs File Abstraction Layer (FAL)
50734 Feature New Should have Hook for BackendUtility::workspaceOL Backend API
50608 Bug New Should have FAL - doubles file reference if frame is reloaded DataHandler aka TCEmain Candidate for patchlevel
50570 Feature Accepted Must have remove __no_wrap__ in imageorient dropdown Backend User Interface Candidate for Major Version
50551 Bug Accepted Must have The itemsProcFunc configuration array has wrong pid from the 2nd content element on a page Backend API
50484 Task Needs Feedback Should have Generating URLs takes very long Benni Mack Link Handling, Site Handling & Routing
50383 Bug New Should have Extbase doesn't support TCA ctrl type based of a related record Extbase
50360 Feature Accepted Should have Having only one record type in "New record" should forward to TCEform Backend User Interface Candidate for Major Version
50310 Bug Accepted Must have DataHandler fails to correctly re-sort (content) elements after moving one to top DataHandler aka TCEmain
50135 Feature New Should have CE Images: Show all images of a folder Frontend
49813 Bug New Must have Copying large branches creates multiple copies Backend User Interface 7 LTS
49754 Bug New Should have Store and re-open last controller action Backend User Interface Candidate for patchlevel
49646 Bug New Must have Validating the security token of this form has failed. when add 46 images at once in a image content Backend API
49424 Bug New Must have Saving content element in workspace change flexform data from typoscript_content plugin Workspaces
49237 Feature New Could have copy/paste in fe_edit
49056 Bug New Should have Call stdWrapPostProcess hook even if "if" returned FALSE TypoScript
49041 Feature New Must have HMENU + special=list + depht TypoScript
49033 Bug New Must have Filelist references are displayed the wrong way Backend User Interface
48933 Feature New Should have Admin Tools > DB-Check Reports Candidate for Major Version
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